A few weeks ago, Polsat Cafe TV debuted a program in which women are supposed to become younger through a miraculous metamorphosis. Once again Maja Sablewska, who undoubtedly already has experience in running this type of format, has become the host. She was also awarded the GentleWoman Pearl for her work. Her previous program “Sablewska’s way to fashion” was very popular just a few years ago, but a lot has changed since then. It is not only fashion that has changed, but especially the perception of the body. The bodypositive movement also emerged, and women dreamed of returning to nature. On the other hand, however, there is still tremendous peer pressure to be younger. In such a situation, is the new format “10 years younger in 10 days” likely to succeed?

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“10 years younger in 10 days”.

The format of the program “10 years younger in 10 days” came to Poland from the UK. The presenter is Cherry Healey, a British BBC television presenter. The very idea of the program from the beginning was to help women transform their appearance. In many cases, this is quite a challenge. Most of them have neglected it for years, so the metamorphosis in just a few days is shocking not only to the viewer, but especially to the heroines who applied for the casting.

As it is in a meticulously directed TV show, it was attended especially by those women who were not spared by fate: single mothers, former alcoholics, widows or friendless loners. However, the question arises, are such women really rare? The truth, however, is that we encounter them every day.

British women love plastic surgery

The UK is undoubtedly the cradle of plastic surgery in Europe. According to statistics, up to one in two British women opt for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine procedures to change or improve their appearance. It was instilled in them from an early age that they had to be perfect. Therefore, younger and younger girls were opting for the surgeon’s intervention.

Advertisements saying that plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are not a bad thing were the order of the day on British television. Added to this is Instagram, which is bursting at the seams with an overabundance of reworked and idealized photos. No wonder these treatments are so popular there.

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Maja Sablewska in the program "10 years younger in 10 days". - Why do women need to be younger? 6

Changing the law in the UK

Most commonly, British women opted for breast augmentation, facelift, buttock implants and facial treatments using Botox and hyaluronic acid.

As young girls under 18 on the islands have increasingly opted for plastic surgery. year, the British government decided to change the law there. On May 25, 2022, such ads were banned.

What is the price of beauty?

The implementation of this law also aims to protect young British women from unsuccessful plastic surgeries. As plastic surgery prices are staggering, many choose to have the procedures done in Turkey, among other places. For example, the cost of nose correction is about £6,000, in Turkey it is 3 times less.

Unfortunately, most of the treatments performed there leave much to be desired. Often behind the lower price is also inferior quality. Increasingly, we can read about complications such as skin necrosis, inflammation and even rupture of the implants. This not only threatens women’s health, but also their lives. So why do they continue to take such risks?

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Maja Sablewska in the program "10 years younger in 10 days". - Why do women need to be younger? 7

Maja Sablewska returns to television

Several years ago, such programs were also very popular on Polish television, and women eagerly volunteered to take part. This can be evidenced by the fact that Maja Sablewska has previously hosted as many as two similar formats: “Sablewska’s Way to Fashion” and “SOS – Sablewska from Style.” However, two years ago she decided to take a break from television. Considering that in Poland it was the one that started the wave of people’s makeovers since 2013, after 13 seasons it simply had to take a break.

The truth, however, may be quite different. Perhaps women have become bored with just a change of closet and were looking for something different. And that other format is “10 Years Younger in 10 Days,” whose producer is also a woman, Joanna Tylman, who persuaded Majka to return to television. And it is thanks to her that the Polish version of the program has this shape. This time it’s not just about finding the right clothes, getting the right hairstyle and makeup. Women are also put in the hands of specialists: a dentist and a plastic surgeon. Emma Kivorkova is a dentist and orthodontist with extensive experience, who owns a dental office located in the center of Warsaw. Aesthetic medicine treatments, meanwhile, are handled by Marcin Ambroziak, who viewers may also associate with from other programs aimed at changing the appearance of women.

“We’re not faking anything in this program.”

However, Sablewska’s new program is not just about changing the outward appearance of the participants who signed up for it. “Metamorphosis is change, and working on change is layers, change doesn’t happen right away, all at once. It’s step-by-step work. It’s a process of allowing the truth to come out. Seeing what you have experienced and who you are as a result of those experiences. It is not a matter of mere clothing, hairstyle or makeup. I accept with humility that the metamorphosis may not succeed if the woman is not ready for it. We don’t pretend anything in this program, I want to do it authentically and convey emotions as they really are,” he explains.

