360° is a collection of inspiration, advice and news from the world. Here you will find everything a true Gentewoman needs.

Santa Claus – Santa’s crown – make dreams come true for wards of orphanages

Santa Claus in the Crown is a charity campaign aimed at fulfilling the dreams of [...]

Back to the ex – does one step into the same river twice?

The search for the perfect man is by no means a simple matter. Although more [...]

Gift for a gentleman on his birthday

Birthdays are a special occasion to show loved ones how much we appreciate them. When [...]

How is “fast fashion” made in China winning the hearts of TikTokers? Shein: fast fashion or already ultra fast fashion?

It might seem that public awareness of responsible shopping has increased significantly in recent years: [...]

Iran 2023 protests. – Where did they come from and how are they different from previous ones?

As of August 2022. Protests in Iran continue unabated after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa [...]

Shamima Begum: fled UK for ISIS as a teenager, now fighting to return

Shamima Begum, who fled her home at age 15 and left the UK to join [...]

Iconic cafes in Paris – the crème de la crème places

There are many reasons to visit Paris: for some it will be hours of sightseeing [...]

Generation Z – the new generation, does the future belong to them?

Dependent on technology, caring about the environment, having a different attitude to work, and at [...]

Polish art market in the time of the plague

In 2020, despite the global crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Polish art market saw [...]

GentleWoman without a filter – is the body there to beautify?

No filter on Instagram - is it possible? Check it out!

Milan the city of fashion – attractions in Milan, been seen

I don't know how long you can last there, because it's a world that makes [...]

Women’s monopoly in the art sector

When we buy a ticket to a museum, we usually don't think about who runs [...]

Oscars 2016 – Women of cinema come out of the shadows

It is said that cinema is a man's world. This is to be evidenced by [...]

Women’s alchemy of wine – how to become a sommelier

At a wine high school in Amboise, France, each year there are more girls who [...]

Coffee as a pop culture symbol – exploring its significance

The inky-black drink very quickly found a place among artists. Coffee has become not only [...]

Vogue – the women’s bible

But, perhaps most importantly, Vogue is synonymous with women's triumphs, their worldwide success and true [...]

The collection begins with the first painting – giclée

Thanks to the giclée, art exhibited in salons can find its way into a private [...]

Carnival in Poland – past and present

Following centuries-old traditions, the most common are masquerade parties, fancy dress balls, or themed parties. [...]

Easter inspirations – Easter decorations

Easter needs a creative setting, so we have gathered original inspiration and ideas for you.

Valentine’s Day: perfumes that smell of love

What does love smell like? Is it a combination of chocolate pralines and roses? How [...]

6 ways to talk in the elevator – small talk

You know that awkward moment when you get on an elevator with strangers and a [...]

Woman behind the wheel – GentleWoman driving style

Competition on the road, brash driving and overestimating one's skills are a few reasons that [...]

Sunday Night Blues: Sunday Melancholy

Sunday Night Blues is a condition characterized by anxiety about what will happen next week, [...]

Healthy supermarket lunch – what to buy for a quick lunch

With our tricks, finding a healthy lunch at the supermarket won't be so difficult.

The secret of Nordic living – 6 steps to be hygge

Hygge is the new mantra repeated by people almost all over the world. We hear [...]

5 things to do in April. Time for yourself.

Spring is the perfect time for change. Check out what 5 things you can do [...]

Mother’s Day – 6 gift ideas – a guide

Give your mother a special Mother's Day gift. Here are some suggestions for gifting.

Christmas in gentle style – how to prepare?

How to spend the holidays in elegant style? How to dress for the Christmas table?

A guide to stylish gifts

Gift guide for the stylish woman - find gifts that are beautiful, practical and elegant.

5 things you should do before the New Year

Now you are ready to start the next chapter with renewed strength.

Fair shopping – how to make informed consumer choices?

The roots of the Fair Trade movement date back to the mid-20th century, when an [...]

