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Women’s trench coats: a fashion icon in a classic, always fashionable women’s coat

The trench coat is a universal choice, even immortal. This type of outer garment is [...]

Baggy style – jeans with a controversial cut. How to fashionably style them?

The baggy style is an interesting yet controversial choice that brings a lot of nonchalance [...]

How does Zendaya define modern elegance? Analysis of her best looks

Zendaya is a true trendsetter, that is, a person who creates trends. Her styling is [...]

Balletcore, or ballet inspiration in fashion – the trend of 2024!

Art, in its myriad diversity, plays a key role in shaping trends, but it is [...]

Zendaya and her styling – Who is behind her looks and styling?

Zendaya is an actress and singer who has been captivated by her immense talent and [...]

2024 Fashion trends: The rise of flat shoes for Women

Women value comfort, and designers are not indifferent to their needs. Flat shoes have been [...]

Roberto Cavalli, the legendary Italian fashion designer, has died, aged 83.

Roberto Cavalli, the legendary Italian fashion designer, died at his home in Florence at the [...]

Women’s oversize jackets for 2024 – what style of jacket to choose?

The term oversize refers to clothes that appear to be oversized. They are voluminous, too [...]

What Princess Sophie – Sofia Kristina Hellqvist wears – style characteristics

The story of Princess Sophia seems like it was pulled out of a fairy tale. [...]

Hits of spring 2024 – what will be the most fashionable this season?

Every change of season is a new chapter in the fashion world, full of fresh [...]

How to sell and buy safely on Vinted: Avoid scams and maximize profits with eco-consciousness

In the dynamic world of fashion, where anyone can become both a seller and a [...]

How to choose designer shoes for bell bottoms?

As of recently, bell bottoms have started to appear on the streets again. This is [...]

How to search for a good women’s sweater with quality composition? Fashion advice.

Check out our fashion tips on how to find a good women's sweater with quality [...]

Plus Size dresses that slim down – how to choose a fashionable size and cut to feel good

What woman doesn't dream of looking a little slimmer almost instantly, as if at the [...]

Power dressing in fashion and women’s fashion

Discover the secrets of power dressing in women's and business fashion. Learn how to create [...]

Viral fashion trends 2024 – which trend will be fashionable this season

Check out fashion trends for 2024 with inspiration from 2023, including Viral Trends! Learn more [...]

Fashion spring 2024 in the Garden of Eden: styles that will impress

The spring aura is blossoming not only in nature, but also in the hearts of [...]

Cult women’s handbags you should know

Women love accessories, especially handbags. This women's accessory can completely change the styling, in addition [...]

Karl Lagerfeld: A Fashion Legend and an Inspiration to Many – The Life and Legacy of the Fashion Icon

Karl Lagerfeld is a well-known figure not only in fashion circles. His image and peculiar [...]

Discover the secrets of old money style – learn about fashion hits and classy styles

The trend known as Old Money, manifesting luxury through subtlety and modesty, is gaining popularity. [...]

The most fashionable autumn styles this season. Check out what Julia Wieniawa, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are wearing.

Autumn is that time when we hide summer airy dresses, heeled sandals and plaid baskets. [...]

Hermes Birkin – a favorite handbag that has won the hearts of fashion lovers around the world.

The Hermes Birkin is undoubtedly not only the most expensive women's handbag in the world, [...]

Phoebe Philo: a designer who is loved by women around the world.

For GentleWoman, Fashion Courier takes a look at the profile of Phoebe Philo, a British [...]

Yves Saint Laurent, a timeless style, or Le Smoking

Yves Saint Laurent believed in empowering women through fashion, and his timeless designs aimed to [...]

How is “fast fashion” made in China winning the hearts of TikTokers? Shein: fast fashion or already ultra fast fashion?

It might seem that public awareness of responsible shopping has increased significantly in recent years: [...]

From Glasgow to Hollywood: How Ewelina Juzwin’s Designs Caught Margot Robbie’s Eye for the Barbie Movie

Ewelina Juzwin is a Polish woman who moved to Glasgow many years ago - at [...]

More than a fashion brand: Jacquemus, the definition of contemporary French lifestyle.

Jacuemus' collections have a carefree, youthful spirit and exude a sense of freedom, often expressed [...]

The 8 most interesting fashion it-girls and influencers to follow on Instagram in 2023

For GentleWoman, Fashion Courier presents the 8 most interesting it-girls and influencers to follow on [...]

Jennifer Lawrence’s style renaissance: from The Row to flip-flops on the red carpet.

We take a look at the fashion transformation of Jennifer Lawrence, a prominent actress and [...]

