A mistress is a woman who can arouse desire, but is rarely able to satisfy emotional emptiness

The figure of the mistress often evokes controversy and associations with mystery, lust and forbidden [...]

Impotence and partner relationships: How to build a bond and mutual understanding?

Building a bond based on understanding and mutual support is a key element of a [...]

Sex and Meditation: How can meditation practices affect our intimacy and sexual experiences?

Sex and meditation are two seemingly distant areas of life, but in fact they have [...]

Dating after divorce: how to reopen to love and build a healthy relationship?

After divorce, many people have trouble reopening to love and building healthy relationships

Economic abuse in relationships: How to deal with It?

Economic violence can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from controlling access to finances, [...]

Erotic games in bed: how to bring a breath of fresh air into intimate life without shame?

A bold approach to exploring and discovering new areas in intimate life, such as erotic [...]

Body leasing allows mothers of children aged 1 to 9 years to combine work and motherhood.

Data from the Polish Economic Institute shows that 30% of mothers of children aged 1-9 [...]

Artistic revival of Warsaw: inauguration of Art Lives Here by Leonardo Hotels project

Warsaw, a city full of contrasts and dynamic energy, becomes the place where art meets [...]

Women’s trench coats: a fashion icon in a classic, always fashionable women’s coat

The trench coat is a universal choice, even immortal. This type of outer garment is [...]

Sexual orientation – My life, my choices.

For many women, discovering that they are interested in other women can be both a [...]

From delight to obsession: pornography addiction among women

With the development of technology and easy access to adult content, women are becoming more [...]

Sexuality in art and photography, evolution of depiction of sexuality in artistic works

Baroque painting, an era full of drama, expression and contrasts, provides an excellent field for [...]

Mastering closet organization: Tips and gadgets for space efficiency

Organizing a closet is a task that requires thoughtful logistics. There are quite a few [...]

Are you planning a mortgage? Trouble with Allegro Pay could get in the way: delays and bureaucratic problems hamper implementation

Allegro Pay is a payment system offered by the popular Allegro shopping platform, allowing customers [...]

How to achieve orgasm, how to improve and diversify intimate sensations?

Intimate sensations and achieving orgasm are fundamental aspects of the human sexual experience.

Baggy style – jeans with a controversial cut. How to fashionably style them?

The baggy style is an interesting yet controversial choice that brings a lot of nonchalance [...]

Female Sexuality and Morality in the Quran: a new look at past narratives

Can the Quran offer modern European women new perspectives on sexuality and morality? In her [...]

Sexuality in a relationship: What is it and how to take care of it?

Sexuality in long-term relationships is a topic that is gaining more and more attention.

Meditation: the key to harmony and life balance

In today's busy world, meditation is becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve mental and [...]

Sexuality and disability: challenges and opportunities

Many people believe that people with disabilities have no right to a sex life. However, [...]

How does Zendaya define modern elegance? Analysis of her best looks

Zendaya is a true trendsetter, that is, a person who creates trends. Her styling is [...]

Rape, Trauma and Anxiety Disorders: How to deal with severe experiences?

Many female rape survivors experience trauma that can drastically affect their ability to engage in [...]

Trip to the Polish Baltic Sea: What is worth seeing when the weather isn’t favorable?

A May vacation by the sea is more than just a breather - it's a [...]

Exploring platonic Relationships: how to foster Intimacy and Satisfaction Without Sex

With changing social norms and an increasing acceptance of the diversity of human relationships, the [...]

Balletcore, or ballet inspiration in fashion – the trend of 2024!

Art, in its myriad diversity, plays a key role in shaping trends, but it is [...]

Sexuality and culinary: Culinary aphrodisiacs and their effect on libido and sexual pleasure

Sexuality and cuisine are two areas of human life that have shared a fascinating interaction [...]

Zendaya and her styling – Who is behind her looks and styling?

Zendaya is an actress and singer who has been captivated by her immense talent and [...]

2024 Fashion trends: The rise of flat shoes for Women

Women value comfort, and designers are not indifferent to their needs. Flat shoes have been [...]

Roberto Cavalli, the legendary Italian fashion designer, has died, aged 83.

Roberto Cavalli, the legendary Italian fashion designer, died at his home in Florence at the [...]

How to kiss a man: secrets to building intimacy and closeness in a relationship

Kisses matter in a relationship. Men enjoy such kisses, and the gentle brushing of lips [...]

Sexual culture: exploring taboos and myths through the ages

Sexual culture has been an integral part of human societies for centuries, shaping itself in [...]

Women’s oversize jackets for 2024 – what style of jacket to choose?

The term oversize refers to clothes that appear to be oversized. They are voluminous, too [...]

Safe sex: tips for preventing sexually transmitted diseases and contraception

Sexuality is an integral part of human life and healthy relationships. However, in order to [...]

