GentleWoman _ is a unique and opinionated portal for conscious women. This is the space where each of us can proudly say: I am a woman! I am GentleWoman!

Zendaya and her styling – Who is behind her looks and styling?

Zendaya is an actress and singer who has been captivated by her immense talent and [...]

Roberto Cavalli, the legendary Italian fashion designer, has died, aged 83.

Roberto Cavalli, the legendary Italian fashion designer, died at his home in Florence at the [...]

The mystery of kissing and the herpes virus: a discovery from the past

Over the centuries, mankind has developed two main types of kisses: the universal parental kiss, [...]

What Princess Sophie – Sofia Kristina Hellqvist wears – style characteristics

The story of Princess Sophia seems like it was pulled out of a fairy tale. [...]

Plastic surgery does not have to be associated with something exaggerated – Dr. Agnieszka Niewczas-Maciejewska

I often hear after treatments: doctor, I can finally use mascara, ceni and eye-liner. For [...]

Features – Anna Jaguszewska

Anna Jaguszewska, a columnist and a passionate observer of life, invites us into a world [...]

Never say never – And I never… after all!

How funny life is (do you think so too?). Sometimes you think you understand an [...]

Everything is as it is supposed to be.

Sunday morning, at last. Or, in fact, almost noon, because the definition of Sunday morning [...]

Discovering potential – how, how, how?

How to do this or that, how to do something faster, better, perfectly.

Does true friendship exist?

Is it true that you meet friends once in a lifetime and only until the [...]

Listening to the heart – how not to hit the g*ve in the silverware?

Did you know that the body, or more precisely the heart, knows in advance what [...]

Action-Response and World Perception: How our insides shape responses to life events

It amazes me how many different people's reactions to the same situation can be. The [...]

The whole truth about Fentanyl – addiction and side effects

In the shadow of the powerful opioid drug fentanyl lies not only a potential savior [...]

Carrie Bradshaw in real life, or what Sarah Jessica Parker wears every day

Sarah Jessica Paker is an actress and film producer who became famous primarily, thanks to [...]

The evolution of sexuality in Polish women. What do we think about masturbation? Research Report

Nowadays, the conversation about intimate aspects of life has become more open and devoid of [...]

Karl Lagerfeld: A Fashion Legend and an Inspiration to Many – The Life and Legacy of the Fashion Icon

Karl Lagerfeld is a well-known figure not only in fashion circles. His image and peculiar [...]

Ewa Wachowicz’s Terraces

The terrace and balcony are some of the most important parts of any home. Next [...]

Aleksandra Adamska – what do we know about her? Pati or Ola Adamska? Education, roles, Instagram, age and more….

Who is Aleksandra Adamska "Pati, the Convicted"? She is not only one of the most [...]

Catherine Barlinska – yesterday she passed her high school diploma, today her books are not going off the bestseller lists

Katarzyna Barlinska published her first novel right after high school graduation. When a teenager publishes [...]

Heyt and gossip online, or the unpleasant sides of the Internet.

Internet hysteria and gossip. What is hejt? How to cope ?

Magdalena Lamparska – impresses with her acting technique

Her role in the film "365 Days" brought her success. A talented and beautiful film [...]

What’s in the soul of GentleWoman?

Have you ever wondered what GentleWomen listen to? The answer is simple! What plays in [...]

Beata Wisnicka – Rafal Zawierucha’s wife – the definition of GentleWoman?

Beata Wisnicka the real GentleWoman? Although the definition of GentleWoman is imposed on us, everyone [...]

Sara Boruc – women’s solidarity – how does it work and why is it important?

In today’s world there is a lot of talk about solidarity, especially solidarity for women. [...]

Phoebe Philo: a designer who is loved by women around the world.

For GentleWoman, Fashion Courier takes a look at the profile of Phoebe Philo, a British [...]

Lana Del Rey: yesterday, today, tomorrow. About the work of the most important singer of the modern generation.

GentleWoman looks at the remarkable career of Lana Del Rey, one of the most important [...]

Pearls of GentleWoman POLAND” handed out!

In the heart of Poland, where pulsating city life is intertwined with rich traditions, a [...]

Lucila Santos “slave Isaura” – a cult series that enslaved millions – now in politics!

Participating in the government’s change team is a mission that I accept with great love, [...]

“Hollywood Barbie earrings, but how that happened, I don’t know!”

Ewelina Juzwin is a Polish woman who moved to Glasgow many years ago - at [...]