The stylish man over 50: from Tom Ford to Jared Leto.

We take a look at the style of the best-dressed actors, fashion designers and musicians [...]

“Sex in the City”: will it always be relevant?

The series, inspired by Candace Bushnell's best-selling story and adapted by Michael Patrick King, tells [...]

Trend Report: top 6 trends from the fall-winter 2023 fashion shows that we loved

From sleek minimalism and the return of power dressing to a modernized approach to punk [...]

A new era for Burberry: the iconic British brand is experiencing a renaissance

This time for GentleWoman, Fashion Courier looks at the iconic British brand Burberry, explains what [...]

Zendaya – gentlewoman, winning the hearts of millions

Zendaya - a young movie star, singer and also a fashion icon.

Mary Quant – fashion pioneer

Mery Quant holds a special place in the fashion world. Fashion infused with pop culture [...]

Sophie Marceau – object of sighs of men and women

Sophie Marceau timeless beauty who is the epitome of male and female dreams

The most interesting vintage stores we follow on Instagram

What Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber wear every day and also on the red carpet? [...]


He built an empire that still impresses today with designs characterized by gorgeous, vibrant colors.

Fashionable guy: Pharrell Williams. From Adidas to Louis Vuitton

Pharrell Williams is a unique artist who combines different styles. Not only musically, but also [...]

GentleWoman Fashion Dictionary – 12 shoe designers

Stilettos are perhaps one of the greatest attributes of femininity. Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of [...]

Milan the city of fashion – attractions in Milan, been seen

I don't know how long you can last there, because it's a world that makes [...]

Vintage clothing, or a return to the past

The search for the so-called antiquities, is an individual adventure - everything in it depends [...]

Vintage or retro – a stylish return to the past

Wanting to combine the fashion of today with that of years ago, it is also [...]

Vogue – the women’s bible

But, perhaps most importantly, Vogue is synonymous with women's triumphs, their worldwide success and true [...]

Shopping itinerary – London

These cities share not only the English Channel, but also a fashion DNA whose origins [...]

Vintage according to Alicja Napiórkowska – interview

The closet is a reflection of our personality as the stylist - the psychologist of [...]

Business in fashion – an interview with Edyta Wieczorek

Edyta Wieczorek reveals the backstage of the great world of fashion, inextricably linked with business.

Style – striped blouse – nautical style in styles

Can you deny a striped blouse a place in your closet? Definitely not!

Cannes: Top 10 creations

The best creations from the red carpet at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Who impressed at the Oscars? Best styling.

At this year's Gala we observed a return to retro style, art deco and creations [...]

How to dress onions to look good “street style”.

Sandals in the fall, coat in the summer? Fashion is going crazy - combinations that [...]

Summer in Marilyn style – 3 ready outfits

Ready-made ideas for summer styling inspired by the style of Marilyn Monroe - check what [...]

Red lipstick, we love red on the lips

In the U.S., nearly 1,500 are sold per minute, and 7,000 million a year worldwide [...]

Encyclopedia of style – trench coat – inspiration and advice at GentleWoman Poland

Beloved by French women, coveted by women around the world. Classic trench in beige is [...]

Encyclopedia of style – silk scarf

What is the history of the silk scarf? How to wear it? Is it a [...]

The most fashionable dresses for carnival

We have prepared suggestions for the most fashionable dresses for the carnival, which will make [...]

A classic little black for every occasion – Style Encyclopedia

An icon of elegance and a must-have in a Gentlewoman's closet - the little black.

Tom Ford – from cowboy to gentleman in a suit

Tom Ford - from cowboy to gentleman in a suit. This is how the story [...]

TOMAOTOMO – I target my brand to women …

TOMAOTOMO has it that each collection is different, the fabrics can be very elaborate and [...]

Shopping Trail – Berlin. What to visit while in Berlin

"True travelers are only those who set out to set out" read Baudelaire's words.... Is [...]

Fair shopping – how to make informed consumer choices?

The roots of the Fair Trade movement date back to the mid-20th century, when an [...]

Carnival chic – 3 unique styles

Leopard print, satin, velvet, cosmic glitter and fur - these are the most risqué outfit [...]

Canons of beauty past and present – exploring evolution

Beauty canons are closely related to the trends present in social life and depend mainly [...]

Shopping trail – New York

"True travelers are only those who set out to set out" read Baudelaire's words.... Is [...]

Tomasz Ossoliński: Let’s give up the byline

Tomasz Ossoliński is considered to be the best Polish men's tailor and one of the [...]

Shopping itinerary – Paris

These cities share not only the English Channel, but also a fashion DNA whose origins [...]

