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Balletcore, or ballet inspiration in fashion – the trend of 2024!

Art, in its myriad diversity, plays a key role in shaping trends, but it is [...]

Sexuality and culinary: Culinary aphrodisiacs and their effect on libido and sexual pleasure

Sexuality and cuisine are two areas of human life that have shared a fascinating interaction [...]

Zendaya and her styling – Who is behind her looks and styling?

Zendaya is an actress and singer who has been captivated by her immense talent and [...]

2024 Fashion trends: The rise of flat shoes for Women

Women value comfort, and designers are not indifferent to their needs. Flat shoes have been [...]

Roberto Cavalli, the legendary Italian fashion designer, has died, aged 83.

Roberto Cavalli, the legendary Italian fashion designer, died at his home in Florence at the [...]

How to seduce a Man: essential Tips on Kissing and Complimenting

Kisses matter in a relationship. Men enjoy such kisses, and the gentle brushing of lips [...]

Women’s oversize jackets for 2024 – what style of jacket to choose?

The term oversize refers to clothes that appear to be oversized. They are voluminous, too [...]

Safe sex: tips for preventing sexually transmitted diseases and contraception

Sexuality is an integral part of human life and healthy relationships. However, in order to [...]

The mystery of kissing and the herpes virus: a discovery from the past

Over the centuries, mankind has developed two main types of kisses: the universal parental kiss, [...]

What Princess Sophie – Sofia Kristina Hellqvist wears – style characteristics

The story of Princess Sophia seems like it was pulled out of a fairy tale. [...]

Hits of spring 2024 – what will be the most fashionable this season?

Every change of season is a new chapter in the fashion world, full of fresh [...]

How to sell and buy safely on Vinted: Avoid scams and maximize profits with eco-consciousness

In the dynamic world of fashion, where anyone can become both a seller and a [...]

How to choose designer shoes for bell bottoms?

As of recently, bell bottoms have started to appear on the streets again. This is [...]

Healthy and satisfying orgasms: practical strategies for anyone who wants more intense pleasure

Orgasm is a mysterious and exciting sensation that not only gives us pleasure, but also [...]

Reflections on a woman’s “NO”. On interpretation, relationship and mutual respect.

When a woman says "NO" - is a phrase that hides many meanings, emotions and [...]

How to search for a good women’s sweater with quality composition? Fashion advice.

Check out our fashion tips on how to find a good women's sweater with quality [...]

Time for Scandinavian BoHo style – discover the simplicity and fantasy of scandi boho

Scandinavian style is modest and subdued. Scandinavian boho is a great way to create unique [...]

Women in IT: Development, Collaboration and Equality in the Technology Industry

Programmers, testers, designers, IT specialists, analysts, architects, project managers or salespeople in the IT industry [...]

Japandi: the perfect blend of Japanese serenity and Scandinavian simplicity

Japandi style is original and has many followers. Furnishing an apartment in this style is [...]

Power dressing in fashion and women’s fashion

Discover the secrets of power dressing in women's and business fashion. Learn how to create [...]

When separation in a relationship is a necessity: a guide to understanding and overcoming difficulties

A relationship is a journey full of emotions and challenges, which is often a source [...]

80s style. in interiors – or all about Memphis style

Consumers are demanding, constantly looking for solutions to elegantly furnish their interiors. In the 1980s. [...]

Viral fashion trends 2024 – which trend will be fashionable this season

Check out fashion trends for 2024 with inspiration from 2023, including Viral Trends! Learn more [...]

Rococo style in the 21st century – how to arrange an interior in it?

The Rococo style was created in the 18th century and appeared in European art from [...]

Culinary world travel: meet Comfort Food, the food that warms you up and improves your mood!

Culinary world travel: meet Comfort Food, the food that warms you up and improves your [...]

Trendy kitchens 2024: What kitchen color to choose and what is the trend? 6 inspirations!

See the kitchen color trends for 2024 and choose a trendy color! Inspirations and arrangements [...]

Fashion spring 2024 in the Garden of Eden: styles that will impress

The spring aura is blossoming not only in nature, but also in the hearts of [...]

Plastic surgery does not have to be associated with something exaggerated – Dr. Agnieszka Niewczas-Maciejewska

I often hear after treatments: doctor, I can finally use mascara, ceni and eye-liner. For [...]

Comfortable kitchen for the discerning housewife

Those who dream of a fashionable yet functional kitchen should carefully analyze the available options [...]

Action-Response and World Perception: How our insides shape responses to life events

It amazes me how many different people's reactions to the same situation can be. The [...]

Small closet, or how to store clothes at home

A home closet is essential. A separate room can be set aside in the house [...]

