Based on a study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior by Vlachopoulos and colleagues, kissing plays a key function in enhancing relationship satisfaction. These studies indicate that the variety and frequency of kissing have a significant impact on increasing emotional and physical closeness between partners. Both gentle lip strokes and more forceful kisses on the lips are seen as the foundation for building intimate relationships.

Contrary to common stereotypes, not only women, but also men experience the need for tenderness and closeness that kisses can offer. Men, the survey indicates, especially appreciate kisses on the lips, ears or nipples, which are an important part of foreplay and intensification of the emotional bond.

It is interesting to note that spontaneity in kisses, such as sudden surprise kisses, can significantly increase the excitement and sense of connection between partners. Gestures such as a gentle kiss on the cheek or neck not only strengthen the emotional connection, but can also effectively intensify physical intimacy, leading to a more satisfying relationship.

Research clearly shows that regular expressions of affection through kissing are crucial to the health and dynamics of romantic relationships, leading to their longevity and deeper satisfaction. Without kisses, a relationship can become mechanical and lack deeper emotional commitment.

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How to kiss a man – practical tips

As a form of expression of affection between partners, kissing plays a key role in building and maintaining closeness in a relationship. This is not just the domain of intimate life, where sex is widely recognized as the main factor creating a bond between partners. Kisses, whether they are gentle, directed at the lips or earlobes, or more intimate, directed at erogenous zones, have an equally powerful effect on strengthening relationships and sexual excitement.

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Starting with kisses on the lips, which can gradually move to other parts of the body, an atmosphere of intimacy and desire is created, which is especially appreciated by men. This form of rapprochement can be both a prelude to further rapture and a stand-alone act of intimacy. Kisses, known as French kisses, characterized by deep tongue involvement, are often considered particularly pleasurable and desirable. However, shallow kisses, too, can be a source of satisfaction.

It is important in a longer relationship not to forget the importance of kisses as a tool to keep the relationship unique and fresh. The variety – from gentle kisses, to shallow kisses, to deep kisses with the use of the tongue – allows exploration of your partner’s preferences and expectations, which can significantly enrich your intimate life.

How to kiss a man
Photo: Alejandra Quiroz

How to seduce a man – practical tips on how to create situations conducive to seduction and what qualities are particularly attractive to men

To successfully attract a man’s attention and create circumstances conducive to seduction, it is crucial to follow a few practical tips. The first step may be to show affection and initiate meetings in an atmosphere that promotes getting to know each other better – for example, through dinners together or unplanned meetings in public places. The initial phases of seduction are often based on innocent conversations and gestures, such as kisses.

Offering a spontaneous meeting, such as a “chance” encounter on the street ending with an invitation to coffee, can be an effective way to initiate contact. Holding dates in a variety of locations, such as parks, cafes and movie theaters, adds dynamism to the early stages of a relationship. Inviting a man to your home is a gesture that usually occurs after several months of acquaintance and symbolizes the transition of the relationship to the next level.

To keep the interest and dynamics of the relationship alive, it is a good idea to organize unexpected dates in unique places, such as the beach, mountains or pool. Men value originality and avoid monotony, so they expect interesting conversations and enjoyable time together. It is worth remembering that the key to success is not only to choose the right activity, but also to be able to adapt to the preferences and expectations of the partner, which can significantly affect the development and depth of the relationship.

How to seduce a man
Photo: Jessica Oliveira

Compliments for a man

Compliments directed at men can significantly affect their self-esteem and sense of being appreciated. Like women, men appreciate positive remarks and expressions of appreciation that can make them feel special and valuable.

Examples of compliments that can be especially appreciated by men include:

  • “Your strength and virility really inspire me.”
  • “You are the best partner I could have wished for.”
  • “I cherish every moment we spend together, your company is irreplaceable for me,” he said.
  • “Your intelligence and wisdom always amaze me.”

Highlighting unique character traits, such as wisdom or the ability to be supportive, can be just as valuable:

  • “Your support and understanding make me feel really safe.”
  • “I appreciate how committed you are to our relationship.”

Compliments expressed to men are important not only for boosting their self-esteem, but also for developing a deeper bond and mutual respect in the relationship. It is crucial that these expressions of appreciation are authentic and reflect real emotions, which increases their value to the addressee.

Compliments for a man
Photo: Meghan Holmes

Saying words such as: “Your presence in my life gives it deeper meaning” or “I can’t imagine life without you” can have a significant impact on a man, emphasizing his irreplaceable role in his partner’s life. Expressing a desire for time spent together, such as by saying “Every moment spent with you is precious to me,” can also be perceived as an expression of deep affection and commitment.

However, it’s worth remembering that every relationship is unique, and therefore, the compliments that resonate best with a person may vary. Therefore, while some expressions of appreciation may be universally welcomed, an individual approach and an understanding of your partner’s needs and expectations are essential for effective communication of feelings. This task requires partners to be creative and empathetic to find the words that most fully express their feelings and are most meaningful to their other half.

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