According to a recent statistical survey, the average age of Polish women who decide to have a child is almost 28. This indicates that they are making this decision more quickly compared to women in other European countries. Nonetheless, this shift represents a significant breakthrough. Until recently, it was common for our mothers, grandmothers, or great-grandmothers to become pregnant at around the age of 20. Why do women choose late motherhood and what factors contribute to their decision to delay having children?

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Different times, different desires

Just 20 or 30 years ago, women were mainly focused on having a family. They wanted a loving husband and a bunch of healthy, happy children. This is how our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers functioned. At the time, there was a belief that one should marry young and then get pregnant as soon as possible after marriage. Women who did not do so were often subjected not only to ridicule from their neighbors, but also from their immediate family.

These were also times when few women chose to pursue any career. It was the man who worked and it was he who was supposed to provide a decent living for the family. During this time, the woman took care of the house: she did laundry, cleaned, cooked and raised the children. For her, the role of housewife was a fulfillment of all her needs, and often, a dream come true.

Working woman

Many changed in the 1980s. In the 1970s, when a movement called feminism became increasingly popular. It was then that the “We can do it” poster depicting Geraldine Doyle also became popular. The poster was the epitome of women’s strength and struggle for their rights. Women left their homes and finally decided to pursue their own careers. To this day, many women put work above family life , and this is one of the most important arguments why they choose not to have offspring. Many of them, only after attaining the desired position and obtaining material security, decide to become mothers. Often this moment comes even after the age of 40. Women then have the apartment of their dreams, a secure professional position, and the stability they crave.

Long-awaited stabilization

Stability in both work and personal life makes many women decide to have offspring. They become calmer about their future and that of their child. They feel that they have already achieved everything they wanted, and the baby is just the icing on the cake.

This is also the moment when they no longer feel like partying until dawn, crazy escapades abroad, and work no longer brings them satisfaction because they have reached the top. Then, after many discussions with their partner, they decide to have a child.

A thoughtful decision

Many women, before deciding to have a child, decide to carefully analyze all the pros and cons. They want to be sure it will be a good decision. They are used to certain activities and have their own routines and patterns. They realize that a child can turn their world up side down and nothing will be the same again.

What do they pay attention to? On whether the apartment is sufficient for the next member of the family, on whether they will be able to afford to provide an adequate livelihood and education, and most importantly, on whether they will be able to give up their current life. The child requires twenty-four hours of care and giving up a lot of things.

Health issues

After the age of 35, it is much more difficult to get pregnant. After 40, the chances decrease even more. According to studies, only 10% of women have a chance of natural conception. In order for this to happen, a woman should be healthy, as well as lead a healthy, active lifestyle, have regulated hormones and avoid stress. Although nowadays many women are aware of this and do their best to enjoy their health for as long as possible, not all of them are so lucky to become mothers.

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Proper management of the pregnancy is very important.

Even if a woman is generally healthy and has no medical contraindications, she must be aware that pregnancy at this age will be high-risk. After 40, the chances of a child developing genetic defects and diseases such as Down syndrome or Edwards syndrome increase significantly. According to statistics, at this age the risk of giving birth to a child with these defects is as high as 1 in 82. But it’s not only a threat to the baby, but also to the mother. Miscarriages are much more common in women of this age. They occur in up to one in two women who decide to have a child. They can cause hormonal imbalances and mental problems such as depression. Women who manage to get pregnant in their 40s are also at risk for gestational diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity and even food intolerances.

Proper preparation

Conscious motherhood also involves adequate preparation for pregnancy. Before trying for a baby at this age, a woman should first see her gynecologist for a check-up. Even 3 months before it is a good idea to start folic acid supplementation and give up stimulants. A number of tests such as blood tests, urine tests, hormone measurements, glucose levels and blood pressure should also be performed . The result of a cytological examination is also very important.

Often a doctor will also refer a woman for an ovarian reserve measurement test. At this age, it can be of great importance, as it helps determine whether the chances of having offspring exist at all.

Pros of late motherhood

It is said that the biggest advantage of late motherhood is undoubtedly the fact that the woman is much more calm and aware of this step. She has more patience and becomes much more committed. Since she has already done everything she wanted to do in life, she can devote herself one hundred percent to motherhood.
Late motherhood also means financial stability. It’s not uncommon for moms in their 40s to have an adequate financial cushion that they will be able to use in the event of any crisis or to spend on their child’s education.

Famous moms in their 40s

Late motherhood is also becoming increasingly popular among celebrities in the headlines. Recently there has been a lot of publicity about Katherine Sokolovskaya, who gave birth to her child at the age of 49. The famous fashion show director hid her blessed state for months, and the first photos with her belly appeared just a few weeks before giving birth. Katarzyna Sokolowska’s situation caused quite a stir in the media and encouraged a nationwide discussion on late motherhood. She herself made no secret of the fact that the arrival of her son in the world made her feel finally happy, and she called the pregnancy itself a miracle.

Another famous mom is Malgorzata Kozuchowska. Many years after giving birth, she mentioned in an interview with “Baby by Ann” that her chances of getting pregnant were only 2%. She was 43 years old at the time: “I have been waiting for such a moment in my life when I can honestly say to myself: I want to have a child, I want to be a mother,” – she stated. Today she is happy and fulfilled, but both trying for a child and the subsequent pregnancy were not easy for her. Currently, her son John Francis is 7 years old and is the apple of her eye. The actress guards the privacy and image of her family, and as a result, any photos showing her with her son are rare indeed.

Famous American actress Camerom Diaz has also decided to become a late mother. She hesitated for a long time with this decision. She didn’t want to give up her career, and she also had a hard time finding a suitable partner with whom to create a family. She eventually gave birth to a healthy daughter at the age of 47. A year after giving birth, she said in an interview that motherhood at this age is difficult, and she feels the pressure of having to live 107 years. At the same time, she feels that this is the happiest time in her life, which she has been waiting for many years.

A happy mom is a happy baby

Late motherhood brings many advantages, but also risks and uncertainties. Women who decide to take this step at this age are much more aware. Their decision is well thought out. They also appreciate this gift that is a child. Thanks to him, they become fulfilled and happy. And a happy mother is a happy child.


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