Intelligent, charming, adventurous but also frapping and full of secrets – what ladies of PRL were like?

It will not be too much to say if most of all they were icons. They took to capacity hearts of the audience and through several years they would not let them out. For years they were perceived as a symbol of feminity, beauty and sexapeal but this is just one of their biographical side. Beside this, they had their own dramas, failures and frustrations concerning their professions. By naming them ladies of PRL I had in my mind something exclusive, palpable more intuitively – that their presence was kind of a memoir and at the same time the promise of existence of that better world. On the other hand they were in legacy of continuation died away with epoke of  2nd RP the era of ladies and on the other side they did not followed PRL’s plainess. The different case is: Each of them reconstruct the definition of lady on their own in accordance to their idea, possibilities and conditions in which they had to live. Repeating several times quote by Beata Tyszkiewicz ‘Real lady drinks, smoke and swear. And naturally she stares at men.” is the  best evidence.

Did you omit some ladies of PRL in the book?

Obviously, there is chance to write about everyone, book has some volume limits. I had to make a choice so I trusted my intuition and strength of first association.

In „Ladies of PRL” you describe 12 incredible, full of charisma, class and charm women. Which one you find most impressive?

Each! It is really hard to choose the only one and I would not like to do it – their lives were and are so complicated, uneasy to estimate and they would not like to be judged, it is better to think about them as unlimited source of inspiration.

Have you meet with some surprising, not commonly known facts during the research for the book? What was the most astonishing fact?

Even though I was aware how huge they were, their scale of success and popularity made huge impression on me. When I was doing a research I was looking for things which are the least obvious and by scratching these little biographical stories I wanted to show these characters in different light – breaking the stereotypes of their lives.

Most of the women mentioned in the book found their place in film industry by a chance, some of them had problems at schools or had unhappy childhood. What in you opinion determines their success?

Talent, feistiness, bit of luck and clearly personality. Surely really important was their physical side – face and body because it wa their working tool.

Polański, Cybulski, Kutz, Konwicki open long list of gentlemen accompanying these ladies. What was the party life of heroes of past years.

Certainly it was more intimate. Life on saloons was really rarely photographed and described. It seems to me that before internet era, walls and arranged paparazzi photos people were willing to party better, they were more authentic and very often they had more class.

Uncompromising, self confident and very often unhappy. Was it pricer to be famous in PRL than in present day?

Unfortunately fame has always its price. It seems to me that it is rather the matter of how devoted a person is.

Grażyna Szapołowska Said: “Femininity shows in the way we bend the arm, touch the cheek, the way of walking, the way of wearing clothes. Femininity is the ability of using your body, your voice. Femininity is like a music.” How would you define femininity?

I think there is no way to clearly define femininity. Thankfully we live in world which is more and more open to diversity and accept different models – female and male one. It is impossible to find for them the only one definition. I also think that if someone is trying to define feminity the description is often based on a feeling, and feelings a subjective, limited to certain images.

Woman featured in your book were often compared to stars from overseas. What do you think: do we still need the comparison to women from the west?

You are right, it was really visible tendency – what I was trying to show in the book – which was harmful for described by me characters, taking off their individuality, trivializing their uniqueness. Of course then and today I find such comparison, briefly speaking looking for ‘equivalents’ of western stars, totally unnecessarily.

Did you managed to meet one of featured woman? If yes what was your impression? If not, which one of them would you like to meet?

Unfortunately I met none of the characters from book – I was expecting it when I was writing it But obviously I would like to meet each of them! Unfortunately I am not able to tell you with which one the most, as well as I cannot tell which one is my favourite, or the most unique etc. At the end I choose them as a heroines of my book.

Do you think we lost something more with the end of PRL era beside our ladies?

Well, is there anything we lost with the end of this whole epoque? It is a cliche but: world changes. Every decade brings something new at the same time making us more distant from what it was. The risk of losing something is inevitable. That’s why I encourage everyone who wants to read my book, to think about this question.

What today’s GentleWoman can learn from Ladies of PRL?

Probably most of all ‘trust yourself and stick to your rules’ is the most effective.


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