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How to plan a vacation with children in Turkey – INSULA Resort & Spa | Konakli – ALANYA

Insula Resort & Spa in Konakli, Turkey, is one resort that often comes up in [...]

There is a gym in Katowice…. With a “View of the Sea of Trees” – interview with Tomasz Rogalski manager of Active Francuska

Active Francuska Gym in Katowice is a place that stands out from other fitness facilities [...]

Body leasing allows mothers of children aged 1 to 9 years to combine work and motherhood.

Data from the Polish Economic Institute shows that 30% of mothers of children aged 1-9 [...]

Artistic revival of Warsaw: inauguration of Art Lives Here by Leonardo Hotels project

Warsaw, a city full of contrasts and dynamic energy, becomes the place where art meets [...]

Sexual orientation – My life, my choices.

For many women, discovering that they are interested in other women can be both a [...]

Sexuality in art and photography, evolution of depiction of sexuality in artistic works

Baroque painting, an era full of drama, expression and contrasts, provides an excellent field for [...]

Mastering closet organization: Tips and gadgets for space efficiency

Organizing a closet is a task that requires thoughtful logistics. There are quite a few [...]

Meditation: the key to harmony and life balance

In today's busy world, meditation is becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve mental and [...]

Sexuality and disability: challenges and opportunities

Many people believe that people with disabilities have no right to a sex life. However, [...]

Trip to the Polish Baltic Sea: What is worth seeing when the weather isn’t favorable?

A May vacation by the sea is more than just a breather - it's a [...]

Sexual culture: exploring taboos and myths through the ages

Sexual culture has been an integral part of human societies for centuries, shaping itself in [...]

Women in IT: Development, Collaboration and Equality in the Technology Industry

Programmers, testers, designers, IT specialists, analysts, architects, project managers or salespeople in the IT industry [...]

Culinary world travel: meet Comfort Food, the food that warms you up and improves your mood!

Culinary world travel: meet Comfort Food, the food that warms you up and improves your [...]

Features – Anna Jaguszewska

Anna Jaguszewska, a columnist and a passionate observer of life, invites us into a world [...]

Small closet, or how to store clothes at home

A home closet is essential. A separate room can be set aside in the house [...]

Postpartum recovery more important than “six-pack”

Few of us realize what a revolution the pregnancy process brings with it. What really [...]

Where to go on vacation in winter?

Around November, the weather stops spoiling us. The sun is getting less and less, the [...]

“Australia. Through the paths of a dream,” a book that invites reflection

"Australia. Paths of a Dream" is not only a travel story about a distant continent, [...]

The best movies for autumn evenings: women’s recommendened!

When it gets gray and gloomy outside the window, darkness falls faster, and the temperature [...]

Modern bathroom with character: how to combine functionality with style

The modern bathroom is not only a place for daily hygiene rituals, but also an [...]

GentleWoman’s dream bedroom – How to create the perfect interior for sleep and relaxation?

The furnishing of your dream bedroom is not going as you wish? Check out what [...]

Hawaiian vacations – paradise on earth or victim of the tourist boom?

In the north-central Pacific Ocean lies a small archipelago - Hawaii. Although it is extremely [...]

Harry Styles – an artist with many faces

Harry Edward Styles, for that is the real name of one of the most popular [...]

Mexico City – explore the fascinating city of culture and art

Death dances among the fields of prickly pear – Día de los Muertos or Day [...]

Santa Claus – Santa’s crown – make dreams come true for wards of orphanages

Santa Claus in the Crown is a charity campaign aimed at fulfilling the dreams of [...]

Timeless hampton style – hamptons style interior?

Discover the charm of Hampton Style - interior design inspired by elegant life by the [...]

Ewa Wachowicz’s Terraces

The terrace and balcony are some of the most important parts of any home. Next [...]

What to see in the south of Spain?Andalusia in November: flamenco, kitesurfing, tapas and corrida.

Andalusia is a southern region of Spain famous for its sunshine as many as 320 [...]

Back to the ex – does one step into the same river twice?

The search for the perfect man is by no means a simple matter. Although more [...]

The most fashionable rugs for the living room

alon is usually elegant, there is little furniture in it, and the room is warmed [...]

Gift for a gentleman on his birthday

Birthdays are a special occasion to show loved ones how much we appreciate them. When [...]

