From ancient times to the present, mankind has reflected its desire and fascination through a variety of artistic expressions. From subtle suggestions to open expressions, artists have explored and explored the richness of sexual themes, creating works that still evoke extreme emotions and discussions today. Get ready for a journey through sensual landscapes and intimate portraits that will stimulate your imagination and make you think about how sexuality is interpreted through the prism of art and photography.

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Sexuality in Baroque painting: Light, the body and symbolic messages

Baroque painting, an era full of drama, expression and contrasts, provides an excellent field for analyzing the expression of sexuality in art. Artists of this period used a wealth of means of expression to convey both passion and taboos related to sexual themes.

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“Venus and Adonis” by Peter Paul Rubens.

The painting “Venus and Adonis” by Peter Paul Rubens is one of his best-known works and also one of the key depictions of mythological themes in his oeuvre. At first glance, we see Venus, the goddess of love, personifying beauty and fertility, and Adonis, Venus’ young and handsome lover. The scene refers to an ancient Greek myth that tells the story of a tragic love between a goddess and a young man.

“Beauty and femininity are timeless and can’t be invented, and beauty, although manufacturers don’t like it, can’t be manufactured. It is not true glamour; it is based on femininity”

Marilyn Monroe

Rubens uses his masterful painting skills to depict the story in a dynamic and expressive manner. The composition is rich in detail and full of movement, which gives the painting energy and drama. Venus is shown as a beautiful and sensual woman who tries to stop Adonis trying to leave. Her gestures are full of desperation and concern, as she knows that his exit could lead to his death.

Sexuality in Baroque painting
Photo: Antonio Molinari

Adonis, on the other hand, is young and strong, but at the same time naive and unaware of the danger that lurks ahead. His character seems determined to leave, which adds drama and tension to the picture. Rubens masterfully uses light and shadow to emphasize the forms of the figures’ bodies and to create depth and three-dimensionality in the painting. The colors are rich and intense, which adds life and emotion to the work.

The entire painting “Venus and Adonis” exudes passion, emotion and tragedy, making it one of the most expressive works of Baroque art.

“It is not artistic talents that are secondary to sexual qualities, as some fraudsters and shamans have claimed; it is the other way around: sex is merely an adjunct to art.”

Vladimir Nabokov, “Lolita”

“Amor Vincit Omnia” (Love conquers all) Caravaggio

Caravaggio, known for his dramatic contrasts of light and shadow and realism in depicting figures, created the painting “Amor Vincit Omnia,” or “Love Conquers All,” in 1602. The central figure is the young Cupid, the god of love, who triumphantly holds in his lap the instruments of science and power, symbolizing human desires such as wealth or power. However, a surprising element is the absence of the traditional attributes of Cupid, such as the bow and arrows. Instead, Cupid’s figure is naked and very realistic, and his gaze exudes sensuality. This is a bold interpretation of love as a force that not only unites people, but also prevails over all other aspects of human life.

“Sensuality is beautiful, and domination and submission in the right context is a passionate art. The muse igniting the flame of femininity, thrilling both partners in total euphoria, exaggerating both masculinity and femininity in one enticing unity.”

Sai Marie Johnson

“Judith Beheading Holofernes” (Judith beheads Holofernes) by Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the most prominent Baroque painters, is known for her bold and expressive depictions of female figures. Her painting “Judith Beheading Holofernes” is a perfect example of both strength and sensuality. The scene depicts Judith, the biblical heroine, during the decapitation of the tyrant Holofernes. However, in Gentileschi’s interpretation, the character of Judith is not only heroic, but also clearly sensual. Her strong, muscular arms and intense gaze suggest not only determination and strength, but also a form of eroticism, which adds an extra dimension to the scene.