Surviving your next “first time” – hymenoplasty, hymen reconstruction controversy

Hymen reconstruction, also known as hymenoplasty, is a surgical procedure to restore the integrity of [...]

I reject the toxicity of “beauty” standards: the authenticity of my femininity

My body is not just a passive object, but a map written in history. Each [...]

The whole truth about Fentanyl – addiction and side effects

In the shadow of the powerful opioid drug fentanyl lies not only a potential savior [...]

Postpartum recovery more important than “six-pack”

Few of us realize what a revolution the pregnancy process brings with it. What really [...]

Body acceptance and sexual confidence after 50 – changes and challenges

With changing social norms and a growing awareness of a healthy approach to the body [...]

Bullying at school and its impact on the psychological development of children and adolescents

Bullying, or bullying of others, is one of the most serious challenges in today's school [...]

Toxic relationship: how to get out of it and how to recover from it?

Ending a relationship is never easy, especially when partners have been together for many years. [...]

Fake News: how false information shapes our reality

Vitamin C cures cancer, vaccines cause autism, and a Washington pizzeria is home to a [...]

“Australia. Through the paths of a dream,” a book that invites reflection

"Australia. Paths of a Dream" is not only a travel story about a distant continent, [...]

The best movies for autumn evenings: women’s recommendened!

When it gets gray and gloomy outside the window, darkness falls faster, and the temperature [...]

How to be happy in a relationship? The role of one’s own space as the key to harmony

In the search for answers to the question of how to be happy in a [...]

Modern bathroom with character: how to combine functionality with style

The modern bathroom is not only a place for daily hygiene rituals, but also an [...]

Routine in a relationship, how to rekindle the fire in a relationship?

The first stage of a relationship is associated by everyone with butterflies in the stomach [...]

Carrie Bradshaw in real life, or what Sarah Jessica Parker wears every day

Sarah Jessica Paker is an actress and film producer who became famous primarily, thanks to [...]

Cult women’s handbags you should know

Women love accessories, especially handbags. This women's accessory can completely change the styling, in addition [...]

GentleWoman’s dream bedroom – How to create the perfect interior for sleep and relaxation?

The furnishing of your dream bedroom is not going as you wish? Check out what [...]

The evolution of sexuality in Polish women. What do we think about masturbation? Research Report

Nowadays, the conversation about intimate aspects of life has become more open and devoid of [...]

Age difference in a relationship – relationship with a younger man

Nowadays, when society is getting bolder on the subject of age difference in a relationship, [...]

Harry Styles – an artist with many faces

Harry Edward Styles, for that is the real name of one of the most popular [...]

The 5th Run for Independence – a running festival in the Royal Baths

Running is great! It improves our well-being, appearance, but also can be the start of [...]

Mexico City – explore the fascinating city of culture and art

Death dances among the fields of prickly pear – Día de los Muertos or Day [...]

Santa Claus – Santa’s crown – make dreams come true for wards of orphanages

Santa Claus in the Crown is a charity campaign aimed at fulfilling the dreams of [...]

Karl Lagerfeld: A Fashion Legend and an Inspiration to Many – The Life and Legacy of the Fashion Icon

Karl Lagerfeld is a well-known figure not only in fashion circles. His image and peculiar [...]

Timeless hampton style – hamptons style interior?

Discover the charm of Hampton Style - interior design inspired by elegant life by the [...]

Ewa Wachowicz’s Terraces

The terrace and balcony are some of the most important parts of any home. Next [...]

What to see in the south of Spain?Andalusia in November: flamenco, kitesurfing, tapas and corrida.

Andalusia is a southern region of Spain famous for its sunshine as many as 320 [...]

Back to the ex – does one step into the same river twice?

The search for the perfect man is by no means a simple matter. Although more [...]

Discover the secrets of old money style – learn about fashion hits and classy styles

The trend known as Old Money, manifesting luxury through subtlety and modesty, is gaining popularity. [...]

The most fashionable rugs for the living room

alon is usually elegant, there is little furniture in it, and the room is warmed [...]

Vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, lack of orgasm. Common sexual problems for women over 50

Many older women are sexually active and consider sex an important aspect of their lives. [...]

Gift for a gentleman on his birthday

Birthdays are a special occasion to show loved ones how much we appreciate them. When [...]

Dating sites – a requirement of our times?

Dating sites provide an opportunity to fill the void during lonely evenings. When writing with [...]

Aleksandra Adamska – what do we know about her? Pati or Ola Adamska? Education, roles, Instagram, age and more….

Who is Aleksandra Adamska "Pati, the Convicted"? She is not only one of the most [...]