Havana – a journey to a world that no longer exists

Visiting Havana, one can have the impression of participating in a journey to a world [...]

Catherine Barlinska – yesterday she passed her high school diploma, today her books are not going off the bestseller lists

Katarzyna Barlinska published her first novel right after high school graduation. When a teenager publishes [...]

Contemporary poetry very feminine

Poetry forces one to stop running, to look at familiar matters in a non-obvious way; [...]

Paprocki and Brzozowski – how do men see us?

The male perspective and the female perspective can differ seriously. It is for this reason [...]

A woman’s personal brand – why build it consciously?

Any woman who dreams of a career can benefit greatly from developing a personal brand. [...]

Accessories for original interior – add style to your space

Living comfortably and originally is possible. All you need to do is to plan the [...]

Home library for all – inspiring home bookcase ideas

A home library should be well planned. The smallest bookcases are cabinets made of wood, [...]

Beata Talda – stop for restrictions

While it might seem that the days of stereotypes have long since gone, this is [...]

Heyt and gossip online, or the unpleasant sides of the Internet.

Internet hysteria and gossip. What is hejt? How to cope ?

Feminization of occupations – where do women fit in?

The fight for gender equality has long since worn off. Stereotypical nonsense about women being [...]

Confidence, mistakes and successes, or the daily skirmishes of women in marketing

How many times have you told yourself you can't make it? Building self-confidence is the [...]

Kazadi, Rozenek, Pisarek… GentleWoman – what is such a woman associated with?

The modern GentleWoman, first of all, is not defined by a specific definition, because why [...]

Self-acceptance – different from selfishness?

Self-acceptance is a magic word that can turn a person’s life around 180 degrees. Make [...]

Magdalena Lamparska – impresses with her acting technique

Her role in the film "365 Days" brought her success. A talented and beautiful film [...]

What’s in the soul of GentleWoman?

Have you ever wondered what GentleWomen listen to? The answer is simple! What plays in [...]

Sara Boruc – women’s solidarity – how does it work and why is it important?

In today’s world there is a lot of talk about solidarity, especially solidarity for women. [...]

40th birthday gift for man: Unique ideas that will impress

Every birthday is a special moment in life, but a 40th birthday is a special [...]

Facial and body treatments that can be performed in autumn

During the summer, our skin is exposed to many external factors that prevent most cosmetic [...]

Weight loss during pregnancy

Many women who are planning to have a baby are already worried about their figure [...]

How is “fast fashion” made in China winning the hearts of TikTokers? Shein: fast fashion or already ultra fast fashion?

It might seem that public awareness of responsible shopping has increased significantly in recent years: [...]

Iran 2023 protests. – Where did they come from and how are they different from previous ones?

As of August 2022. Protests in Iran continue unabated after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa [...]

Post holiday blues – or how to cope after the vacations?

The average Smith has about 26 vacation days, which, thanks to the mobility of the [...]

Lucila Santos “slave Isaura” – a cult series that enslaved millions – now in politics!

Participating in the government’s change team is a mission that I accept with great love, [...]

From Glasgow to Hollywood: How Ewelina Juzwin’s Designs Caught Margot Robbie’s Eye for the Barbie Movie

Ewelina Juzwin is a Polish woman who moved to Glasgow many years ago - at [...]

Zuzanna Ginczanka – Tuwim in a Skirt, Jewish Poet, Rebel

Star of pre-war Warsaw, artist and provocateur. She died at the age of 27 in [...]

40th birthday gift ideas for a woman

When a woman enters her 40s, her expectations often rise. She is becoming a mature [...]

Gift for a man – what to suggest when choosing a gift for him?

Finding the perfect gift for a guy is a fascinating task, full of excitement and [...]

Women’s rights in Rome, what is Roman marriage?

The female model that prevailed in Rome was that of the "matron," a respected mother [...]

Vacations in Scandinavia: Denmark. What is worth seeing? Copenhagen, the Bridge over the Sound, Legoland are just some of the attractions!

For most people, the vacation season is associated with sand, sun and heavenly beaches. According [...]

Shamima Begum: fled UK for ISIS as a teenager, now fighting to return

Shamima Begum, who fled her home at age 15 and left the UK to join [...]

An idea for the weekend? Europe’s largest event and inspiring exhibition, just a three-hour flight away.

Forget about boring weekends and mediocre plans for relaxation. Today you can discover an extraordinary [...]

