Romance is one of the contemporary and most popular literary genres. It is a story about the love of two people who are most often thrown by fate. Women around the world read these remarkable stories not only while spending long autumn evenings at home. They take them on vacation or read them on their way to work. Their authors are much more popular than the poets who also write on the subject. Therefore, the editors of GentleWoman POLAND decided to prepare a list of 10 books about love that are worth reading.

Table of Contents:

“Diary” – Nicholas Sparks

The undisputed king of romance is Nicholas Sparks. There is probably not a person in the world who would not be able to name at least one book written by him. “I Still Love Her,” “Letter in a Bottle” or “Nights in Rodanthe” are just some of them. However, according to the reviews found, undoubtedly “Memoir” is the most popular among female readers. What’s more, women prefer to read Sparks’ works far more often than any other book about love.

“Memoir” is our first offering of 10 books about love. It tells the love story between Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson. Everything is handwritten in a small notebook, and an elderly man reads its contents to a woman in a nursing home who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. As it turns out, she is the author of these notes, and through reading aloud she has a chance to recall her past. The extraordinary story of their fate really grabs the heart and can make anyone cry . Not surprisingly, Nicholas Sparks’ “Memoir” also lived to see a film adaptation, with female idols Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams playing the main characters. It is interesting to note that the kiss of these two was hailed as the best movie kiss in 2005.

“Bridget Jones” – Helen Fielding

Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones” Diary is a must read for any GentleWoman. The love adventures of this seemingly ordinary thirty-something have won the hearts of female readers around the world. Why is the book so popular? That’s because millions of women see themselves with all their flaws and advantages in the main character.

A light-hearted story with a dose of typical British humor introduces us to the title character, who is looking for love. He describes each of his days in a diary, where he complains about his problems with being overweight, his disruptive mother and, above all, his vision of spending his life alone. When the vision of imminent dating and not just one, but as many as two men finally opens up before the day, her world turns upside down. So who will she choose: arrogant lawyer Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver, an incorrigible womanizer who is also her boss? More details are not revealed, see for yourself!

“Crumbs of the Day” – Kazuo Ishiguro

Time for another suggestion from the 10 books about love. Reading numerous reviews of this novel, it is safe to say that it is one of the saddest books ever written. So if you’re looking for a tear squeezer for long autumn evenings, you’ve come to the perfect place! The book “Crumbs of the Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro tells the story of butler Stevens, who subordinated his entire life to hard work, which he fulfilled impeccably. When the estate where she has lived and served for years becomes shrouded in disrepute she sets out to conquer England to find and persuade her former landlady, Miss Kenton, to return. The journey becomes a kind of reckoning of conscience for him. In the end, he realizes that by devoting his life to work, he has lost his chance for love.

Of interest, the novel was awarded the Booker, Britain’s most prestigious literary prize, and the Nobel Prize for Literature. Kazuo Ishiguro is an outstanding writer and a master of the use of words. He is able to express so many emotions in an economical way like no one else. So it’s no surprise that this item, too, was decided to be adapted into a film, with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson playing the lead roles. The picture was honored with as many as 8 Oscar nominations.

“Those days, those nights” – Andre Aciman

“Those Days, Those Nights” by Andre Aciman is a story about the feeling between a teenager who is just beginning to enter adult life and a mature man. Elio and Olivier meet completely by chance when the latter arrives in Italy from America for a visit. Elio is at first prejudiced against the new guest and does not like him very much. Over time, however, the dislike turns into a completely unfamiliar feeling, a fascination with another man. And although they both try to fight it, the power of desire and passion is much greater.

Andre Aciman’s novel is a story of first love, which the main characters fear they will never repeat. But how does the six-week affair between them end? That’s what we won’t tell you anymore.

“Before you showed up” – Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes ‘ books are a real treat for female romance readers. She is one of the few authors to have twice received the Romantic Novel of the Year Award from the Romantic Novelists’ Association. One of the most famous of these is “Before You Showed Up.” It tells the story of a young girl Lou, who spends her days working in a cafe and… collecting colorful shoes. If at this point you thought it was probably just another teenybopper book announcement, you’re wrong.