A century of dating – learn about the history of dating

Did you know that we just tapped the centennial of dating? Until World War I, [...]

Give me a like – the limits of common sense

We are constantly clicking on something, scrolling the screen up and down in anticipation of [...]

Print yourself a car – 3D printing

echnologies that just 30 to 40 years ago were reserved for state governments or large [...]

In search of feminine power – the power of the female element

We are looking for answers to the questions - are we witnessing the awakening of [...]

Canons of beauty past and present – exploring evolution

Beauty canons are closely related to the trends present in social life and depend mainly [...]

"> film dziewczyny GLOWgentlewoman -
Time of the heroines

“Time of the heroines” – When Girls by Lena Dunham made its debut on HBO [...]

Swedish Midsummer Night Fever

Midsommar, the old pagan festival of the summer solstice, is movable. In the 1950s. of [...]

Manipulative techniques: Gaslighting – violence you can’t see

Paula discovers a dark secret. From then on, strange things happen in her house. However, [...]

Oscars – a ceremony unlike any other

The mix of pathos, dry jokes and long-winded speeches is as much a hallmark of [...]

Sexism is sexism

In public discussion, there are certain topics that should not be brought up. One of [...]

Laughter is serious business – laughter yoga

The inclusion of the voice in bursts of choral enthusiasm is available to all, without [...]

Gender mainstreaming, or the feminine side of Vienna

The city is a complex structure and is co-created by everyone, without division by gender, [...]

Why do we need trees? Discover why trees are an important natural air conditioner.

Forest is oxygen, and oxygen is life. According to scientists, 60 to more than 200 [...]

Poverty report – poverty has more than one name

Nearly 39% of women from poor homes face a dramatic choice between buying sanitary pads [...]

A means to an end

The means to the end is our review of the most interesting financial education books. [...]

Meditation for health – exploring its benefits

The results of the study clearly indicate that meditation has a number of "side effects" [...]

A message from nature

The effects of climate change are affecting all parts of the world. In some regions, [...]

Hamptons style interior

Imagine that you are walking on a beautiful sandy beach, in front of you an [...]

Small steps to big changes

"Small steps to..." Initial enthusiasm wanes, unexpected obstacles knock us off the beaten path, often [...]

The passage of time – or the good side

There comes a point in our lives when we begin to notice that time passes [...]

Sex after three children – does sex after childbirth even exist?

Sex after three children really exists. We will suggest you how to get back to [...]

Menstrual Leave: A Real Need or Just an Invention?

Menstrual leave in Poland - is it feasible?

The American dream of freedom, or what they convicted R. Kelly for

The story of the great fame and even greater fall of one of the greatest [...]

Window without a view

Anna (Amy Adams) is a child psychologist suffering from agoraphobia. After a recent trauma, he [...]

The magic of nakedness or the naked truth about us? Controversial TV show

The Magic of Nudity is a TV show that has caused a lot of controversy. [...]

Women’s side of local government

Although the days when men ruled the world are long gone, it is still difficult [...]

Diary of a 21st Century Woman

Apparently, an unnecessary psychologist if you have a friend you can talk to. You'll talk [...]

Matchmakers of the 21st century

Current times take away all the joy that comes from establishing new relationships, among other [...]

Angelina Jolie – GentleWoman portrait

Angelina Jolie is a woman of many faces: an accomplished actress, a wonderful mother and [...]

Olena Zelenska – who is the wife of the President of Ukraine?

Olena Zelenska is the first lady of Ukraine.

A woman in Japan- being a woman in oriente

Japan is a country that is undoubtedly famous for its harmony. It is an unusual [...]

To change the name after marriage or not to change it? We have 3 options!

The topic of name change stirs up a lot of emotions. To change the name [...]

Is every nice guy a simp – who is a simp?

What does the word simp mean? Is every guy a simp?

The world is not black and white

Inclusive language is inclusive language, which aims to reduce the impact of stereotypes and prevent [...]

Victoria Beckham – how did her style change?

