Emotions for every woman are extremely important, so we cover difficult topics such as gaslighting, body-positivity and mansplaining.

Dating after divorce: how to reopen to love and build a healthy relationship?

After divorce, many people have trouble reopening to love and building healthy relationships

Economic abuse in relationships: How to deal with It?

Economic violence can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from controlling access to finances, [...]

Rape, Trauma and Anxiety Disorders: How to deal with severe experiences?

Many female rape survivors experience trauma that can drastically affect their ability to engage in [...]

The dark side of love: How does manipulation destroy our relationships?

Manipulation, or influencing a partner unfairly or against his or her will, can be present [...]

Reflections on a woman’s “NO”. On interpretation, relationship and mutual respect.

When a woman says "NO" - is a phrase that hides many meanings, emotions and [...]

When separation in a relationship is a necessity: a guide to understanding and overcoming difficulties

A relationship is a journey full of emotions and challenges, which is often a source [...]

I reject the toxicity of “beauty” standards: the authenticity of my femininity

My body is not just a passive object, but a map written in history. Each [...]

Bullying at school and its impact on the psychological development of children and adolescents

Bullying, or bullying of others, is one of the most serious challenges in today's school [...]

Toxic relationship: how to get out of it and how to recover from it?

Ending a relationship is never easy, especially when partners have been together for many years. [...]

You are worth it! Narcissism and narcissistic behavior in digital culture

Narcissism in digital culture takes many forms, sometimes a subtle focus on the self, other [...]

Libido – when you don’t feel like having sex – what could be the cause?

In every relationship, there are moments when one or both parties may experience a lack [...]

Patricia Kazadi – words matter

How often do we find ourselves saying something without thinking? This is a common behavior [...]

Heyt and gossip online, or the unpleasant sides of the Internet.

Internet hysteria and gossip. What is hejt? How to cope ?

On freedom to love, or bisexuality in the world

Bisexuality among celebrities, has become almost commonplace. Or do movie stars not hesitate to show [...]

Sara Boruc – women’s solidarity – how does it work and why is it important?

In today’s world there is a lot of talk about solidarity, especially solidarity for women. [...]

Iran 2023 protests. – Where did they come from and how are they different from previous ones?

As of August 2022. Protests in Iran continue unabated after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa [...]

Postpartum depression, 1 to 2 per 1,000 births.

The arrival of a child in the world, especially the first, leads a young mother [...]

Depression among women- how to treat it and why does it occur more often?

Depression in women is a common disease worldwide

Late motherhood: Becoming a Mom in her 40s

Pros and cons of late motherhood. Why do women decide to become mothers only in [...]

Woman behind the wheel – GentleWoman driving style

Competition on the road, brash driving and overestimating one's skills are a few reasons that [...]

Maturity, or what?

In our culture we refer to the matriculation exam as the high school diploma, which [...]

Feel more than others “highly sensitive person”

Plenty of people have problems with stimulus overload, especially in a world of rapidly changing [...]

Manipulative techniques: Gaslighting – violence you can’t see

Paula discovers a dark secret. From then on, strange things happen in her house. However, [...]

Sexism is sexism

In public discussion, there are certain topics that should not be brought up. One of [...]

Laughter is serious business – laughter yoga

The inclusion of the voice in bursts of choral enthusiasm is available to all, without [...]

Is it good to be single? Pros and cons of being single

he worldwide pandemic has changed our mentality, habits and approach to many things. It can [...]

Daughters of the Polish, or all about our mothers

Lately, however, there has been increasing boldness in talking about family relationships between women, where [...]

Breastfeeding in Public: What’s all the fuss about?

Breastfeeding in public still evokes many emotions. GentleWoman's editors decided to look at both sides [...]

The American dream of freedom, or what they convicted R. Kelly for

The story of the great fame and even greater fall of one of the greatest [...]

Corpuscularity or corpuscularity?

"If femininity meant female sexuality and charm, women would never lose it and never have [...]

The world is not black and white

Inclusive language is inclusive language, which aims to reduce the impact of stereotypes and prevent [...]

To change the name after marriage or not to change it? We have 3 options!

The topic of name change stirs up a lot of emotions. To change the name [...]

“As long as she doesn’t think, as long as she doesn’t go back to what happened to her.” – Margaret a rape victim

“She had to keep her head perpetually busy, moving around, doing something. However, the miles [...]

Hikikomori-Japanese disease of loneliness

The Hikikomori phenomenon affects about 1.2% of Japanese society-this represents about one million people.

Why can’t women be alone? Toxic relationship

More and more people are choosing to persist in relationships with no future. What is [...]

Gray hair – a return to nature and discovery of self. Is it worth it to color your hair?

Gray hair is becoming increasingly popular. Is this a new trend in hairdressing or a [...]

Narcissistic personality – how it can be recognized

The word “narcissist” is overused today. Most often it falls in anger toward the partner. [...]

Note the relationship that never was. Stashing is a new trend in dating. 

Find out what this dangerous dating trend is all about.

Maja Sablewska in the program “10 years younger in 10 days”. – Why do women need to be younger?

Maja Sablewska tells us what sets her new program apart from the other formats she [...]

Sex in a relationship, is sexuality and abstinence a variable? 7 reasons to have sex

Female sexuality is different from male sexuality and sex drive. It is said that men [...]

Demisexuality – what does it consist of? Emotional sexual attraction or sexual orientation? Who is a demisexual?

Demisexuality is feeling sexual desire under the condition of a strong emotional bond. This means [...]

Sapiosexuality – when intellect becomes foreplay. How do we find out if our partner is sapiosexual?

Sapiosexuality - When someone is sapiosexual. Is it intellect, intelligence, sexual preference or perhaps attraction? [...]

Is there a male-female friendship? Psychologist Karolina Tuchalska-Sierminska, known from the program “Wedding at first sight”, tells us.

We asked psychologist Karolina Tuchalska-Sierminska about whether male-female friendship exists and how to deal with [...]

Mansplaining, or explaining the world to you – Rebecca Solnit in the article “Men Explain Things To Me

Mansplaining, or I'll explain the world to you, is counterintuitively often a phenomenon, even if [...]

Can you genetically have a bigger belly? It is important to know this before bikini season!

A bikini does not have to be your swimsuit. Gentlewoman feels comfortable in any beachwear, [...]

Kasia Gallanio – A tragic end to the Arab fairy tale. The reality of Arab society

Kasia Gallanio - a tragic finale of love for an Arab sheik.

Modern faith – Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism – who believes, what and why?

People who have been through a lot with their faith talk about their beliefs for [...]

Sex of mature women – what is sex after 50? How do Joanna Przetakiewicz and Jane Fonda do it?

Does sex for mature women have to be a taboo subject? Celebrities known from the [...]

Women in Chinese society

Chinese society, despite decades of communism, is still very much attached to traditional values, which [...]

Maldives – Paradise on Earth

A place on the world map that is responsible for the breakups of those who [...]

How do you get a friends with benefits on Tinder?

Friends with benefits is growing in popularity. What is this relationship to benefits?

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