Erich Fromm, a psychoanalyst, wrote on the subject of love:“Love consists of caring for the other, worrying about him, respecting him and constantly striving to know him more.” Love in a relationship is all about knowing the needs and desires of the other. In your life together, the other’s happiness is more important than yours. Respect, trust, attachment, honesty, intimacy, partnership and chemistry. In a relationship, love is the desire and willingness to live together. Lyudmila Shkrebneva could not count on this in her marriage. Marriage to Vladimir. Vladimir Putin.

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Born in 1958 in Kaliningrad, Lyudmila came from a working-class family. Her dream was to become an actress. She attended acting classes for the drama circle. After passing her high school diploma, however, she did not get into the Leningrad Theater Institute and entered the Technical Institute. She interrupted her studies after two years. She worked as a letter carrier, a nurse, a stewardess, and eventually graduated with a degree in Romance studies from Leningrad University. A few years later, she received a doctorate in German Studies. She was very reasonable and overly caring. This was due to the fact that in her youth she very often took care of her younger sister Olga. Already married, she devoted herself to raising and educating her two daughters, Maria and Ekaterina.


Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952. In Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia. Coming from a humble background, he was the third child and sole survivor after the deaths of his two older brothers, Viktor and Oleg, who died as infants in the 1930s. After World War II, his parents found employment in a Leningrad railroad factory. Vladimir Putin practiced judo and sambo, a Russian combat sport that allowed him to participate in many competitions.

In 1970, he began studying at Leningrad University, graduating in 1975. In the same year, he began his career as a KGB officer. In 1985, he was assigned to the Dresden counterintelligence service in East Germany, where he spent five years under the name of officer Platov, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Upon his return to Russia, he was advisor to the rector of Leningrad University, Anatoly Sobchak, who was his teacher during his student years. In 1991, when Anatoly Sobchak was elected mayor of Leningrad, Vladimir Putin followed him, still as a councilman. In 1994, he became the first deputy mayor of the city of Leningrad, which became St. Petersburg. Increasingly influential, he was noticed by Boris Yeltsin, whom he joined in 1996. As president He headed the FSB, the Federal Security Service that replaced the KGB, before being appointed prime minister of the Russian Federation in August 1999. A few months later, after Boris Yeltsin resigned in December 1999, he assumed the interim presidency. On March 26, 2000, Putin was elected in the first round as the second president of the Russian Federation, and re-elected in March 2004.

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Putin’s personality

Vladimir Putin has never hidden his personal attraction to violence. His favorite sport is not soccer, ice hockey or even judo, which he himself practices with some talent. It’s MMA, an ultra-brutal synthesis of boxing, wrestling and martial arts, a “sport” that seems to give him an almost sensual thrill. The annual gala that brings together these gladiators from around the world is held in Sochi in honor of the president, enjoying posing next to Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and other MMA stars.

De Gaulle and Churchill had a huge literary culture. Vladimir Putin may lead one of the world’s cultural and scientific superpowers, but his artistic erudition and curiosity seem close to an oyster. Has he ever read a Dostoevsky novel to the end? Does he listen to Rachmaninoff? Does he sometimes offer himself a visit to the Hermitage? Is he interested in the progress of science? If so, state propaganda on the subject is silent. On the other hand, the Russian president was entitled to all the masculine propaganda staging imaginable: a judoka, a horseman, Putin and a Siberian tiger, Putin fishing for salmon, Putin and motorcyclists…. That’s saying a lot.

A very long engagement period

Ludmila stopped working in 1980. That was the year she met her future husband, Vladimir Putin, already well-known in the halls of power. He told her about the fact that he was a secret service officer after knowing her for a year. They married three years later. This is a very long period even by Soviet standards. Asking her to marry him, Putin said: “My friend, you know my character.” And the character was indeed difficult, to say the least.