Maja Sablewska in the program "10 years younger in 10 days". - Why do women need to be younger?
Maja Sablewska in the program "10 years younger in 10 days". - Why do women need to be younger? 8

The question arises, however, as to how it actually differs from previous formats. In theory, the idea of each looks similar: a woman who wants to transform her appearance comes forward. However, the difference is significant. In previous programs run by Maja Sablewska, the maximum age of participants was 45. However, there are women much older who also need this portability. Therefore, the new format has no age restrictions. The oldest participant in the program is 69 years old. “It’s never too late to change. Every woman should have a chance, that’s why I came back to TV, because to put it simply – I felt needed. I work with women and share my experience and passion for image and fashion with them. I want them to feel my support. Because in these times, women have to support each other.” – says Maja.

Beauty knows no metric

But it’s not just older women who need a makeover. The youngest participant in the “10 years younger in 10 days” program , Renata is 34 years old. Her transformation could be seen on the air last Thursday. By Maja Sablewska’s own admission, this was probably the biggest makeover we’ve seen this season.

Tan really women regardless of age want to feel beautiful. Although bodypositive movement has led the way in recent times, they want to change. In most cases, not for someone, but for themselves. Many of them are already in such a state that they don’t know where to go for help or simply can’t afford it. Sablewska’s new format allows them to feel feminine again.

Why do women need to be younger?

Although the “10 years younger in 10 days” program has only recently appeared in Poland, it is already stirring up a lot of extreme emotions. On the one hand, there are voices of excitement. Many women have been waiting for Maja Sablewska to once again appear on television and turn the lives of the show’s participants upside down. This is evidenced by the many positive comments that can be found on her profile on Instagram.

Maja Sablewska in the program "10 years younger in 10 days". - Why do women need to be younger?
Maja Sablewska in the program "10 years younger in 10 days". - Why do women need to be younger? 9

However, there is also no shortage of criticism. The women are already bored and disgusted with yet another format designed to change the appearance of female participants. “It pisses me off that there are many programs on Polish t.v. that constantly instruct women how to change for the better. How should they improve their appearance, reduce wrinkles, lose weight, change their style, hairstyle, cook better, eat healthier, take care of their home, their family, what to cook, what to clean. And why aren’t there such programs for men instructing men how to live? (…) how to be a better husband, father.” – wrote one of them using the nickname “asfr”.

Public pressure

It’s hard to look for programs on television, not only in Poland, in which they undergo just such a metamorphosis. Mainly the protagonists are just women. Why is this the case when the bodypositive movement is being talked about everywhere? Women still feel pressure from society. Not so much what they want, but what they MUST be younger. They are afraid they will lose their jobs, or when they decide to change jobs, they won’t find new ones. They are also afraid that their husband will leave them for a younger and more attractive woman. They are afraid of being judged.
All this causes their self-esteem to be lowered. Complexes arise and an irresistible desire to fight for a better appearance even if it goes against their beliefs. That’s when programs like “10 years younger in 10 days” come to the rescue.

Striving for the ideal

Many women have to sacrifice their leisure time, family, career and even health to pursue the ideal . They spend all their free time in the gym, on top of that they are on a perpetual diet. They deny themselves even the slightest pleasure for fear of losing their figures. Also, right after giving birth, instead of being able to devote themselves to motherhood in peace and gain energy after giving birth, they feel pressure to get back into shape as soon as possible. Record-breaking women start exercising even a few days after giving birth.

All of this is also not helped by the false image they can find by browsing Instagram. Although it is becoming increasingly common for women to upload photos of their postpartum bodies without using any filters, they are still in a significant minority. We can definitely find more photos of newly mothers with flat bellies, without stretch marks, cellulite and sagging skin.

Maja Sablewska in the program "10 years younger in 10 days". - Why do women need to be younger?
Maja Sablewska in the program "10 years younger in 10 days". - Why do women need to be younger? 10

A format that never gets boring

Looking at the viewing figures of Sablewska’s new program, but also the huge number of positive comments, it seems that a format of this type will never get boring. “Myself and the team I work with have put a lot of work into the new program, it’s 12 unique episodes, and each episode features as many as two women. Ranging in age from 30 to 70, each has a true story to tell. Each is ready for a metamorphosis and almost each undergoes it accompanied by beautiful emotions. I love my job and I’m glad to be back on TV,” says Maja Sablewska.

Change is a woman

Whether Sablewska’s next program will be a success, time will tell. One thing is certain, women love change and need it. A change of hairstyle, closet, job and even place of residence can do quite a stirring and make them feel confident again and have the power to act. If they want to look younger, let them. As Maja Sablewska mentioned, women should support and motivate each other, not divide and worse, judge. Only together can they do more. A true GentleWoman is a fulfilled woman who focuses on what is important to her. Supportive and open to the new and unknown. GentleWoman is you.


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