Vintage return to past

Searching for vintage pieces is an individual adventure. It all depends on our sense of style and involvement. I am not really thinking as I am looking for them but rather as I am coming across them all over the world in odd places for example on someone’s neck or in a house. Of course I visit some vintage shops which are very specific and different in stock. For example in London we can find many 70/80’s stuff meanwhile in Paris a lot of unique costumes, bags and accessories from 20’s. Rome is full of jewellery treasures even from 17th/18th century and in Berlin you will find dope jackets or jeans from 50’s. My vintage stores are placed in every capital of Europe but the ones the stock I like the most are in France: Artémise and Cunégonde and Les merveilles de Babellou or Made in Berlin in Berlin. When I pick out these special gourmets I always follow my own individual style and sense of aesthetic. I choose beauty, uniqueness and craftsmanship. I adore the moment when I can return to past and look for an inspiration – in photo books of word famous fashion photographers, in paintings or in applied art. Fashion icons such as Lou Lou De la Falaise, Diana Vreeland, Amelia Earhar are teaching us how to wear these demanding clothes which instead of hangers need personality. Just take a lesson from them and see how they put together individual gourmet pieces, decorate body with a precious jewellery, how they decorate rooms and present themselves through a precise choice of armchair, cup, cigarette case or even lipstick colour. It all was timeless back in the days and had a vintage label. It can be said that this kind of style is sort of a trend but I think that fondness to that aesthetic is not for everyone. You have to feel it, like its energy and be able to wear it. I do not think I can point out the moment when I started to be interested in vintage becasue since I remember I was surrounded by items from the past. I loved spending time with my grandma in museums or in her wardrobe where she was storing her shiny pearls, polished shoes, leather bags and silk bathrobes. My eyes were always starring at crystal ashtray, antique chair in the corner or silver box for cotton pads. The minute after, each of the item was close to my heart. Today in my closet you can find nonchalant silk shirts, bathrobes, woollen vests, cashmere coats, precious jewellery and watches. At my home, I am living with pre-war typewriting machine, almost one-hunderd-year piano and selected furniture pieces from 50’s. I adore that aesthetic eclecticism which combines beautiful craft from the old days with minimalistic form and quality of today’s elements. Sometimes you just have to put together classic jeans and cotton shirt with beautiful woollen coat from 50’s, handmade moccasins and good quality watch. All the elements together make an outfit which will gain recognition in the most hermetic and demanding circles. Choosing the right outfit is really important element of our life which has an impact on our self confidence and to choose it precisely we have to know ourselves, our sense of style and aesthetic which we like. No matter what, the most important thing is to make our outfit compatible with us, the one which presents our personality and makes us authentic. Back in the days our grandmothers or mothers were teaching us style and showing us the possibilities. Today it strikes me that we pay less attention in that matter but we cannot be stopped from searching and having a courage to get to know ourselves. Especially to look deeper into our concious in a matter of taking care of our image and clothes.

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