The mystery of kissing and the herpes virus: a discovery from the past

Over the centuries, mankind has developed two main types of kisses: the universal parental kiss, [...]

Swingers from behind the scenes: a look at the subculture of partner swapping

Swingers are a sexual subculture that arouses both curiosity and controversy. Their lifestyle, based on [...]

What Princess Sophie – Sofia Kristina Hellqvist wears – style characteristics

The story of Princess Sophia seems like it was pulled out of a fairy tale. [...]

Sexting: the art of digital intimacy – how to ignite a relationship?

In an age where technology defines the contours of everyday life, sexting - the exchange [...]

Hits of spring 2024 – what will be the most fashionable this season?

Every change of season is a new chapter in the fashion world, full of fresh [...]

How to sell and buy safely on Vinted: Avoid scams and maximize profits with eco-consciousness

In the dynamic world of fashion, where anyone can become both a seller and a [...]

The dark side of love: How does manipulation destroy our relationships?

Manipulation, or influencing a partner unfairly or against his or her will, can be present [...]

How to choose designer shoes for bell bottoms?

As of recently, bell bottoms have started to appear on the streets again. This is [...]

Healthy and satisfying orgasms: practical strategies for anyone who wants more intense pleasure

Orgasm is a mysterious and exciting sensation that not only gives us pleasure, but also [...]

Reflections on a woman’s “NO”. On interpretation, relationship and mutual respect.

When a woman says "NO" - is a phrase that hides many meanings, emotions and [...]

How to search for a good women’s sweater with quality composition? Fashion advice.

Check out our fashion tips on how to find a good women's sweater with quality [...]

Plus Size dresses that slim down – how to choose a fashionable size and cut to feel good

What woman doesn't dream of looking a little slimmer almost instantly, as if at the [...]

Hands-free orgasm – taboo or reality?

Many people still consider hands-free orgasm a taboo subject or even something that is impossible [...]

Time for Scandinavian BoHo style – discover the simplicity and fantasy of scandi boho

Scandinavian style is modest and subdued. Scandinavian boho is a great way to create unique [...]

Women in IT: Development, Collaboration and Equality in the Technology Industry

Programmers, testers, designers, IT specialists, analysts, architects, project managers or salespeople in the IT industry [...]

Japandi: the perfect blend of Japanese serenity and Scandinavian simplicity

Japandi style is original and has many followers. Furnishing an apartment in this style is [...]

Power dressing in fashion and women’s fashion

Discover the secrets of power dressing in women's and business fashion. Learn how to create [...]

When separation in a relationship is a necessity: a guide to understanding and overcoming difficulties

A relationship is a journey full of emotions and challenges, which is often a source [...]

80s style. in interiors – or all about Memphis style

Consumers are demanding, constantly looking for solutions to elegantly furnish their interiors. In the 1980s. [...]

Viral fashion trends 2024 – which trend will be fashionable this season

Check out fashion trends for 2024 with inspiration from 2023, including Viral Trends! Learn more [...]

Rococo style in the 21st century – how to arrange an interior in it?

The Rococo style was created in the 18th century and appeared in European art from [...]

Love, children and sex: How does parenthood transform our intimate lives?

Love, children and sex - these are three fundamental aspects of human life that are [...]

Culinary world travel: meet Comfort Food, the food that warms you up and improves your mood!

Culinary world travel: meet Comfort Food, the food that warms you up and improves your [...]

Art nouveau – discover the turn-of-the-century art nouveau style

Art Nouveau is the new art. The trend emerged in the 1990s. It was developed [...]

Trendy kitchens 2024: What kitchen color to choose and what is the trend? 6 inspirations!

See the kitchen color trends for 2024 and choose a trendy color! Inspirations and arrangements [...]

Sexuality of women over 40 – menopause and sexuality: demystifying popular myths

In a society that often focuses on youth as the key to sexual attraction, it [...]

Plastic surgery does not have to be associated with something exaggerated – Dr. Agnieszka Niewczas-Maciejewska

I often hear after treatments: doctor, I can finally use mascara, ceni and eye-liner. For [...]

Comfortable kitchen for the discerning housewife

Those who dream of a fashionable yet functional kitchen should carefully analyze the available options [...]

Problems with sex in women. Excitement disorders – analysis of causes and therapeutic challenges

Women's sexuality is a complex area that can be prone to various types of dysfunction. [...]

Small closet, or how to store clothes at home

A home closet is essential. A separate room can be set aside in the house [...]

Secrets of the sex life of Spanish women over 50: discoveries and reflections

In a world where youth is often portrayed as synonymous with sexual attractiveness and activity, [...]

Surviving your next “first time” – hymenoplasty, hymen reconstruction controversy

Hymen reconstruction, also known as hymenoplasty, is a surgical procedure to restore the integrity of [...]

