A trip to the Polish Baltic Sea is more than just a breather—it’s a relaxing getaway that promises a renewal of the spirit without requiring long-distance travel. Even when the gentle waves of the Polish coast reach the shore, bringing with them a rare and deep calm, the Baltic Sea remains an enchanting destination. This region offers a wealth of attractions, from picturesque beaches to charming seaside towns, captivating tourists each year who are thirsty for both relaxation and adventure.

Now is the perfect time to plan your trip to The Baltic Sea. Arrange transportation, choose the right accommodations, and get ready to explore the local wonders. Whether the weather invites active pursuits or calls for relaxing under cloudy skies, the Baltic Sea provides an unforgettable experience to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year.

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How long is the May 2024 holiday?

The May holiday may last only two days if we decide to work on May 2. However, many are taking advantage of the vacation by enjoying three days off from May 1 to 3. Since most schools and educational institutions do not hold lessons on May 2, students get an extra day off. This year, May 1 falls on a Wednesday, so you only need to take May 2 (Thursday) off to have 5 days off together with the weekend. Some choose to vacation on Monday and Tuesday, which gives, combined with two weekends, as many as 9 days off.

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May 2024 what weather forecast?

Most meteorological forecasts predict that temperatures could reach levels of 12 to 24 degrees Celsius later in April. During the long May weekend in the Tri-Cities, maximum air temperatures are expected to range from 13 to 16 degrees Celsius, with wind speeds of 9 to 26 km/h. Minor rainfall is possible, predicted for May 2 (Thursday). However, it is worth bearing in mind that long-term weather forecasts can change and more accurate information is still to come.

May 2024
Photo: Tom Jur

May Day at the seaside in Poland

May Day at the seaside resembles a short vacation. For tourist destinations, it represents the first major event before the summer season. This year, the beginning of May offers exceptionally attractive travel opportunities. By taking April 29 and 30 and May 2 off, you can stretch the May weekend to nine days, which is conducive to planning a longer vacation. A May holiday at the Polish seaside is an excellent opportunity to experience the beauty of nature as it awakens to life after winter.

Spring in the Baltic Sea is abundant with sunny days, and the landscapes are blooming in full spring colors. The lily of the valley and lilacs, the first tulips and poppies in the meadows, the fragrant jasmine and hawthorn in the woods – all this adds up to a May fever of colors that is much better relaxation than any spa treatment. Adding the sound of the sea, a May vacation to the Baltic Sea becomes the perfect time for regeneration.

Long weekend at the Baltic Sea
Photo: Mathiee Raw

The total length of Poland’s coastline, counting including the Szczecin Lagoon and the Vistula Lagoon, reaches 770 kilometers. The Polish coast is divided into three main sections: the west coast, which stretches for more than 500 kilometers, the central coast on the Gulf of Gdansk with a length of only a few dozen kilometers, and the east coast with a length of more than 114 kilometers. The moving boundaries of these sections, changing as a result of erosion processes and sediment accumulation, show how dynamic the coastal landscape is. Despite these changes, one thing remains constant: the many beautiful places along the Baltic Sea. Each of these coasts has its own unique features and attractions that attract sea lovers every year, offering picturesque landscapes and countless opportunities to spend time in nature.

Where to go for a May vacation?

The Rewal municipality is a unique and charming destination, ideal for a long May weekend. The municipality includes seven villages: Rewal, Pobierowo, Pustkowie, Niechorze, Pogorzelica, Trzęsacz and Śliwin, where you can enjoy a May holiday on the beautiful wide beaches. This picturesque area is especially appreciated by families with children who are looking for peace and quiet and proximity to nature.

Western Pomerania also offers something for those who want to combine relaxation on the beach with the hustle and bustle of the city and sightseeing. Szczecin, the capital of the West Pomeranian region, invites you to explore its attractions near the coast. Worth seeing in Szczecin:

  • Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes – the seat of the region’s former rulers, offering numerous historical expositions.
  • Rynek Sienny – the heart of the Old Town, full of colorful townhouses and charming cafes.
  • St. Peter’s Archcathedral Basilica. The St. James Church is an impressive religious structure whose towers dominate the city.
  • Port Gate – one of the historic entrances to the city, representing an important point on the map of Szczecin.
  • Central Cemetery – the largest cemetery in Poland and the third largest in Europe, which is a true treasure of history and architecture.
  • The Chrobry Embankment – a popular walking spot overlooking the Oder River, ideal for admiring the city skyline.
  • The Philharmonic Hall. Mieczyslaw Karlowicz – a modern cultural facility that is the pride of the city’s residents.

Since 2023, Szczecin has been home to the Maritime Science Center, an institution centered on the sea. This center presents topics from various scientific fields such as physics, mathematics, astronomy, geography, medicine, technology, ecology, sociology, history and culture in a fascinating way, linking them to the marine environment. The center’s exhibitions demonstrate the impact of the sea on various aspects of human and natural life, using examples related to shipping, wave dynamics, the impact of wind, fishing and daily life in ports.

