“I have many aspects! I know I’ve looked the same for thirty years, but I actually hide a lot of characters, which is probably why I’m an actress.”

Sophie Marceau a timeless beauty who is the epitome of male and female dreams. Gentlewoman with a philosophical and rational approach to herself, her career, male-female relations and raising children. The face of French cinema, a style icon who is attracted to complicated men…and chocolate.

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Sophie Marceau – who is she?

Sophie Marceau is a true icon of fashion and beauty, Gentlewoman, perfectly epitomizing French chic. One of France’s favorite actresses since the 1980s. She made her screen debut at the age of 13 and immediately seduced more than a generation with her talent, youthful, somewhat rebellious look (the iconic fringe), and beauty. Her background can be called hardly elitist. It was not the bourgeoisie, let alone the aristocracy. She was born in 1965. She grew up with her brother in a modest apartment in the suburbs of Paris.

“In the little world I was in, I was quite fulfilled. Everything was not easy, we lived in a tiny apartment, away from everything, there were worries in the family, but in retrospect I retain a sense of freedom and sweetness. I have always had a certain ability not to get attached to problems. I do not deny them, on the contrary, I feel them deeply, but I have always had the energy to bounce back, continue my efforts, go … Very early on, at the age of 11-12, I wanted to confront real life, with work.”

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13-year-old Sophie

Her father was a truck driver and her mother worked in a department store. The family’s financial situation was so far from ideal that 13-year-old Sophie Marceau applied to an advertising agency. She hoped that the money earned would support the household budget. Probably she did not expect it to be a step to fame. Almost by accident, she went through an audition that changed her life. She was chosen to play the role of Vic in the film titled. “La Boum,” directed by Claude Pinoteau. There is a Polish thread in her biography. In 1984, she married a Polish director older than herself, with whom she had a son.

She chose the tranquility of the suburbs. He lives in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Away from the lights of Parisian streets. “I like the silence. I grew up at home. A house, no matter how small, will always be bigger to me than the biggest apartment. I don’t like sitting in a box. I have to keep my feet on the ground. Possibility of input, output.”

An extremely discreet woman

The actress doesn’t talk about everything with her loved ones. She is extremely discreet when it comes to her private life. She doesn’t want to talk about her sex or love life, even with friends. “I am a very modest person, I use socked words. I like to talk about it freely and laugh about it in general, but talk about my sexuality with others? By no means! It’s too intimate.” she confessed. She doesn’t understand why she would comment on topics unrelated to the film.

Sophie Marceau does not intend to be a model of life for anyone and does not want to become one. “You give it and then they take it away from you, so I become a little suspicious. I no longer want everything to be interpreted or reduced to a private thing.”. At the same time, she is tired of having to answer questions about her private life and even politics. Sophie Marceau, She doesn’t want to be taken as an example, adding that this is a responsibility she doesn’t want and that she wants to stay focused on her career. “I shouldn’t be anywhere else but on the screen. When it comes to celebrating cinema, I am very happy to be a part of it. I know a lot of people, but I have no friends. Friendship is complicated for me. I put distance.”

Sophie Marceau - the love of men and women
Sophie Marceau – timeless beauty

A cinema icon who values her privacy

Sophie Marceau is somehow enigmatic, valuing her privacy as a cinema icon, an inspiration and a dream for men remains true to her ideals. “What flatters me is remaining a fantasy. Belonging to everyone does not interest me at all. I am a believer. And perhaps that’s what sustains this fantasy: men know I’m unavailable. I would hate to be coveted, as if everyone could have me. A man too flighty, a winner, eliminates him in two seconds.”. Her beauty, her body arouse male passions. She approaches it with a kind of rationalism. “This surprises me. Breasts are still very special: we are in intimacy. It’s as if they’ve appropriated them a bit…. When I was 20, I couldn’t walk down the street in a T-shirt. My breasts must have something reassuring, it can’t just be sexual.”

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Complicated men

How does Sophie Marceau view men? “As a child I adored the Vietnamese, whom I thought were very nice. I loved Adamo. Bergman was not very handsome, he was tough, but he was a very charismatic man. Like Antonioni. He was 83 years old, in a wheelchair, I was 20, and he was sexy…. Houellebecq, I love him too. Maybe I’m attracted to men who are a bit complicated. I like tormented men.” Independent Gentlewoman for whom marriage is not a dream come true. “No. It’s a lot of work, the wedding. It’s like making dinners at home, pff…. I don’t like the idea of belonging to someone. I don’t like contracts.”