Clean girl. What is the most desirable clean beauty style?

Clean girl is a trend, promoted by social media. It embraces minimalism, a natural look [...]

Victoria Beckham – how did her style change?

Check out how the style of the famous Posh Spice has changed over the years!

Jacqueline Kennedy – an icon of fashion and savoir vivre. Gentle woman of all time

Who was Jacqueline Kennedy really and why can we consider her style timeless?

Grace Kelly – written in the pages of fashion history

How has Grace Kelly influenced the face of fashion?

Twiggy – an icon of the 1960s 

Twiggy is an undisputed style icon who set the trends of the 1960s.

Diana, Gentle Woman and fashion icon 

Check out who the famous Lady Diana was and what her style was like!

The most fashionable outer garments this fall. Check out what Victoria Beckham is wearing!

We have prepared for you a guide to the most fashionable trends this fall!

Audrey Hepburn-fashion ambassador 

Explore style according to cinema's most famous icon and more.

Rock Style – Bella Hadid and Anja Rubik

Rock style is definitely the area of fashion where we can literally go wild with [...]

Liza Taste fashion and food

Liza Taste is a sought-after fashion blogger… and culinary blogger! She brilliantly combined the two [...]

Marlene Dietrich – gentlewoman in pants

Marlene Dietrich, a star of world cinema whose favorite designer was Coco Chanel, set a [...]

Perfume – there are times when we are dressed only in them – Victor Kochetov

Victor Kochetov is the owner of the niche perfumery Mood Scent Bar.

The most stylish man of 2022: Brad Pitt

According to GentleWoman's editors, Brad Pitt earns the title of the most stylish man of [...]

Amelia Earhart – Queen of Heaven

melia earhart loved freedom and independence. It was for this reason that she dreamed of [...]

Nostalgia of the future – Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant spring-summer 2023 collections

This time, Fashion Courier focuses on two female designers who, for the spring-summer 2023 season, [...]

5 things every GentleWoman should have in her closet – advises stylist, Marta Sinilo

A capsule closet allows you to create several different looks from just a few items [...]

Fashion and music: how music stars create their image in 2023

Specially for GentleWoman, Fashion Courier summarizes the most interesting image incarnations in which music stars [...]

Miu Miu spring-summer 2023, or the trends you have in your closet

Fashion Courier reports on Miu Miu's Paris show for the spring-summer 2023 season.

Natasha Pavluchenko – success during MCFW

We've been following Natasha Pavluchenko's preparations for the Monte Carlo show at this year's Monte [...]

Andrew’s creation – 3 ways

Stylist Patrycja Michalak has prepared 3 ways to make an Andrew's Day creation.

Coco Chanel – the woman who marked the fashion world

Coco Chanel - little black, Chanel No. 5. Success has become her. In love, she [...]

Casual style – we strip Gigi Hadid and Magda Molek

Let him be the first to throw a stone who did not throw all the [...]

Classic style – we strip Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham

Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham impress with their styles, and most importantly, they never go [...]

The secrets of professional appearance and business styling. We’re taking Meghan Markle and Malgorzata Kozuchowska apart.

Every woman has more than once faced the challenge of completing an outfit for a [...]

Coco Chanel – French chic and elegance

It has been accepted that men impose their own rules of savoir-vivre, but Coco Chanel [...]

Pregnancy fashion-what to wear during this period? Rihanna

Pregnancy fashion is certainly a topic that many moms-to-be are curious about, in addition to [...]

Zendaya i Taylor Swift – styl vintage i retro

Fashion vintage and retro style – lately a very catchy and frequent topic in relation [...]

Immortal boho style – Agnieszka Wozniak-Starak and Jennifer Lopez know something about it!

Boho style, can definitely be called immortal regardless of current trends. JLo and Agnieszka Wozniak-Starak [...]

Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga – what do they have in common? Glamour Style!

When we hear glamour style, the first thing we think of is evening styling, red [...]

Bottega Veneta spring-summer 2023: a woman is a changeling

For GentleWoman, Fashion Courier reviews the Belgian designer's latest collection for the iconic fashion house.

Magda Butrym – Polish designer conquers Hollywood, dressing major actresses (and more) in 2022

In 2022, we watched the doings of Magda Butrym, the world's most acclaimed Polish designer, [...]

Elsa Schiaparelli

Featured portrait: Elsa Schiaparelli. The famous Italian designer of world renown, alongside Coco Chanel and [...]

Style secrets of Parisian women

Be inspired by the style of French mademoiselles and follow in their footsteps - spring [...]

Sports style – we strip Hailey Bieber and Maffashion!

Sports style is all about comfort, here we will surely all agree.

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