May Day 2024 Szczecin
Photo: Depositphotos

It is a place that offers interactive and educational experiences that allow visitors to explore the depths of the sea and understand the importance of the sea in the global ecosystem. Thanks to modern technologies and multimedia installations, the Marine Science Center in Szczecin is becoming a space where science meets fun, making knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of age. It is a unique place on the map not only of Europe, but also of the world, attracting both locals and tourists seeking a deeper understanding of marine phenomena.

May Day 2024 Szczecin
Photo: Depositphotos

Wolin, Poland’s largest island, is a true gem that impresses not only with its natural beauty, but also with its rich history. First and foremost, it is known for Wolin National Park, which offers spectacular views of impressive cliffs and is home to unique flora and fauna. The park is ideal for nature and photography enthusiasts, offering hiking and biking trails that lead through scenic landscapes and hidden corners of nature.

In addition, the island of Wolin hides fragments of history from the Viking era. According to legend, it was here that one of the most famous Vikings, Harald “Bluetooth” Bluetooth Bluetooth, was buried. This adds to the mystery of the place and attracts numerous adventurers and history enthusiasts who want to discover more about its heritage.

The island also offers other attractions, such as the Viking Culture Festival, which takes place every year and attracts reenactors from all over Europe. There you can see demonstrations of battles, crafts and learn about the daily life of the Vikings. Wolin is the perfect place for anyone who wants to combine relaxation with exploring its rich culture and history.

In addition to its rich history and natural beauties, Wolin Island has added a new tourist attraction – an observation tower opening in March 2024. The structure, which rises more than 30 meters, is made of durable larch wood, which adds both durability and aesthetic appeal. The observation platform offers a breathtaking panorama, encompassing the Szczecin Lagoon, areas of Wolin Island and the open-air Slavic and Viking Museum, offering unique views of these picturesque areas.

The tower was designed with accessibility in mind for all visitors, including those with disabilities. With an elevator, special barriers and voice narration, everyone can enjoy the view, and information about attractions is also available in Braille. The observation tower is open to the public daily from 9am to 7pm, and entry is free, making it even more accessible to the general public. This new spot on the map of Wolin fits perfectly with its cultural and natural heritage, providing another reason to visit this unique island.

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Enthusiasts of active tourism are sure to appreciate the extensive network of bicycle routes in the West Pomeranian region, which makes it possible to explore the region on two wheels, adapting the route to individual needs and skills. The bike trails pass through vast, scenic landscapes, making them ideal for family trips, as well as for those looking for a more demanding challenge.

Particularly recommendable is the Old Railway Trail, which combines the picturesque landscapes of the Baltic Sea with the rich nature of the Wallachian Lake District. This is the perfect route for history and nature lovers, offering both easy sections and more challenging ones that will test the skills of experienced cyclists.

Another attractive option is the Polish-German bicycle route through Western Pomerania, which, as the name suggests, circles the picturesque Szczecin Lagoon. This trail especially attracts those who appreciate relaxing routes by the water, often leading right to the shore of the lagoon, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking views and commune with nature.

May weekend in the heart of the Tricity

A May weekend in the Tri-City is a great opportunity to discover the diversity and rich history of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk. These three cities, although each has its own unique character, together form a fascinating agglomeration full of contrasts, where history is intertwined with modernity.

Known for its modern architecture and its role as an important seaport, Gdynia offers tourists the Emigration Museum, where you can explore the stories of Poles who left the country in search of a better life. The Naval Museum is another place in Gdynia that attracts lovers of maritime history, showcasing the wealth of the Polish navy and its development over the years.

May Day 2024 Gdynia
Photo: Kamil Molendys

Sopot, a seaside resort famous for its elegant pier and artistic atmosphere, is the ideal place for those who appreciate relaxation and cultural entertainment.

Gdansk, a city with a rich Hanseatic history and a key place in the history of Solidarity and World War II, offers not only a beautiful old town, but also the World War II Museum and the European Solidarity Center. These institutions not only educate, but also inspire, depicting both tragedies and triumphs related to the most important moments in Polish history.

Solidarity Museum
Photo: Jacek Dylag

The National Museum in Gdansk is a treasure trove of works of art, offering rich collections of paintings and sculpture that fit perfectly into the cultural landscape of the city.

May Day 2024 Gdansk
Photo: Polina Kuzovkova

When you visit the Tri-Cities, no matter which city you visit, you will discover not only the beauty of architecture and nature, but also the depth of history inherent in this unique region.

Gdansk, a city steeped in history, is famous for its beautiful old town and distinctive architecture, which are stunning in every season. Walks along the Motlawa River, especially on sunny days, offer unforgettable views and atmosphere. It is here, surrounded by historic townhouses, that one can find atmospheric cafes and restaurants serving regional specialties.