Catherine Barlinska – yesterday she passed her high school diploma, today her books are not going off the bestseller lists

Katarzyna Barlinska published her first novel right after high school graduation. When a teenager publishes [...]

Paprocki and Brzozowski – how do men see us?

The male perspective and the female perspective can differ seriously. It is for this reason [...]

A woman’s personal brand – why build it consciously?

Any woman who dreams of a career can benefit greatly from developing a personal brand. [...]

Accessories for original interior – add style to your space

Living comfortably and originally is possible. All you need to do is to plan the [...]

Home library for all – inspiring home bookcase ideas

A home library should be well planned. The smallest bookcases are cabinets made of wood, [...]

Heyt and gossip online, or the unpleasant sides of the Internet.

Internet hysteria and gossip. What is hejt? How to cope ?

Confidence, mistakes and successes, or the daily skirmishes of women in marketing

How many times have you told yourself you can't make it? Building self-confidence is the [...]

Kazadi, Rozenek, Pisarek… GentleWoman – what is such a woman associated with?

The modern GentleWoman, first of all, is not defined by a specific definition, because why [...]

Malgorzata Rozenek – a lady or perhaps a GentleWoman?

Malgorzata Rozenek - a lady or perhaps a GentleWoman?

Magdalena Lamparska – impresses with her acting technique

Her role in the film "365 Days" brought her success. A talented and beautiful film [...]

Sara Boruc – women’s solidarity – how does it work and why is it important?

In today’s world there is a lot of talk about solidarity, especially solidarity for women. [...]

The most fashionable autumn styles this season. Check out what Julia Wieniawa, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are wearing.

Autumn is that time when we hide summer airy dresses, heeled sandals and plaid baskets. [...]

40th birthday gift for man: Unique ideas that will impress

Every birthday is a special moment in life, but a 40th birthday is a special [...]

Facial and body treatments that can be performed in autumn

During the summer, our skin is exposed to many external factors that prevent most cosmetic [...]

Weight loss during pregnancy

Many women who are planning to have a baby are already worried about their figure [...]

Phoebe Philo: a designer who is loved by women around the world.

For GentleWoman, Fashion Courier takes a look at the profile of Phoebe Philo, a British [...]

Yves Saint Laurent, a timeless style, or Le Smoking

Yves Saint Laurent believed in empowering women through fashion, and his timeless designs aimed to [...]

Lana Del Rey: yesterday, today, tomorrow. About the work of the most important singer of the modern generation.

GentleWoman looks at the remarkable career of Lana Del Rey, one of the most important [...]

Pearls of GentleWoman POLAND” handed out!

In the heart of Poland, where pulsating city life is intertwined with rich traditions, a [...]

How is “fast fashion” made in China winning the hearts of TikTokers? Shein: fast fashion or already ultra fast fashion?

It might seem that public awareness of responsible shopping has increased significantly in recent years: [...]

Iran 2023 protests. – Where did they come from and how are they different from previous ones?

As of August 2022. Protests in Iran continue unabated after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa [...]

Post holiday blues – or how to cope after the vacations?

The average Smith has about 26 vacation days, which, thanks to the mobility of the [...]

More than a fashion brand: Jacquemus, the definition of contemporary French lifestyle.

Jacuemus' collections have a carefree, youthful spirit and exude a sense of freedom, often expressed [...]

40th birthday gift ideas for a woman

When a woman enters her 40s, her expectations often rise. She is becoming a mature [...]

Gift for a man – what to suggest when choosing a gift for him?

Finding the perfect gift for a guy is a fascinating task, full of excitement and [...]

Women’s rights in Rome, what is Roman marriage?

The female model that prevailed in Rome was that of the "matron," a respected mother [...]

Independent Woman – Be afraid and do! – this is my life motto

Awakening our courage gives us incredible energy for action. Let's take the initiative, let's be [...]

Vacations in Scandinavia: Denmark. What is worth seeing? Copenhagen, the Bridge over the Sound, Legoland are just some of the attractions!

For most people, the vacation season is associated with sand, sun and heavenly beaches. According [...]

Shamima Begum: fled UK for ISIS as a teenager, now fighting to return

Shamima Begum, who fled her home at age 15 and left the UK to join [...]

An idea for the weekend? Europe’s largest event and inspiring exhibition, just a three-hour flight away.

Forget about boring weekends and mediocre plans for relaxation. Today you can discover an extraordinary [...]

Iconic cafes in Paris – the crème de la crème places

There are many reasons to visit Paris: for some it will be hours of sightseeing [...]

Trips to Norway – what is worth seeing?

Norway is undoubtedly one of the countries on the "must see" list. Although it still [...]

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