My son and daughter will do what they want, as long as they do it

He is guided by philosophical pragmatism when it comes to raising children. She is especially proud that she puts all her energy into her children’s education. “I always tell my children to try, that this is the most important thing and that failure is surmountable,” she says. She believes they should choose their own future. “Today we may have several lives, several professions, and I don’t know what the future holds for them. My son and daughter will do what they want, as long as they do it,” she said. In an interview published in Version Femina magazine, the actress confessed that she can no longer help her youngest with homework. Her children seem to be the first to be satisfied. “Oh no, I’m not helping them. I said: Look, I’m not going to be the one to help you with your homework.” To which they replied:“Phew! “

He lives without phones, without emails, without anything. He believes it is important to protect our planet. And she would like this need to be general. “I halved what I was consuming.”

Restless Soul. Sophie Marceau has moved 20 times for the pleasure of remodeling her home, creating something new from scratch. “I like the emptiness to be able to fill it. I’m constantly emptying, throwing away, giving, sorting, worried about accumulation “.

No styles

A fashion icon in France and around the world. Sophie Marceau’s styling is both simple, striking. As he states: “My style is‘No style. I have a different style every day! It depends on my moods, the weather…” She admitted, That she would not be opposed to the idea of changing her hairstyle if the director suggested it to her: “But I’ve never really been asked. I love wigs and I think we don’t have enough fun in our looks. There aren’t enough colors. And even in the cinema we don’t dare to go enough in the original characters. Directors don’t try to transform me. And yet I love to dress up.”

Eating habits

She has changed her eating habits, but she is far from imposing a diet on herself.” I try to pay attention to what I eat, but I don’t deprive myself, I don’t obsess about it.” Sophie Marceau avoids bread, fried foods. She eliminated junk food and sweets from her menu. He does not snack between meals. An exception to the rule is the favorite chocolate. Her favorite breakfast consists of cereal, yogurt with a hint of honey and tea with milk. Over time, she became a vegetarian. Her meals consist mainly of fruits and vegetables. She occasionally has a glass of wine. She does not go to extremes. “I’ve always paid attention, but I’m not Madonna. I don’t spend my time jogging or eating grass.”

France’s favorite star exercises 30 minutes in the gym every day: stretching, abdominal and gluteal muscle exercises. Like everyone, she has complexes. “We all have complexes, me first, but at some point you have to let go,” he says. The French cinema icon, who has lost none of her beauty despite the passage of years, assures that she sometimes finds it difficult to contemplate herself, especially because of her complexes. She admits that she sometimes has trouble dealing with her image. That’s why she watches a lot of videos in which she appears. “It’s awful to see myself, I feel that everyone judges me, and I’m very humble,” she confessed.

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Sophie Marceau - aging
What kind of private life did Sophie Marceau have?

I like the idea of aging

Sophie Marceau fully accepts her age: “I like the idea of aging.” He believes that we must remain natural, that we must accept things as they are. According to her, aging is normal and mentally it is not a problem for her. “Thinking about death has helped me live and calm down,” she says. This by no means means means that she does not care about beauty. “I will never use Botox, if only because of the creation of an unnatural mask on my face,” she says. Instead of Botox injections, she uses the clear Biotulin Supreme Skin gel cream. Radiant makeup for everyday and on the red carpet. A line of black or dark green pencil to emphasize the eyes, a delicate pink lipstick and all these complement it. Sophie Marceau likes what is natural, it is natural that makes her feel good.

Although he likes to travel, he appreciates home more and more. “Lately I’ve been realizing that the most beautiful place in the world is home, surrounded by family in which I don’t feel lonely. It’s silly to say, but it’s true: if I have this, I don’t need much more.”

An elegant and timeless choice

Among the favorite facial outfits of Dior, Chaumet, Nichia, Guerlain, Renault is the tuxedo, a choice as elegant as it is timeless. Cream, black or gray, accompanied the star on the most prestigious red carpets. On measuring 1.73 cm, the star looks extraordinarily phenomenal. “Skirts or dresses, on a daily basis, are not very practical,”admits Sophie Marceau, “I have an active life, I like to dress comfortably. And menswear, reinforces a certain form of femininity, sharpens it a lot.” There is also room in her closet for ultra-elegant strapless dresses.


Ambassador of chic, dazzling with her beauty, actress, gentlewoman who approaches life in an extremely rational way enjoys the constant interest of the opposite sex. “I am very happy to move men with my beauty, but I would like them to be interested in something else…. “ she said with her usual sincerity. Interestingly, it is not only the gentlemen who are fascinated by her imperishable beauty. In a survey conducted, half of the female respondents who are attracted to the actress confessed a liking for Sophie Marceau. They agree with their male counterparts, who 70 percent admitted a fondness for the actress.

Acting is both a profession and a passion for Sophie Marceau. However, she could live without them. “If I gave up acting, I would live modestly. I would learn sculpture, landscape architecture. Watching my plants grow…and my children.”


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