Check out how the style of the famous Posh Spice has changed over the years!

The power of a smile

"With a smile on one's face, a person doubles one's capabilities." - old-Japanese proverb

“As long as she doesn’t think, as long as she doesn’t go back to what happened to her.” – Margaret a rape victim

“She had to keep her head perpetually busy, moving around, doing something. However, the miles [...]

Amber Heard – Johnny Depp’s ex – evil incarnate or demonized woman?

People have found it easy to judge others over the years. We are looking for [...]

What is epigenetics and how does it affect our lives?

Do you know what the ability to inherit certain traits is?

Van Gogh – Japan

Vincent Van Gogh is undoubtedly one of the greatest painters in the history of art.

Victoria Beckham – is she a toxic mother-in-law? How do you live with your husband’s mother?

Daughter-in-law-mother-in-law relationships are never the easiest. Nicola Peltz also found this out.

Hikikomori-Japanese disease of loneliness

The Hikikomori phenomenon affects about 1.2% of Japanese society-this represents about one million people.

Jacqueline Kennedy – an icon of fashion and savoir vivre. Gentle woman of all time

Who was Jacqueline Kennedy really and why can we consider her style timeless?

Liz Truss – she didn’t want Brexit and the monarchy, another Power Woman on the political map of the world.

Who is Liz Truss and why has she just now become Britain's new prime minister?

Grace Kelly – written in the pages of fashion history

How has Grace Kelly influenced the face of fashion?

Ichigo Ichi- the Japanese art of experiencing unforgettable moments

"Learn to live fully in the present, recognizing and accepting the gift of each moment."

Primary immunodeficiencies – what are they and are they related to the immune system?

Every day we are confronted with dozens of advertising campaigns urging people to boost their [...]

Queen Sonja Haraldsen of Norway. GentleWoman Portrait.

Thanks to Queen Sonja, the monarchy in Norway is considered the most modern in the [...]

Monica Bellucci, Gentle Woman of modern cinema

Monica Bellucci - a sex symbol. Beautiful, intelligent. Model and actress. A mother who decided [...]

Body care and dry brushing – we asked an expert about it!

Everything you should know about dry body brushing!

Catherine Deneuve as you don’t know her

French cinema was not what it is without the Gentlewoman that is Catherine Deneuve.

Perfume selection and perfume fragrance longevity – how to extend it?

Do you know how to keep the scent of perfume for longer? We have prepared [...]

Elizabeth II, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother

Elizabeth II is not just a queen. Check out who else she was.

Alicja Bachleda-Curus, the actress who is not a star

Alicja Bachleda-Curus - a pretty, educated, actress who is not a star , who has [...]

Gray hair – a return to nature and discovery of self. Is it worth it to color your hair?

Gray hair is becoming increasingly popular. Is this a new trend in hairdressing or a [...]

Top 10 books to read in autumn

Check out which books will carry you through the long autumn evenings!

Who is the gentleman of today?

Who is a gentleman in our time? Does the concept even still have a sense [...]

Narcissistic personality – how it can be recognized

The word “narcissist” is overused today. Most often it falls in anger toward the partner. [...]

Xanax – medicine for the soul

Stress, depression, failure to cope with life situations. Psychotropic drugs allow us to overcome all [...]

Diana, Gentle Woman and fashion icon 

Check out who the famous Lady Diana was and what her style was like!

The rape pill – is it possible to protect against it?

Everything you need to know about the rape pill.

Change is a woman- Portrait of Chizuko Ueno

Women in Japan are still struggling with a lack of gender equality.

Ikigai- live happily ever after in Japanese

The Japanese are a society with one of the highest life expectancies in the world. [...]

10 books about love that every lady should read – GentleWoman

Meet 10 books about love that will steal not only your evening, but also your [...]

Brigitte Bardot an icon for all time

Fashion icon, actress, singer and activist. GentleWoman among the stars. Brigitte Bardot has had a [...]

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