Flowers, eyes, sequins and fantastic streaks of color… Argentine artist Mechi Velasques creates makeup that turns the faces of models into extraordinary, abstract masks.

Makeup as art

Mechi Velasques became interested in art as a child. During a makeup course, she decided that an artistic version of it would be the best form of creative expression for her. Currently living in Barcelona, she works as a makeup teacher at Chromo Make up Studio and creates styling for commercials, photo shoots, films and events.

She believes that the color yellow expresses her best. In contrast, she associates her little daughter with red, orange and green. It’s safe to say that Mechi thinks with colors – her boldest works have no shortage of interesting color combinations and bold contrasts. The artist is not limited to face painting, the arena of her activities is the whole body, which becomes a living canvas that interacts with the painting.

While there is no shortage of classic works in her portfolio, the most expressive ones are full of saturated colors, sparkling crystals and optical illusions. Under her hands, models and models are transformed into creatures from outer space, elves and flowering plants. She talks about her passion, colors and femininity in an interview with Basia Adamczyk.

See the conversation on the YouTube channel.

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