Advertising for passionate women – advertising on a women’s portal

Tailor-made   –  advertising on women’s portal

We do not offer only sponsored materials or product placement in productions or sponsorship billboards. We put at your disposal an effective medium and an experienced team of people: copywriters, graphic designers, editors, PR and marketing managers, filmmakers, photographers, journalists and implementers. We want to be a partner for the long term to support you in making the most of your presence in our media. In addition to the extensive skills of our team, we offer Femvertising (a recipe for effective communication to women).

We avoid a stereotypical approach to women, appreciating their diversity and multidimensionality, so the topics we cover are far from the prevailing pattern of social perception. This is because we realize that each of us has a different understanding of success, beauty, happiness and defines life’s priorities differently.
We know the preferences and interests of our target audience, and after confronting the preferences and interests of your target audience, we will prepare a media creation that will familiarize the audience with the Partner’s brand, build relevant positive associations and be remembered for a long time. We efficiently combine nationwide coverage with precise, geotargeted outreach to well-defined people.

Depending on the nature of your needs, the product to be promoted, the target and budget possibilities, we offer the prospect of effective branding (including personal branding), as well as the implementation of sales activities. In addition, we offer access to a group of media producers offering the widest access to multimedia offerings including TV stations: TVN, Polsat, Onet  and Partners.

All we need is the seed of your idea to turn it into a viable and real project. We advise, hint, offer solutions. We offer our knowledge and experience, we present our visions and ideas, and we modify and improve the crystallized ideas.

So, if you want to fuel your company’s or your person’s dormant potential or need a fresh perspective on the possibilities for your brand, project or event – contact us:

Piotr Chodak
tel. 600 334 444