Iconic cafes in Paris – the crème de la crème places

There are many reasons to visit Paris: for some it will be hours of sightseeing [...]

Trips to Norway – what is worth seeing?

Norway is undoubtedly one of the countries on the "must see" list. Although it still [...]

Lyudmila Putin: “She is a vampire,” the story of Lyudmila Shkrebnevova’s marriage to Vladimir Putin. He needed it for his career.

In a relationship, love is the desire and willingness to live together. Lyudmila Shkrebneva could [...]

On the trail of tapas bars in Madrid – where and what to eat? “Tapas” guide to Madrid

Tapas bars are an integral part of Spanish culture, not just culinary culture.

“Sex in the City”: will it always be relevant?

The series, inspired by Candace Bushnell's best-selling story and adapted by Michael Patrick King, tells [...]

Generation Z – the new generation, does the future belong to them?

Dependent on technology, caring about the environment, having a different attitude to work, and at [...]

Marilyn Monroe – a fascinating icon of fashion and beauty.

The embodiment of glamour. Cultural icon. Sex symbol. Femme fatale. In a word – Marilyn [...]

Love in time of war – Volodymyr Zelenski

For a long time Volodymyr Zelenski was seen only as a former comedian who became [...]

Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian actress to win an Oscar

"For all the little boys and girls who look like me and look, this is [...]

Unusual places to stay – unusual hotels to visit in Europe

Unusual places to stay - unusual hotels to visit in Europe.

Marilyn Monroe husband – unhappy despite the limelight

Much has been said and written about it, yet a form of mystery still surrounds [...]

Zendaya – gentlewoman, winning the hearts of millions

Zendaya - a young movie star, singer and also a fashion icon.

Pheromones – how does the smell of love affect a sexual relationship?

What role does smell play in our erotic life? Are we, though we don't fully [...]

Woman to woman – or why do we really need a trusted portal? From the Editor

Each of us loves to read a good women's article. Not too feminine! After all, [...]

Remote work and 6 tools in remote work!

What tools can help employees integrate and communicate? Here's a subjective list of 6 tools [...]

Sophie Marceau – object of sighs of men and women

Sophie Marceau timeless beauty who is the epitome of male and female dreams

Julia Wieniawa – education is not needed for a career

The actress and singer of the younger generation, whose Instagram account is followed by more [...]

Polish art market in the time of the plague

In 2020, despite the global crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Polish art market saw [...]

Menopause – symptoms, management and coping options

The very name "menopause" causes anxiety in women. But the symptoms of menopause, more often [...]


He built an empire that still impresses today with designs characterized by gorgeous, vibrant colors.

GentleWoman without a filter – is the body there to beautify?

No filter on Instagram - is it possible? Check it out!

Late motherhood: Becoming a Mom in her 40s

Pros and cons of late motherhood. Why do women decide to become mothers only in [...]

Milan the city of fashion – attractions in Milan, been seen

I don't know how long you can last there, because it's a world that makes [...]

Women’s monopoly in the art sector

When we buy a ticket to a museum, we usually don't think about who runs [...]

6 habits in the conduct of successful women – GentleWoman

A successful woman distinguishes between the pain of suffering and the pain of development and [...]

Vintage clothing, or a return to the past

The search for the so-called antiquities, is an individual adventure - everything in it depends [...]

Oscars 2016 – Women of cinema come out of the shadows

It is said that cinema is a man's world. This is to be evidenced by [...]

Women’s alchemy of wine – how to become a sommelier

At a wine high school in Amboise, France, each year there are more girls who [...]

Life is the sum of the people you meet – interview with Maria Potocka

I am a man in a woman's body who tries to combine what is most [...]

Coffee as a pop culture symbol – exploring its significance

The inky-black drink very quickly found a place among artists. Coffee has become not only [...]

Vogue – the women’s bible

But, perhaps most importantly, Vogue is synonymous with women's triumphs, their worldwide success and true [...]

Shopping itinerary – London

These cities share not only the English Channel, but also a fashion DNA whose origins [...]

The collection begins with the first painting – giclée

Thanks to the giclée, art exhibited in salons can find its way into a private [...]

What were the ladies of communist Poland like? Interview with Emilia Padol

They took captive the hearts of the audience and did not allow them to break [...]

Compliments in business you need to know

Learn the power of compliments and how to use them effectively.

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