I reject the toxicity of “beauty” standards: the authenticity of my femininity

My body is not just a passive object, but a map written in history. Each [...]

The whole truth about Fentanyl – addiction and side effects

In the shadow of the powerful opioid drug fentanyl lies not only a potential savior [...]

Coffee tables: an elegant accent in your living room

Coffee tables are no longer just a practical addition to the living room, but are [...]

Postpartum recovery more important than “six-pack”

Few of us realize what a revolution the pregnancy process brings with it. What really [...]

Body acceptance and sexual confidence after 50 – changes and challenges

With changing social norms and a growing awareness of a healthy approach to the body [...]

Where to go on vacation in winter?

Around November, the weather stops spoiling us. The sun is getting less and less, the [...]

Bullying at school and its impact on the psychological development of children and adolescents

Bullying, or bullying of others, is one of the most serious challenges in today's school [...]

Toxic relationship: how to get out of it and how to recover from it?

Ending a relationship is never easy, especially when partners have been together for many years. [...]

Sexual life after menopause women. Intimacy without limits, sex without taboos.

As women go through menopause, their sex lives become a topic that is often surrounded [...]

Fake News: how false information shapes our reality

Vitamin C cures cancer, vaccines cause autism, and a Washington pizzeria is home to a [...]

The best movies for autumn evenings: women’s recommendened!

When it gets gray and gloomy outside the window, darkness falls faster, and the temperature [...]

How to be happy in a relationship? The role of one’s own space as the key to harmony

In the search for answers to the question of how to be happy in a [...]

Modern bathroom with character: how to combine functionality with style

The modern bathroom is not only a place for daily hygiene rituals, but also an [...]

How to enjoy sex after 40? Benefits and biggest challenges

Contrary to popular belief, the sex life of women over 40 can be truly exceptional. [...]

Routine in a relationship, how to rekindle the fire in a relationship?

The first stage of a relationship is associated by everyone with butterflies in the stomach [...]

You are worth it! Narcissism and narcissistic behavior in digital culture

Narcissism in digital culture takes many forms, sometimes a subtle focus on the self, other [...]

Carrie Bradshaw in real life, or what Sarah Jessica Parker wears every day

Sarah Jessica Paker is an actress and film producer who became famous primarily, thanks to [...]

Cult women’s handbags you should know

Women love accessories, especially handbags. This women's accessory can completely change the styling, in addition [...]

GentleWoman’s dream bedroom – How to create the perfect interior for sleep and relaxation?

The furnishing of your dream bedroom is not going as you wish? Check out what [...]

Hawaiian vacations – paradise on earth or victim of the tourist boom?

In the north-central Pacific Ocean lies a small archipelago - Hawaii. Although it is extremely [...]

Decorating the walls, or how to change your apartment at little cost

The walls can create an interior that is classic, modest, austere in expression or creative. [...]

The evolution of sexuality in Polish women. What do we think about masturbation? Research Report

Nowadays, the conversation about intimate aspects of life has become more open and devoid of [...]

Age difference in a relationship – relationship with a younger man

Nowadays, when society is getting bolder on the subject of age difference in a relationship, [...]

Harry Styles – an artist with many faces

Harry Edward Styles, for that is the real name of one of the most popular [...]

Mexico City – explore the fascinating city of culture and art

Death dances among the fields of prickly pear – Día de los Muertos or Day [...]

Karl Lagerfeld: A Fashion Legend and an Inspiration to Many – The Life and Legacy of the Fashion Icon

Karl Lagerfeld is a well-known figure not only in fashion circles. His image and peculiar [...]

Timeless hampton style – hamptons style interior?

Discover the charm of Hampton Style - interior design inspired by elegant life by the [...]

Glamour apartment, or live luxuriously

The glamour style was appreciated by celebrities, but average people also like interiors full of [...]

What to see in the south of Spain?Andalusia in November: flamenco, kitesurfing, tapas and corrida.

Andalusia is a southern region of Spain famous for its sunshine as many as 320 [...]

Back to the ex – does one step into the same river twice?

The search for the perfect man is by no means a simple matter. Although more [...]

Discover the secrets of old money style – learn about fashion hits and classy styles

The trend known as Old Money, manifesting luxury through subtlety and modesty, is gaining popularity. [...]

The most fashionable rugs for the living room

alon is usually elegant, there is little furniture in it, and the room is warmed [...]

Vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, lack of orgasm. Common sexual problems for women over 50

Many older women are sexually active and consider sex an important aspect of their lives. [...]

Gift for a gentleman on his birthday

Birthdays are a special occasion to show loved ones how much we appreciate them. When [...]

Havana – a journey to a world that no longer exists

Visiting Havana, one can have the impression of participating in a journey to a world [...]

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