Aleksandra Adamska “As soon as I get off the set and wash off my makeup, I am unrecognizable. I like it!”

To paraphrase Vesper from the movie “Casino Royale” – there are actresses and … actresses. Aleksandra Adamska belongs to the former. One of the most popular Polish actresses today is a person not only endowed with talent, beauty but also with exceptional sensitivity, interests and dreams, which in their simplicity are the quintessence of happiness we all desire.

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Who is Aleksandra Adamska?

Slender and tall Ola was born on June 15, 1990. in Katowice, where she graduated from high school. Studied at the Acting Department of the National Theater School named after him. She graduated from the Ludwik Solski Academy of Music in Cracow with a specialization in vocal and acting. He has an extensive portfolio. She has appeared in the productions “About Me Don’t Worry”, “Diagnosis”, “Panic Attack”, “Belle Epoque”, “City 44”, “Hotel 52”, “First Love”, “Up to the Ceiling”. She gained fame for her role as Pati in the TV series “Convicted.” She has become a recognized actress. Her mastery of the role motivated the series’ creators to create a separate “Pati” series. In it we will learn about the fate of the heroine before her imprisonment.


“However, I am a homebody, I need to have my family and friends close by. I couldn’t go somewhere very far for a career. Private life and my loved ones are definitely more important to me. However, if something cool were to happen, sure, I’m in!”

He comes from an artistic family. His father is a musician with the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, and his mother was a choreographer for a folk ensemble. “My dad is still a soloist with the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra and an outstanding clarinet teacher. He teaches at several universities. In fact, for me, the norm was that music was always in my house. As soon as I learned to walk, I immediately stood on the stage and, dressed in a Krakow costume, I crawled behind the Lajkonik at the folk festival.” “I have always manifested musical, dancing and acting talents. I was a child who, at the age of five, knew the entire skits of Marcin Daniec by heart. Or rather, his childhood alter ego “Martin De”. And then I performed in front of the whole family, and everyone decked themselves with laughter. Today, my sister is an outstanding and highly respected choreographer in the community. I think one of the best in Poland. Mom and Dad gave a lot of freedom when it came to choosing a professional path. Although they saw that we were vocally or dance talented, they did not force us to do anything. Reverse. I remember that when I had the thought of becoming a hairdresser, my mother looked at it and wondered whether to push me in that direction. They took my ideas seriously. There has always been acceptance in my home. It was beautiful, and I’m extremely grateful to my parents for that, because it made my sister and I spread our wings so much.”

The artists also include the actress’ sister and her brother-in-law. Sister, Ewelina-Adamska-Porczyk (38 l.) took her mother’s example. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Pedagogy as an instructor of physical recreation at the AWF in Katowice. She became professionally connected among others. With the Capitol Musical Theater in Wroclaw. He also realizes himself professionally as a film choreographer. She starred in the TV series “Dancers” and “First Love.” She is in a relationship with well-known actor Bartosz Porczyk (“Barwy szczęścia”). They have two sons – Oskar and Gustav.

Facts and Myths

The “up-and-coming” actress is very popular with the public. Not surprisingly, therefore, there is a lot of information about it on the Internet. Not all of them correspond to the truth. For example, you can read that Ola “operates in English, Spanish and German in addition to Polish.” This is not true. “I’m fluent in English, I have Spanish in my base. I also used to learn German, I used to speak it quite well, although I didn’t like it very much,” Ola admitted in an interview. The fact is, on the other hand, that he enjoys dancing. She performed in the Silesian University of Technology’s folklore group, the Dąbrowiacy. She and her team visited several countries, including. Slovenia, France, China or Greece. “I love dancing and dancing has actually accompanied me all my life. For many years I danced in a folk group, and I can’t hide the fact that I miss it very much. Polish folklore is beautiful, dynamic and highly appreciated abroad. I would like to come back to it someday. Today I practice yoga, cycling and rollerblading. However, these are purely recreational activities. On Wikipedia, where they write about my sports achievements, definitely someone got a little carried away (laughs). Not for the first time, by the way. They used to write there that I have a husband and he is Stefan Pawlowski (laughs).” She also participated in the Congress of Talented People of Europe in Warsaw. If time allows her, she skis and swims.

What is acting?

“I treated my studies as another stepping stone for me to pursue this profession. Quite a few of my colleagues sacrificed a lot, during their studies. I also gave a lot of myself, but by the second year I was already acting in the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw or the Słowacki Theater in Cracow. So, in the meantime, I was learning what is most important in this profession – the real stage, directors and interacting with the audience. I was implementing myself in the profession. And I feel that it was the stage that taught me the most. Of course, professors from college also gave me a whole lot of knowledge. I was fortunate that I mostly ended up with great educators.” she confessed in the interview.