Independent Woman – Be afraid and do! – this is my life motto

Awakening our courage gives us incredible energy for action. Let's take the initiative, let's be [...]

Shamima Begum: fled UK for ISIS as a teenager, now fighting to return

Shamima Begum, who fled her home at age 15 and left the UK to join [...]

Jennifer Lawrence’s style renaissance: from The Row to flip-flops on the red carpet.

We take a look at the fashion transformation of Jennifer Lawrence, a prominent actress and [...]

Lyudmila Putin: “She is a vampire,” the story of Lyudmila Shkrebnevova’s marriage to Vladimir Putin. He needed it for his career.

In a relationship, love is the desire and willingness to live together. Lyudmila Shkrebneva could [...]

Isabelle Huppert: an outstanding GentleWoman with many film and fashion incarnations

Fashion Courier takes a look at the silhouette of Isabelle Huppert, a 70-year-old, one of [...]

Marilyn Monroe – a fascinating icon of fashion and beauty.

The embodiment of glamour. Cultural icon. Sex symbol. Femme fatale. In a word – Marilyn [...]

Love in time of war – Volodymyr Zelenski

For a long time Volodymyr Zelenski was seen only as a former comedian who became [...]

Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian actress to win an Oscar

"For all the little boys and girls who look like me and look, this is [...]

Dr. David Lisiecki, labioplasty is a step towards good health – an interview with an expert in plastic gynecology and aesthetic gynecology

The first question that arises in the office is the one about the accompanying discomforts [...]

Unusual places to stay – unusual hotels to visit in Europe

Unusual places to stay - unusual hotels to visit in Europe.

Marilyn Monroe husband – unhappy despite the limelight

Much has been said and written about it, yet a form of mystery still surrounds [...]

Iga Swiatek – the pride of Polish tennis and the success of a young woman.

It is a great thing to be number one in the world, I would like [...]

Zendaya – gentlewoman, winning the hearts of millions

Zendaya - a young movie star, singer and also a fashion icon.

Mary Quant – fashion pioneer

Mery Quant holds a special place in the fashion world. Fashion infused with pop culture [...]

Woman to woman – or why do we really need a trusted portal? From the Editor

Each of us loves to read a good women's article. Not too feminine! After all, [...]

Sophie Marceau – object of sighs of men and women

Sophie Marceau timeless beauty who is the epitome of male and female dreams

Katharine Hepburn – timeless freedom

Standards of beauty, fashion and female behavior have changed over the years, but Katharine Hepburn [...]

Pretty Hurts

I’m looking at a girl with perfect skin who splashed water all over the bathroom. [...]

Julia Wieniawa – education is not needed for a career

The actress and singer of the younger generation, whose Instagram account is followed by more [...]

Dominant guy, by patriarchy suffering

A pinch of dominance and a dash of buffoonish authority. A handful of hierarchies. Or [...]

GentleWoman without a filter – is the body there to beautify?

No filter on Instagram - is it possible? Check it out!

Late motherhood – mom in her 40s

Pros and cons of late motherhood. Why do women decide to become mothers only in [...]

Lidia Popiel on the other side of the lens – interview

Lidia Popiel, this time on the other side of the lens, talks about the glare [...]

A rogue from a good home – an interview with Marieta Zhukowska

In an exclusive interview, honored with the "GentleWoman Pearl," Marieta Zhukovskaya talks about the importance [...]

What should a partner be like for a GentleWoman?

Have you ever wondered what your partner should be like? Partner of a conscious woman [...]

Life is the sum of the people you meet – interview with Maria Potocka

I am a man in a woman's body who tries to combine what is most [...]

What qualities a GentleWoman has – a woman of class

Who is GentleWoman really? We ask Ilona Felicjańska, Edyta Olszówka and Agnieszka Wesołowska who they [...]

Vintage or retro – a stylish return to the past

Wanting to combine the fashion of today with that of years ago, it is also [...]

Kinga Korta from the show “Hollywood Wives” on making dreams come true

Another GentleWoman, on a sentimental journey, talks about her work from an early age, her [...]

What happiness looks like tells endocrinologist Beata Kos-Kudła

What does happiness look like according to Beata Kos-Kudła? In her free time, she can [...]

What were the ladies of communist Poland like? Interview with Emilia Padol

They took captive the hearts of the audience and did not allow them to break [...]