Another of the 10 books about love. “Before you showed up” by Jojo Moyes is really a story about difficult love, suffering, helplessness and making difficult decisions. Lou’s life changes when the girl changes jobs and from now on she will deal with the rich banker Will, who miraculously survived the accident. There would be nothing unusual in this if these two did not ignite hot feelings for each other. Are you curious how it turned out? Prepare tissues (because you’ll definitely need them), a mug of hot tea, a warm blanket and don’t wait. We invite you to read more!

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10 books about love that every lady should read – GentleWoman

“PS I love you” – Cecelia Ahern

“PS I love you” by Cecelia Ahern is a book unlike any other. It is not a typical romance, although it tells the story of love. However, this love was interrupted by Gerry’s sudden death. Gerry and Holly had actually known each other forever, understood each other without words and loved each other beyond life. Soul mates and a perfect example of how male-female friendship can turn into something more. However, a man dies unexpectedly before the main character’s 30th birthday. And just when she thinks she’s lost everything, including the meaning of life… Garry returns in letters. He left her letters to open every month for a full year. Thanks to them, he will learn how to live again and discover that mourning does not have to mean sadness at all.

The book “PS I Love You” became a worldwide bestseller in a short time. Its author, Cecelia Ahern is the daughter of a former Irish prime minister. She published it at the age of just 21. The novel also lived to see a film adaptation. We can see Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler in leading roles.

“Anna Karenina” – Leo Tolstoy

“Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy is our next suggestion from 10 books about love. It is considered the most beautiful Russian novel about love. It is a timeless classic that is definitely worth knowing. The title character has everything she needs: a loving husband, the son of her dreams and a fortune. He also does not shy away from parties and social gatherings. And it is during one of them that she meets a young count, Alexei Vronsky, who turns her orderly world upside down.

Tolstoy’s novel tells of the power of passion and a feeling so great that one can sacrifice everything for it. It was for love that Anna Karenina decided to change her life, something she never regretted. How will the two lovers’ fiery romance end? We’ll just hint that a box of tissues will come in handy. Of interest, Leo Tolstoy is not only a great writer, but also the highest moral authority in Russia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. – Truman Capote

The main character of Trauman Capote’s book, Holly Golightly is one of the most iconic literary and film characters. I don’t think there is a person who hasn’t seen the film adaptation starring Audrey Hepburn in the lead role. Her character breaks the stereotypes of the time, as she is not only brave and unafraid to speak out loud what she thinks, but she also panders to the fact that she is an American geisha, or exclusive comfort lady.

Holly Golightly is a girl who spends her days in exclusive cafes and restaurants to which she is invited by wealthy men. She still hopes to marry one of them and never have to work. In this way he meets Fred, the narrator, who introduces us to the world of the main character. He was the only one who managed to get to know her a little better. Does this friendship have a chance to turn into love? Be sure to read and watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

“Romeo and Juliet” – William Shakespeare

This is the most popular of the 10 books about love we have prepared for you. Romeo and Juliet are perhaps the most famous lovers in the history of literature. Their teenage love is doomed from the start, as they come from two feuding families. They meet by chance at a masked ball, where a kiss occurs between them. They fall in love with each other at first sight, although they do not even know who they are. William Shakespeare is an outstanding writer who created a work that is relevant even in modern times. Because, after all, what doesn’t one do for love?

You probably know how it all ends, but it’s nonetheless a read worth returning to. Especially since you’ll probably read it in one evening. And later? Later you can watch its film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes .

“Never in my life” – Katarzyna Grochola

Katarzyna Grochola is one of Poland’s best-known writers. Her books are written in light language, so you can easily read them even in one evening! They combine both a solid dose of humor and emotion. After all, no one said that love comes easily, and affection doesn’t have to be fought for.

“Never in my life” is one of Catherine Grochola’s most popular books, coming from the “Frogs and Angels” series . The main character Judith theoretically has everything: a loving daughter and a good job in an editorial office, but… she lacks a man. After her husband leaves her, she goes to the countryside, where she decides to start completely anew, and that’s where Adam appears on her path. How will it all end? We won’t reveal anything else! This is our last suggestion of 10 books about love.

The editors of GentleWoman POLAND invite you to read!

In fact, there are many more books about love that are worth reading. Therefore, choosing 10 books about love proved to be quite a challenge for us. So don’t wait. Pour hot water in the bathtub, add your favorite oil, apply a facial mask, and grab a book in your hand. This evening is sure to be a success!


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