It amazes me how many different people’s reactions to the same situation can be. The reaction to something is nothing more than what sits deep inside you somewhere and waits for the right moment to come out of the closet, often through a rotten, woodworm-ridden door. Because sooner or later it’s going to hit, drill a hole and come out, like the Czech Mole, which often dug in, not where it needed to be, but well to the surface it came out and something had to be done about it next.

How much depends on your attitude and outlook on the world? You can see everywhere either endless opportunities for a super life, or endless problems and logs that you will stumble over, while still breaking your little toe and getting a splinter in. It’s already a total “tragedy,” isn’t it?

When I now look at myself and my reactions over a space of time that even seems cosmic to me, as if I am recalling some previous life, in addition to actually living as if on another planet with green folk, so distant that I feel like I have jumped from Mars to Venus.

In my perception, everyone was an idiot, the weather was always wrong, the sun was shining at the wrong angle, the stars aligned somehow so strangely, the grass was not green enough, and I felt bland. But I underwent a transformation, shed the old armor, buried it almost alive and turned into a larva waiting to be a beautiful butterfly. And I began to see the world differently. I realized that my reactions were what was inside me, what was playing in my soul, and it has to be said that for that moment they were not Beethoven symphonies, but just some lousy concert of shivering cats during March.

Who hasn’t had that, let him throw a stone…. or not, just to be safe, a hand up is enough….

And so I witness on a daily basis the reactions not only of my own, but also of other people, which I even love to observe. It is such a sometimes comedy, tragedy or tragicomedy. Everyone will see something different in it, whatever is closest and most familiar to them at the time.

And so, I see a person crossing a crosswalk, that’s right, for pedestrians not for cars, and here all of a sudden, a Mercedes passes in front of the nose of this gentleman, almost giving him a pedicure (let’s hope).

And he challenges him “You idiot! Watch how you drive, you think you drive a Mercedes, you are allowed! He almost ran me over, the bastard one.” The driver passed, I don’t think he even noticed the guy… And the next day, surprisingly, I see the same situation, but with a completely different reaction, as if I had moved to another reality.

This time, it’s an elderly woman who calmly (to herself!) says: “Thank you that nothing happened to me, I’m safe, it’s a beautiful day.” I felt like high-fiving her and doing a dance in honor of whatever. “My man,” I think to myself. Now I am also reacting this way, because I will not change what just happened now. At one time I would probably still chase the type that ran over in front of my nose and challenge him in every possible language I know (and I know several, so it would take a while). Now I’m grateful that something is watching over me and that those fractions of a second caused me, however, in that exact nanosecond, to end up where I shouldn’t be.

Another situation – a friend who gives English lessons to children tells me how two mothers reacted when, for various reasons, she had to refuse to tutor their sons. One sent her a message that brimmed with grief, anger and encouraged her to fall into guilt. That what will she do now, that she won’t find anyone, that she was counting on her, that this, that. Even though they didn’t date anything, and there were several people my friend could recommend.

The other, the opposite pole, a totally different reality, as if the former was from unfriendly Mars (I don’t know, I haven’t been, but I’ve been to Lanzarote – it’s at least very similar in places), and the latter from Venus (somehow I associate the princess from Venus much more friendly, plus she’s a pretty blonde). She writes to tell my friend not to worry, that she understands and that she thanks her very much for her time and help anyway, and that she wishes her all the best in her plans.

What? Well, that’s what’s amazing, that any situation can trigger a reaction in you, and it’s only up to you to decide how you feel about it at any given moment and whether you even decide to take a step or to respect your energy and not pander to others. And instead look at them, in respect, as themselves. At the same time thanking and being thankful that just, for example, this car, however, did not run into you and that you are all right, because this is just a testimony that everything is going well and successful for you. That maybe the wings of some angel, or other creature, are watching over you, and you, you have two ways to choose.

Get pissed off, waste energy, scare that Guardian of yours and meet even more idiots on your way. Option two, which I most recommend – relate to everyone with respect and kindness, even though you think that some people don’t deserve it. They may not, but you do, you deserve respect from yourself and the more of this attitude in your life, the more situations that bring good to your life.

Confirmed, verified. Highly recommended.

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