May Day 2024 Gdansk
Photo: Valeriia Bugaiova

Sopot, the smallest of the Tricity’s three cities, is known for its elegant townhouses, fine restaurants and lively clubs. It is in Sopot, a spa founded by Jean Georg Haffner in the 18th century, that some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire bay are located. An additional attraction is the stronghold in Sopot, a reconstruction of an early medieval settlement from the 8th to 10th centuries, where from spring to summer you can meet people demonstrating ancient crafts and fighting techniques. A visit here is like a trip back in time, complemented by lush greenery and the sound of streams.

May Day 2024 Sopot
Photo: Depositphotos

In addition to the stronghold, Sopot offers a modern exhibition and education pavilion, which displays artifacts from the city’s past and interesting temporary exhibitions. This place, which is a branch of the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk, attracts both history lovers and those who want to understand the local culture through its long and colorful past.

The Tricity, a metropolitan area full of life, offers attractions for everyone, regardless of the season. Gdynia, the youngest of the three cities, stands out in particular as a living example of Polish pre-war modernism. Although the architecture of this city may evoke mixed feelings, it is impossible to pass by it indifferently. In addition, statistics show that Gdynia residents are among the happiest in Poland, which is certainly no coincidence.

Peace and quiet on the Hel Peninsula

The Hel Peninsula is an ideal place for those seeking tranquility and for lovers of active recreation. In the summer, the region is bustling with surfers, campers and nightly entertainment, but spring is when its charm can be fully appreciated. The peninsula is characterized by its microclimate, clean and wide beaches, beautiful forests and impressive sand dunes. Located at the tip of a peninsula, Hel is surrounded by the waters of the Puck Bay and the Baltic Sea and attracts tourists with its clean air and a range of attractions, including:

  • Sealarium – a place where you can observe seals in their natural habitat.
  • Lighthouse – offering panoramic views of the surrounding sea.
  • Fisheries Museum – presenting the history of local fishing.
  • Coastal Defense Museum – showing the military aspects of the region.
  • St. Peter’s Church. Peter and Paul in Hel – a historic architectural gem.
  • Village Street – the main promenade of the city, full of stores and restaurants.
  • Fishing port – the economic heart of Hel, where you can see the daily life of fishermen.

The Hel Peninsula offers diversity in terms of both tranquility and opportunities for activities, making it attractive to a wide range of visitors.

The Hel Railway Museum is a fascinating place that turns former military nooks and crannies into an educational space. It is located in one of the huge reinforced concrete shelters that once served as ammunition stores for the German Schleswig-Holstein battery. The museum presents an exhibition on the history of the Hel railroad, which dates back to 1921. Then, in just nine months, a local narrow-gauge railway was built, becoming a key transportation component of the region. A visit to the site is a trip back in time to understand the important role the railroad played in the history of the peninsula.

long may weekend?
Photo: Mariam Soliman

When visiting Hel, don’t miss the Porpoise House, a unique micro-museum dedicated to the endangered porpoise species. This site, though small, is full of information about the life and challenges of this rare marine mammal. The Porpoise House offers not only interesting displays, but also educational activities to raise awareness about the need to protect this species and the marine ecosystem as a whole.

These two sites in Hel combine local history with nature conservation, offering both locals and tourists not only knowledge but also inspiration for action to preserve the region’s cultural and natural heritage.

Polish Maldives on Hel

May 2024 on the newly discovered islets in Kuznica

On the shores of the Hel Peninsula, in Kuznica, an archipelago of small islands has been created, which attract attention with their exotic appearance. These unusual formations were formed as a result of dredging work at the entrance to the seaport, which give the site characteristics similar to the Maldives. It is worth noting that photos publicly available on the Internet and on instagram https://www.instagram.com/b_a_l_t_y_k/ These islets also show the infrastructure used to carry out this work. As Magdalena Kierzkowska, a spokeswoman for the Maritime Office in Gdynia, explains, the islets are the result of current activities in the ports and harbors of the Bay of Puck. Dredged material from the seabed is deposited on the shore, with a plan to eventually profile it and restore the depth in that region to its original state. This picturesque place is an ideal destination for a May 2024 Baltic vacation, offering new attractions for visitors.

During the May 2024 weekend, the Baltic Sea becomes an ideal destination for relaxation, offering its wide, beautiful beaches and picturesque landscapes. When planning these days, consider both quiet family time and opportunities to actively explore the region through a variety of biking or hiking trails. Regardless of your preferences, a May vacation by the sea is a great opportunity to recharge your batteries, enjoy the fresh sea air and take advantage of the many cultural and historical attractions that cities such as Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot offer. It’s worth remembering to start planning early to make the most of this special time.

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