“Suzanna and the Elders” by Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt, known for his mastery of light and emotional depth, created many works in which sexuality is an important motif. One of them is the painting “Suzanna and the Elders,” which depicts the biblical figure of Suzanna surrounded by two elderly men who spy on her. Although the story has a moral underpinning, the way the characters are portrayed, their looks and gestures, suggest a subtly erotic context. Rembrandt is not afraid to show the tension and emotion of sexuality, even in a scene as controversial as this one.

“Eroticism is mysticism, that is, the aura of emotion and imagination around sex.”

Camille Paglia

“Naked Maya” by Francisco Goya.

This iconic work by the Spanish painter was completed around 1800. The painting depicts a naked woman lying on a bed, with her head slightly raised and facing the viewer. Her body is bent and her gaze is full of confidence, although calm. The woman was depicted in a very realistic way, with clear anatomical details. Her skin has a delicate pearl hue, which emphasizes her sensuality. In the background of the painting, tinted curtains are visible, giving the scene an intimate feel. The light falls on the figure from the left, which emphasizes the contours of her body and adds depth to the image.

Woman in the picture
Photo: Birmingham Museums

The woman in the painting “Naked Maya” exudes confidence and sensuality, making her figure appear not only beautiful, but also strong and independent. It is one of the most controversial paintings in the history of art, because at the time it was painted, the depiction of a woman’s naked body in such a realistic and bold manner was rare. However, due to its exceptional beauty and masterful execution, “Naked Maya” has become one of Goya’s most recognizable works and one of the most important paintings in the history of Spanish painting.

By analyzing these works, we can see the variety of approaches and interpretations of sexual themes in Baroque painting, from subtle allusions to open expressions of sensuality and passion. Each of these works is not only a technical masterpiece, but also a fascinating expression of human desires, fears and dreams.

“Poetry is a naked woman, a naked man and the distance between them.”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, “Poetry as an Insurgent Art.”

Sexuality in photography

Sexuality in photography

Helmut Newton is one of the key figures in sex-related photography. He is a German photographer who has gained worldwide fame for his unique style and provocative photos, often exploring sexual themes and dark erotica. His works are characterized by excellent use of light, shadow and composition, creating an atmosphere of drama and tension.

Newton was a master at creating sensual and controversial images that often broke traditional norms and triggered discussions about sexuality, power and gender identity. His photos often depicted models in daring poses and scenes, exploring various aspects of female strength, beauty and mystery.

Sexuality in photography
Photo: Depositphotos

Some of Newton’s best-known works are the “Big Nudes” series, in which models were depicted in harsh, natural light, exposing their bodies in a way that was both bold and ruthlessly beautiful.

Other well-known series include photos of models in elegant lingerie or clad in men’s clothing, which provoked reflection on issues related to gender identity and sexuality. Newton not only explored sexual themes, but also contributed to changing the view of photography as art. His work, though often controversial, has inspired many photographers and artists, and his influence on the world of photography is still evident even years later.

Here are five other prominent photographers who were famous for their sexy female images:

  1. Guy Bourdin: French photographer who was known for his provocative and unconventional photographs, often exploring sexual themes. His works often featured models in daring poses and scenes that provoked reflection on social norms regarding female sexuality.
  2. Ellen von Unwerth: German photographer who is famous for her dynamic and sensual images of women. Her work often explores themes of feminism, eroticism and fashion, combining elements of fun, humor and a bold approach to sexuality.
  3. Steven Meisel: American fashion photographer who often uses sexual tension as an element of composition and narrative in his work. His photos are often full of drama, expression and subtle eroticism.
  4. Irving Penn: Although Irving Penn is mostly known for his portraits and fashion photography, his work often contained subtle allusions to sexuality and sensuality. His approach to the subject was often more subtle and refined, but equally effective in conveying the beauty of the female form.
  5. Helena Christensen: In addition to being a well-known model, Helena Christensen has also been a successful photographer, often exploring themes of female sexuality and sensuality in her work. Her photos are often full of tenderness, intimacy and emotion, which makes them an inspiration for many people.

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