What should a GentleWoman‘s partner be like? We asked: Agnieszka Wesołowska, Bogna Sworowska and Ilona Felicjańska. 


what should a partner be for a gentlewoman?

Bogna Sworowska: A gentleman is a man who not only visually surprises us with his class, but is also incredibly gallant towards women. He is eloquent, intelligent. He’s the kind of man you enjoy looking at and having a good time.

Ilona Felicjańska: I still believe that there are such people. Certainly a man with the right sense of worth, who will not have to prove to himself in any way that he is better than a woman, that he has power over her, because a gentleman is not only that he opens the door for her, but actually treats a woman as a partner. in conversation in a discussion and knows what compromise means