My body is not just a passive object, but a map written in history. Each centimeter is not only a dimension, but also a history of experiences, hugs, moments of joy and sorrow. I’m not going to hide behind a label denoting size, because my femininity does not fit into the rigid framework of unrealistic beauty standards. I’m proud of every curve, every crease and scar, because it’s proof of my strength and resilience in the face of life’s storms.

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I don’t wear size XS

I don’t wear a size XS or XXS, and my body doesn’t fit within the incredible standards of a toxic culture. I have the body of a real woman, shaped by life, marked with traces of laughter and tears. The numbers on the label have never defined me as a woman. Wearing a size that conforms to my beliefs is both a rebellion against imposed standards and a manifestation of my strength and authenticity.

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Being a woman is more than wearing clothes from the latest collections or putting on makeup every morning according to current trends. Above all, it’s about accepting your body – looking in the mirror with respect and saying to yourself, “I’m beautiful just the way I am.” The fight against toxic beauty standards is also a fight for a healthy perception of one’s body and for passing this value on to the next generation.

Wearing the marks of time is like wearing a unique biography on your body, full of experiences, joys and painful moments. My body, honed by life, is a testament to my strength and resilience to life’s vicissitudes. It doesn’t fit into the framework of unrealistic clothing standards because I don’t want to conform to a toxic culture that imposes unrealistic beauty standards. I think that the struggle to accept our own bodies can become a manifestation of our strength and freedom.

True value is not size
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True value is not size

The world of size is one of many aspects of a toxic culture. It is worth considering why women are often reduced to a label from a tag, rather than valued for their skills, passions or intelligence. Our value should not depend on the number on our clothes – this is only an external superficiality that does not reflect our full value as a woman.

The fashion industry, governed by its own canons of beauty, often ignores real bodies. Models on the catwalks present unrealistic proportions that represent only a small percentage of the population. So why should self-acceptance depend on whether we wear a size that fits these irrational standards? It’s time to defy this and celebrate the diversity of our bodies.

My body is not just numbers on a label, but above all a collection of stories, hugs, moments of joy and sorrow. Why would I hide behind this label instead of celebrating my strength and resilience? Femininity is not about size, it is about strength, storytelling and self-acceptance.

Being a woman is more than following the latest trends and wearing clothes of the required size. Above all, it’s about accepting one’s body, regardless of whether it fits within the rigid framework of imposed beauty standards. The struggle for a healthy perception of one’s own body is at the same time a struggle for healthy self-esteem and a sense of being beautiful regardless of one’s size or age.

The beauty is in the diversity

Each body is a unique work of art. Different beauty is not lesser or less valuable. I don’t wear a size XS or XXS, but that doesn’t define me as a woman at all. Our bodies are one-of-a-kind works of art, and the struggle to accept our own bodies is also a manifestation of the power of diversity.

Every woman, regardless of size, has the right to feel confident and beautiful. Beauty is not reserved only for those who wear size XS or XXS. The time has come for us to stop confining ourselves within the framework of imposed labels and start walking boldly toward acceptance, joy and true freedom from toxic beauty standards. It’s time to show that beauty can take many forms, and the real power lies in self-acceptance.

The beauty is in the diversity
Photo: Priscilla Du Preez

How to love yourself regardless of your size?

Falling in love with yourself regardless of your body size is a process that takes time, patience and understanding. The first step is to change your perspective – to shift your focus from your external physical features to the values, skills and character that constitute your personality. Let your value depend not on the size of the label on your clothes, but on who you really are.

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Avoid comparing yourself to others

Avoid comparing yourself to others, as each individual walks his or her own unique life path, and bodies are different. Instead of focusing on comparisons, focus on your own development, achievements and qualities that set you apart. Adopting the perspective of individual experiences and the diversity of one’s own characteristics enables one to understand oneself more fully. Comparing yourself to unrealistic standards only undermines your confidence, introducing unnecessary discomfort and dissatisfaction. Appreciate your uniqueness and focus on your own development, which will allow you to build a healthier relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself, but be sure to approach this task with love for yourself and not influenced by social expectations. A healthy diet, regular physical activity and adequate sleep are key elements for overall well-being. However, it is important that these actions are taken for their own sake and satisfaction, rather than to conform to imposed norms or social expectations.

Health-seeking behavior should be integrated into lifestyles as an expression of self-care, instead of being a matter of conforming to external patterns. Develop healthy lifestyle habits with long-term well-being in mind, not as a reaction to social pressure. The pursuit of balance between physical, mental and emotional aspects will become more valuable when it is based on genuine attention to one’s own needs and goals. Everyone has an individual pace and needs, so it’s worth forming your habits with respect for your own identity and intentions.

Photo: Ashkan Forouzani

Practice gratitude and self-acceptance

Practicing gratitude and self-acceptance are key elements in building a positive attitude toward oneself. Instead of focusing on criticizing your body, try to fill it with acceptance. Break the habits of negative thinking by being aware of your thoughts and in moments when negative thoughts appear, definitely replace them with positive affirmations.

Your body is not only a physical object, but also a carrier of history, full of experiences, hugs, moments of joy and sorrow. Each curve, each scar, is not only an anatomical element, but also symbolic evidence of your strength and resilience in the face of life’s storms. Instead of judging your body only by beauty standards, appreciate it as an integral part of your individual life story.

As you introduce the practice of gratitude, pay attention to those aspects of your body that play a key role in daily functioning and survival. Focus on the capabilities it offers, instead of what you consider to be imperfections. Adopting this perspective can help build a stronger sense of self-esteem and a better understanding of one’s identity.

The beauty and value of an individual are not determined by size. More important is who we are as individuals. So let’s stop subordinating our value to arbitrary beauty standards imposed by society. While the process of self-acceptance is a long one, unconditional self-love is a key step in this remarkable journey.

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