Ola Adamska
Aleksandra Adamska - what do we know about her? Pati or Ola Adamska? Education, roles, Instagram, age and more.... 3

“Pati” and “Convicted”.

“I was very scared at first. My character in ‘Doomed’ is so defined and strong that it’s like a pickle in a cheesburger. One bite does all the work. (…) I started thinking about what to do with this character and how to create her so that she would continue to be liked.” – she said on Kuba Voivodship’s show. She admitted that thanks to “Pati” she learned something important. “I took from this series a beautiful truth. Very often, people who are seemingly bad and are in prison are actually unlucky in life. Often they just didn’t make it. It is important not to make judgments. See the person, not his social status. Pati is not a bad person. She just had bad luck.” – She confessed in an interview with TVN. According to Ola, the role was not an easy one. “At first the producers took a light approach. They thought Pati was Pati. And I explained to them what I felt intuitively, that she must be completely different. That she must be a softer girl, different from the one the audience knows. Prison is an arena, there you have to survive and encase yourself, so that the outside world doesn’t have access to what’s fragile inside of us. And Pati is very fragile, tender and empathetic.” It was through the personalization of this role that she contributed to its credibility by creating a character that the audience liked.

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Working with Agata Kulesza

“Working with Agata Kulesza was something magical. He is a wonderful person. Not only is she an excellent actress with an incredible flair and ability to carry the film world. In addition, she is a normal person, a woman of flesh and blood who recognizes and appreciates the other person. He knows the names of the assistants and talks to them. This may be obvious, but it’s rarely seen on film sets. Instead, one can see a hierarchization, a failure to speak to certain verticals, and this by acting units that are in much lower positions than Agata Kulesza. She is an Oscar-winning actress. This attitude toward others actually further conquers its greatness. We liked each other very much, she helped me a lot so that this Pati of mine could be what she was. She supported me and was with me on this journey. I had a slight apprehension because I had never done something like this professionally before. I think it’s a big courage, because in the series I walk differently, I speak differently, I have a speech defect. I also look different. I had some concerns about how Agatha would react to my character idea. And she not only accepted it, but also supported me a lot.”

Family, personal life and dreams

Ola has no husband. The actress is very protective of her privacy and does not give out such information publicly. Her private life is just her life. In the past, she has been linked to Marcin Korcz. There is no confirmation of this at all.

“Every time I talk about this dream, chills go through me. Because what I want most is to live to a peaceful, happy old age in love. After all, if at the end of one’s life one is peaceful, fulfilled and happy, it means one has had a great life. What happens along the way I accept and will accept with gratitude, of course. Both good and worse experiences. But I dream of a beautiful finish. Well, because what better thing can you want than a wonderful finish?”

I am a highly sensitive person

“I call it that, but I don’t know if it’s some kind of psychological term. I suppose so. I feel this high sensitivity on a daily basis. And thanks to therapy, I began to know my thoughts in general, to allow them in, to integrate them into myself,” she confessed in an interview with VIVA. Can it affect the work of an actress? “Today, for example, being on set, there was a delay and it was already too much for me, so I just cried,” she confessed, adding that this had its good points. “It made the emotions even out in me, and that’s why I was able to come here just to see everything be and not stress over too much. And is there such a thing as whether it helps or hurts? I think that’s just the way I am,” she said.

“I am a very sensitive and responsive person. Not so much calm on myself, but I see people around me. So thanks to my high sensitivity, I can also see other people’s emotions. Being on set with them, I see them all, I appreciate them all, I remember them all and see them all. Their emotions are very important to me, it’s very important that we all feel good, that’s very important to me,” she concluded in an interview with VIVA.

Pati - Ola Adamska
Aleksandra Adamska - what do we know about her? Pati or Ola Adamska? Education, roles, Instagram, age and more.... 4

Alexandra and metamorphoses

Experimenting with her image is her passion. It changes its appearance like a chameleon.Hair blonde, as well as quite dark, long, medium length and short. Likewise with clothes. Sporty, casual and those very elegant. Plus accessories that attract attention – glasses, hats, earrings. He expresses his personality in many formats.

The role of women in cinematography

“I conclude that a woman should lovingly deconstruct this patriarchal system, which is still firmly entrenched in us. Women’s strength lies in their gentleness, tenderness and ability to show love. On the soft side, we are increasingly introducing productions with female roles, about women. It’s something wonderful and it’s great that this time is coming.

Of course, it’s not cool if it’s zero-sum. There used to be only men in the cinema, but now we are moving towards women. I believe this will even out in the future, and this is the ideal situation in my opinion. I believe that equality is the most important thing. I don’t classify people. It does not matter to me nationality, sexual orientation or gender. The most important thing is the person and what he brings with him.”

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