Nowadays, Vogue is published in 23 countries and the most prestigious American issue counts in million copies. These numbers talks for themselves and adding that one advertisement page costs $165,000, the success of Vogue stops being virtual and shapes in reality. It is a success of elegance, beauty and the triumph of stylish life.

Women were always the head of the magazine. Without charismatic female personalities, who fill magazine’s pages with creativity and visionary, Vogue would not win out that spectacular success. They have always been step ahead of other editors, dictating new trends. They had courage to create new styles and break the stereotypes. Generally speaking they were creating fashion. Or at least have a part in that process.

“Without a style you are nobody”these words were repeated like mantra by Diana Vreeland, charismatic edtior-in-chief of American Vogue. She was the one who started the real revolution in fashion world, making Vogue’s editorial department the head-quarter of fashion world, and the magazine itself became the woman’s bible almost world widely. Diana’s mother called her “my ugly little monster” as from the early years she was really thin, almost skinny, and her long face only made stronger that effect. As a child she dreamt of ballerina carrier but destiny was different. When she was little girl she left Paris and arrived to USA where she was noticed, at one of the parties, by Harper’s Bazaar editor – Carmel Snow. Diana brought her attention when she was dancing with the lightness of ballerina in stylish Chanel dress. Snow immediately offered her a job. Veerland was about to write column entitled ‘Why Not?’Quite eccentric and undoubtedly original Vreeland was showing readers the most bizarre ideas, for example, “Why don’t you wash your blond child’s hair in dead champagne as they do in France?”. People loved her ideas and her articles were growing on popularity. Diana was promoted to a fashion editor. Under her leadership, Harper’s Bazaar, the magazine for housewifes, turned out into stylish and influential magazine. There is nothing surprising that she was offered to be the Vogue editor-in-chief. It was excellent decision. Diana’s visionary moved Vogue into a higher lever and opened new horizons. The aim was to make the magazine which will create reality. She convinced the best fashion photographers and with grace joined fashion with culture, art or even with politics. Since that moment, Vogue started to promote life style and begun to be women’s guide through the  fashion and fancy world.

Today the head of fashion bible is Anna Wintour. Characteristic, really French cut – bob – and black sunglasses are her brand mark. She sits in front rows during the most important fashion shows in the world but before that she previews the collections. And she makes a verdict. Her co-workers use to say, “Anna is a director and producer of fashion world”. If she likes the collection, the designer gains a recognition from the most influential fashion magazine. If not … well it would be better to catch her attention as Anna Wintour is one of the most influential person in the world.

Maybe the following statements – fashion bible, woman’s bible – referring to Vogue are too much? Or rather the opposite and we can treat this magazine as a some kind of a signpost, determiner of trends or creator of style? Facts speak for themselves. Vogue is not only a magazine. It’s a brand. Being on the cover is an ennoblement which very often opens the doors to further carrier in fashion and showbiz world. A lot of personalities came across Vogue editorial such as Ali MacGraw, Izabella Blow, Alexander Wang, Sean Avery and Joan Didion.

Today Vogue is endless source of inspiration for females all over the world. It is not enough to just  be famous to appear on the cover, you have to be unique. The readers can feel that way. Vogue presents that exclusive world, introduces to fashion couloirs and elegance. Defines feminine style, points out the the roles and shows ways to beauty and class. Perhaps the most important thing about Vogue is that it has become a synonym of women triumph, their worldwide success and true proof of how much they count and how much they can achieve.


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