Vintage according to Alicja Napiórkowska – interview

The closet is a reflection of our personality as the stylist - the psychologist of [...]

Make dreams come true – an interview with Olga Bonczyk

The artist, whose parents were deaf, recounts her childhood - with one foot in the [...]

In my photography, emotions are in the foreground

I encounter opinions that on the one hand my photographs are simple, subtle and delicate, [...]

TOUS brand success story – interview with Agnieszka Pala

In an interview with GentleWoman, we ask Agnieszka Pala about the success story of the [...]

What does Culinary Criticism taste like? Narrated by Magda Grzebyk

Discover the world of one of the most beloved women in the blogosphere - Magda [...]

With porcelain to your face – ENDE porcelain studio

Porcelain is currently experiencing its second youth. For the past few years, more and more [...]

Does beautification hurt? – aesthetic medicine

What ailments can we expect when we go to a beauty salon, and what arsenal [...]

A simple, lazy winter brunch

Rustic bread served with creamy butter, soft-boiled eggs, distinctive cheeses and aromatic coffee greeted us [...]

TOMAOTOMO – I target my brand to women …

TOMAOTOMO has it that each collection is different, the fabrics can be very elaborate and [...]

Woman in a Van – the trip of a lifetime with TravelVanie.

Kasia is one second of the duo that makes up the popular YouTube channel, TravelVanie. [...]

In search of feminine power – the power of the female element

We are looking for answers to the questions - are we witnessing the awakening of [...]

Paola Idrontino: diving into the imagination

Designer Paola Idrontino, photographer, multidisciplinary artist. Paola Idrontino picks out of the unconscious fantastic shapes [...]

Aesthetic medicine: cosmetologist or doctor, who to choose?

To many people, it seems that a cosmetic technician, a cosmetologist and a doctor providing [...]

Tarka on the way

Barbara Tarka is a Pole who followed her love to Crete. He tells us about [...]

Mechi Velasques: Colors of the Soul

Argentinian artist Mechi Velasques creates makeup that transforms models' faces into unusual, abstract masks.

The passage of time – or the good side

There comes a point in our lives when we begin to notice that time passes [...]

Vivian Maier – Merry Poppins with a camera.

Vivian Maier - They call her Merry Poppins with a camera.

Sex after three children – does sex after childbirth even exist?

Sex after three children really exists. We will suggest you how to get back to [...]

Menstrual Leave: A Real Need or Just an Invention?

Menstrual leave in Poland - is it feasible?

It’s never too late for braces

Today, the fashion for braces is booming at its best. The choice of braces and [...]

Breastfeeding in Public: What’s all the fuss about?

Breastfeeding in public still evokes many emotions. GentleWoman's editors decided to look at both sides [...]

The magic of nakedness or the naked truth about us? Controversial TV show

The Magic of Nudity is a TV show that has caused a lot of controversy. [...]

Clean girl. What is the most desirable clean beauty style?

Clean girl is a trend, promoted by social media. It embraces minimalism, a natural look [...]

Women’s side of local government

Although the days when men ruled the world are long gone, it is still difficult [...]

Labioplasty – fad or necessity?

Labioplasty is a procedure that improves the appearance of intimate areas. Learn more about it!

Maria Montessori and her school

A woman who broke through into the world of science available in her time only [...]

Angelina Jolie – GentleWoman portrait

Angelina Jolie is a woman of many faces: an accomplished actress, a wonderful mother and [...]

Corpuscularity or corpuscularity?

"If femininity meant female sexuality and charm, women would never lose it and never have [...]

Bárbara Balbo: Flamenco is more than red

Bárbara Balbo reveals her thoughts on the Spanish dance scene and gender inequality.

Olena Zelenska – who is the wife of the President of Ukraine?

Olena Zelenska is the first lady of Ukraine.

Dance out reality – an interview with Alina Sokulskaya

Alina Sokulskaya is a well-known and respected dancer originally from Ukraine. She tells us how [...]

“As long as she doesn’t think, as long as she doesn’t go back to what happened to her.” – Margaret a rape victim

“She had to keep her head perpetually busy, moving around, doing something. However, the miles [...]

Amber Heard – Johnny Depp’s ex – evil incarnate or demonized woman?

People have found it easy to judge others over the years. We are looking for [...]

Jacqueline Kennedy – an icon of fashion and savoir vivre. Gentle woman of all time

Who was Jacqueline Kennedy really and why can we consider her style timeless?

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