TikTok is in the spotlight again, this time for its “oatzempic” – an innovative drink advertised as a natural method for weight loss that is intended as an alternative to type II diabetes drugs used for the same purpose. The name “oatzempic” refers to the popular drug Ozempic, suggesting a similar weight-loss effect, but based on natural ingredients.

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The “oatzempic” phenomenon – TikTok as a catalyst for weight loss trends

According to experts, although the idea of using healthy ingredients to aid weight loss sounds promising, nutritionists raise important caveats. They alert that promoting such solutions without proper medical supervision may carry the risk of encouraging unhealthy eating habits and even promoting eating disorders. They remind us that effective and safe weight loss requires a balanced diet and regular physical activity, and that any “shortcut” method, especially popular on social media, should be treated with caution.

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A new weight-loss trend has sailed on TikTok’s waves, attracting millions of users: #oatzempicdrink – the name comes from the combination of “oat” – oats, which is used in the drink with additives. Enthusiasts of this solution encourage participation in the “30-day oatzempic challenge,” during which daily consumption of this concoction is expected to yield spectacular weight loss results – up to 18-20 kg in just two months. On the platform, it is promoted as an effective and “sensational” way to achieve the figure of your dreams, ideal before such important events as weddings and vacations.

The "oatzempic" phenomenon
Photo: Alan Ko

Ozempic and Oatzempic – differences and similarities

The drink is inspired by the popular medical product Ozempic, an anti-diabetic drug that has gained notoriety as an unofficial helper in the struggle with excessive pounds. Well-known celebrities like Elon Musk, and according to rumors, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, have contributed to the growing interest in the drug, which has resulted in an avalanche of views on TikTok under the hashtag #ozempic.

Ozempic works by reducing blood sugar levels, reducing appetite and delaying gastric emptying, resulting in a feeling of satiety despite the lack of food intake. Elon Musk publicly discussed his experience with Ozempik in 2022, making it more widely known as a weight loss aid.

#Oatzempic drink, choć inspirowany Ozempikiem, stanowi próbę przeniesienia tych właściwości odchudzających do świata naturalnych składników. Jednak eksperci z dziedziny dietetyki podchodzą do tej nowinki z ostrożnością. Ostrzegają, że choć pomysł na wykorzystanie owsa w diecie jest zdrowy, to traktowanie oatzempic drink jako magicznego eliksiru na odchudzanie może być mylące. Podkreślają, że skuteczne odchudzanie opiera się na zbilansowanej diecie i aktywności fizycznej, a nadmierna fascynacja szybkimi rozwiązaniami może prowadzić do zaburzeń odżywiania.

Ozempic and oatzempic drink are examples of how, in the age of social media, a trend can gain popularity overnight, often to the exclusion of important discussions about safety and health. This encourages reflection on the importance of a wise and responsible approach to one’s own body and health in the search for effective methods to lose weight.

The past year has seen increasing difficulties with the availability of Ozempic injections, designed to treat type II diabetes. These drugs, although prescription, have also gained popularity among healthy people as a way to lose weight quickly. However, accompanying this trend, reports of serious side effects, including potential gastric paralysis and pancreatitis, have stirred up considerable controversy.

Ozempic and Oatzempic
Photo: Fuu J

Popularity of oatzempic drink on TikTok

Between TikTok’s virtual shelves, you’ll find a video in which a girl, standing on a scale indicating 243 pounds (over 110 kg), then prepares herself an oatmeal drink. The process is simple: oatmeal, water, lime, cinnamon, all blended. She drinks and declares that she will report on her weight loss progress, based on the oatzempic drink. This particular video has already accumulated more than 5 million views, and other videos about the drink are also very popular.

A medical and dietary perspective on the oatzempic drink

This new fad, while appearing to be a safer and more natural alternative to pharmacological methods of weight loss, is also not free from criticism. Dietary and medical experts are expressing concern, stressing that such drastic weight loss in a short period of time may carry the risk of undesirable health effects, as well as promote unhealthy attitudes toward nutrition and the body.

They stress that the key to long-term and healthy weight loss lies not in magic potions, but in a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Trends like the oatzempic drink, while they may seem attractive because of their promises of quick results, are rarely the solution to overweight or obesity problems in the long run.

Thus, the story of Ozempic’s transformation into an oatzempic drink on TikTok is another example of how social media can influence perceptions of health and weight loss methods, often overlooking important issues of safety and common sense. In the context of the growing popularity of TikTok weight-loss methods, the oatzempic drink stands out as the latest hit. Claims by users that the drink can significantly curb appetite and promote rapid weight loss due to the high fiber content of oats have attracted the attention of millions. Users of the platform praise the feeling of long-lasting satiety the drink provides, which would theoretically lead to a reduction in calories consumed during the day.

oatzempic drink
Photo: Pablo Merchan Montes

Word from the experts

However, the voices of nutritionists and medical experts are much more skeptical. Lisa Valente and Maggie Evans, nutritionists quoted by Healthline and CBS News, stress that despite promises of rapid weight loss, the oatzempic drink is not a sustainable or scientifically supported way to lose weight. Lisa Valente criticizes it for “clever marketing” and warns of the risk of promoting eating disorders. Maggie Evans, on the other hand, points out that extreme diets, while they may result in quick results, long-term are rarely a healthy or sustainable solution.

Experts acknowledge that oats are indeed a healthy ingredient that supports heart function and can contribute to a feeling of satiety thanks to their richness in fiber. Nevertheless, unequivocally placing it as a “magic remedy” for weight loss is not supported by the available scientific research. In conclusion, although the idea of including oats in the diet is valuable, replacing balanced meals with them in the quest for rapid weight loss can lead to undesirable health consequences.

TikTok oat drinks as a method for weight loss is becoming an important reminder of the need to be critical of dietary trends, especially those promoted on social media. Attention to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle as the basis for achieving and maintaining optimal body weight remains crucial.

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