“Show me your closet and I will tell you who you are”. – Open it more and I’ll tell you what your strength of womanhood is and what traumas you’ve experienced. The closet is a reflection of our personality as the stylist – the psychologist of our clothing – knows best. Vintage style according to Alicja Napiórkowska – interview for GentleWoman TV. In an inspiring conversation about the fine line between dressing up and dressing down, and the one rule that applies to fashion – Alicja Napiórkowska, stylist, host of the series “Style Icons” on DDTVN.

Alicja Napiórkowska – Stylist, host of the series “Icons of Style” on DDTVN- Alicja Napiórkowska reveals the secret about vintage style, nonchalance of Parisian women and individualism, in which to face every GentleWoman. We invite you to a stylish return to the past! The interview is conducted by Dorota Fórmanowska.


vintage according to alicja napiórkowska - interview

Dorota Fórmanowska: you are not just a stylist, it can be said of you that you are an artist and recently you have been inspired by vintage fashion. Tell us a few words about it.

Alicja Napiórkowska: Vintage has always inspired me. Thank you so much for your kind words. Well it is indeed the case that vintage is close to me. Many things inspire me, well vintage is inextricably linked to my work.

Dorota Fórmanowska: But why exactly vintage?

Alicja Napiórkowska: Why exactly vintage? First of all, for the fact that it is applied art. Art that is the product of someone’s imagination is someone else’s creation, because mostly it is beautiful in the sense of the quality of workmanship and some kind of rethinking of what it is depending on whether it is clothing or applied art like furniture, for example, timeless cars.

Dorota Fórmanowska: You could say yes, it is a timeless beauty. Alicja Napiórkowska: This is something that is primarily unique. Which is applicable always and but also on the other hand is something that is not exactly fashionable. It is something that is of a certain kind, something that does not pass away, something that is timeless, something that fits in really regardless of the reality that surrounds the object. That is, it is something that we can actually put in any decade and it will always have its value and always look good.

vintage by alicja napiórkowska
Source: Pleiades