Are you a GentleWoman?  Do our interviewees consider themselves GentleWoman? What affects their well-being? How to avoid mistakes in life and strive for self-realization? We asked: Agnieszka Wesołowska, Bogna Sworowska, Izabella Łukomska-Pyżalska, Omenaa Mensah, Ilona Felicjańska, Edyta Olszówka.


Are you a gentlewoman?

Editor: Are you a GentleWoman?

Omenaa Mensah: Listen well I can only look at my notebook/calendar and see how many things I have planned for next year well and think in a moment how many things I managed to do this year well and dare to think… well yes, I am closer to GentleWoman.

Bogna Sworowska: My well-being does not depend on how much I’m wearing or what I’m wearing. It seems to me that I need to create such a life for myself so that I am just happy, and not such things quite mundane affect my well-being. Like any woman, of course, when I am more nicely dressed, I am more pleasant, while I buy what I like. These are sometimes very inexpensive. completely new unknown, but if I like it and it’s comfortable first of all, it’s mine.

Ilona Felicjańska: Of course, it’s impossible not to make mistakes in life, and not only that, I have the impression that these mistakes sometimes inspire us to learn something more, to learn something more. But if you read GentleWoman’s features again I think I could tick off most of them, or at least try to.

Izabella Lukomska-Pyżalska: An organized woman, I, as a mother of six children, am so organized that every practically minute.