With changing social norms and an increasing acceptance of the diversity of human relationships, the concept of white marriage, or a relationship without sex, is gaining popularity. More and more people are opting for an alternative approach to intimacy, where being in a relationship without sex is no longer a taboo, but a consciously chosen way of life. Platonic relationship can result from a variety of reasons, such as personal beliefs, health challenges or simply individual preferences. It is worth noting, however, that a lack of sexual activity does not necessarily mean a lack of intimacy or satisfaction in a relationship. There are numerous ways to create a full intimate life that meets both the partners’ emotional and physical needs. The key to success is open communication, understanding and a willingness to explore various forms of intimacy that can enrich the relationship and bring deep satisfaction to both parties.

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White marriage, or a relationship without sex

Platonic relationship is a term that arouses curiosity and interest, both because of its name and because of the unique nature of the relationship it describes. It is a form of marriage in which partners choose to live without sexual activity. Although it may seem unusual, for some couples such an arrangement is the best solution that suits their needs, beliefs or life circumstances.

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The name “platonic relationship” comes from the symbolism of the color white, which in many cultures is considered a symbol of purity and virginity. This is a direct reference to the tradition, according to which the bride’s dress at the wedding is white, symbolizing impeccability and a new beginning. In the context of a white marriage, white is meant to emphasize the purity of the relationship on another level – emotional and spiritual, where sex is not the element that binds the partners together.

In practice, white marriage can be the result of various decisions and circumstances. For some couples, this is a conscious choice based on religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs or personal preferences. For others, this arrangement may be due to health problems, difficulties in intimate relationships or other external factors that make sex not part of their life together.

White couples, despite their lack of sexual activity, are not without intimacy and mutual support. Partners in such relationships often share deep emotional ties, common interests and life goals. Their relationship is based on other forms of intimacy, such as talking, spending time together, supporting each other in difficult moments and sharing daily experiences.

Modern society is becoming increasingly open to a variety of forms of relationships and marriages, including white marriage. It is important to remember that every relationship is unique and, most importantly, should be a source of happiness and fulfillment for both partners, regardless of the form it takes.

White marriage
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What role does sex play in a relationship?

Sex has remained one of the most fascinating aspects of human relationships for centuries. From ancient myths to modern scientific research, it has always been accompanied by numerous interpretations and controversies. But no matter how it is perceived, sex plays a crucial role in relationships, both as a source of physical pleasure and as a tool for building a deep emotional bond between partners.

  • Communication and emotional closeness

Sex plays an important role in communication and building emotional closeness between partners. During the sexual act, partners can express their feelings, desires and needs in an intimate and direct way, which can strengthen the emotional bond between them. In addition, during intimate moments, partners often experience an increase in trust and openness toward each other, which can lead to deeper understanding and acceptance.

  • Physical satisfaction and contentment

An obvious aspect of sex is its role in providing us with physical pleasure and satisfaction. Regular sexual activity can benefit partners’ mental and physical health by releasing endorphins and reducing stress. In addition, sexology experts emphasize that sexual activity can increase self-esteem and confidence in partners.

“Everything in the world revolves around sex, except sex. Sex is all about power.”

Oscar Wilde
  • Expressing intimacy and love

Sex is often one of the most intimate ways to express love and devotion in a relationship. For many people, sexual activity is deeply connected to the emotional aspects of a relationship, symbolizing commitment, closeness and mutual concern. Therefore, for many couples, sex is an important part of building and maintaining a bond between them.

  • Exploration and development

Sexual exploration can also be an important part of personal and relationship development. Through experimentation, exploring new fantasies and needs, partners have the opportunity to better understand each other and develop their own preferences and boundaries. Being open to exploration can lead to a more satisfying and sustainable relationship.

Expressing intimacy and love
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What makes couples decide to have a relationship without sex?

In today’s society, which often places great emphasis on sexuality, more and more couples are opting for an alternative approach, choosing a relationship without sex. Although this decision may be seen as unusual in view of the common belief that physical intimacy is an integral part of a successful relationship, there are a variety of motivations that lead to this choice.

  • Beliefs and values

For some couples, the decision to have a relationship without sex stems from their personal beliefs and values. For example, it could be religious or moral beliefs that lead them to choose a path that does not include sexual activity. For these couples, intimacy can be expressed on other levels, such as emotional closeness, commitment and support.

“I don’t know the question, but sex is certainly the answer.”

Woody Allen
  • Health challenges

Diseases, injuries or other health problems, may be the reason for the decision to stop sex. For some couples, sexual activity may be physically impossible or painful due to health problems, leading to the need to seek other forms of intimacy and emotional satisfaction.

  • Traumatic experiences

People experiencing trauma related to sexuality, such as victims of sexual violence or those with a history of emotional trauma related to sexuality, may avoid sexual activity in a relationship. For them, intimacy without sex can be a safe alternative that avoids the challenges of the past.

  • Preference selection

Some couples simply prefer a relationship based on aspects other than sexual activity. They may be people with low libido or those who simply do not feel a strong sexual need. For these people, it is more important to build a deep emotional bond, common goals and interests than physical proximity.

“Sex is part of nature. I follow nature”

Marilyn Monroe

How to create a satisfying and full intimate life without sex?

The decision to have a relationship without sex can be a challenge for many couples, but at the same time it opens the door to exploring other forms of intimacy and building a deep emotional bond. There are many ways to create a satisfying and fulfilling intimate life that meets both partners’ emotional and physical needs.

relationship without sex
Photo: Jakob Owens

Here are some of them:

  • Communications

The key to a successful relationship without sex is open and honest communication between partners. Talk about your needs, desires and expectations from your intimate life.

  • Emotional closeness

Focus on building a deep emotional bond between you. Spend time talking, sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Emotional support and understanding are key to creating a satisfying relationship.

  • Mutual care and touch

Even without sexual activity, touch can still play an important role in a couple’s intimate life. Kissing, cuddling, massaging or caressing, can strengthen the bond between partners and provide a sense of closeness and connection.

“Sex is a consolation when you can’t experience love.”

Gabriel García Márquez
  • Shared interests and activities

Look for common passions and interests that can enrich your intimate life. It could be cooking together, traveling, or playing sports together. Sharing such activities can strengthen the bond between you and create new and rewarding memories.

  • Exploring new forms of intimacy

Explore various forms of intimacy that do not necessarily involve sexual activity. This could include a romantic candlelit dinner, watching favorite movies together, or making small gestures of love and care on a daily basis.

  • Working on the relationship

Do not forget that every relationship requires work and commitment. Be open to developing your relationship, learn from your mistakes and strive to make your relationship even more satisfying and fulfilling for both of you.

Having a relationship without sex does not have to mean a lack of intimacy or satisfaction. By focusing on communication, emotional intimacy, mutual concern, shared interests and exploration of various forms of intimacy, you can create a full and satisfying intimate life that meets your needs and desires as a couple. The key to success is mutual understanding, respect and openness to exploring new possibilities.

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