For Putin, the engagement was a period of checking out his fiancée. After all, he was a secret agent and it was in his blood. Distrust of everyone and everything. He was purposely late for appointments wanting to gauge her reaction.“I always felt like I was being tested,” Ludmila confessed. “I’m standing in the subway, waiting. For the first 15 minutes of lateness I feel great, half an hour is nothing, however, when an hour and more passed and he still wasn’t there, I started crying. There was so much emotion in me, and when he finally showed up, I was no longer in a position to ask for an explanation.” she recalled years later. Her loyalty was also put to the test. She was followed by a man on the street. He approached her and asked for her phone number, claiming that she had charmed him. When she later asked Putin about the incident he never gave her an answer.

Vladimir Putin
Lyudmila Putin: "She is a vampire," the story of Lyudmila Shkrebnevova's marriage to Vladimir Putin. He needed it for his career. 3


The wedding ceremony was remarkably modest. Only in the company of friends and relatives. The husband was not one of the compassionate ones who helped his wife when she was pregnant. She herself carried shopping bags, a stroller, a year-old baby while carrying their second child in the womb. At the time, they were in the former East Germany, where Putin worked as a spy. Vladimir Fedorovsky, a former Soviet diplomat under Gorbachev, a converted writer and author of “Putin, Ukraine, Hidden Faces, ” has revealed the nature of the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila. “His first wife was a matter of convenience, not a marriage for love. She was a flight attendant. They had two daughters” -. wrote the co-founder of Russia’s first democratic party. He married her in 1983, when he was in the KGB, so that he could be sent by the Russian service on a foreign mission. He got his way. Putin stayed away from family life. Work was the most important thing for him. “Seeing me climb six floors of a building with my daughter in my arms, our neighbor once told Vladimir that he had to help me” confessed Lyudmila.

“When I asked him about his day, he always answered with a joke: we caught a man, had lunch and let him go,” she said. Being with his family in the evening, he was not talkative. “I asked him: how do you like the meat? He replied: not bad. It was a knife to the heart. I started to hate it not bad and cooking“.

Putin decided everything. He was the one making decisions. He didn’t let his wife choose names for his daughters. “I wanted my older daughter to be named Natalia (Natasha) because I really liked this name. Volodya stated that she would be named Maria (Masha) after his mother. I cried and asked, but it didn’t help. The daughter was named Masha“.

After returning from the dream facility, nothing changed in the family’s life. Ludmila went to college and took care of her daughters. She was a housewife at the service of her husband. She cleaned and cooked. On weekends, she cooked food for the 15 people Putin invited to their dacha. He treated her not as a wife, a life partner, but as a waitress serving his friends to the table. He claimed that anyone who endures three weeks with her should get their own statue. In 2001, Lyudmila Putin confided in Irene Pietsch, a writer who was also her friend. In her book “Amitiés fragiles” (Sensitive Friendship), the latter described some of their conversations. Unfortunately, he is a vampire,” she said , even comparing him to a “refrigerator.”

While living in the Kremlin, she practically never left her apartment. Only outings with daughters for a walk. She very rarely accompanied Putin to his official meetings. She kept in the shadows. According to Slava Zaitseva in 2013. , a Russian designer who dressed the first lady “She told me how she doesn’t like to travel much, to show herself in public. She was not ready for the role. Being the president’s wife fell on her unexpectedly“.

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The end of the idyll that wasn’t one

The divorce was officially announced. It took place by mutual agreement. According to official propaganda, it took place in a “civilized manner,” without scandal. All marital matters were resolved in a friendly atmosphere. This is how the couple ended a 30-year period of living together. Putin left a 139-meter apartment on Vasilyevsky Island in downtown St. Petersburg to his wife. “It was our joint decision. Our marriage is over, primarily because we practically don’t see each other. Me and Lyudmila will always be close to each other” Putin said in an interview.

The family is a state secret. ” I have always had negative feelings toward those who interfere in the lives of others with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies. This famous sentence of the Kremlin chief says a lot about his attitude to private life…. and the media.

Daughters, little girls and then young girls were hidden and registered under false names at the university. ” I never bring up issues related to my family. They are not involved in business or politics. This question is essential, avoids possible political pressure – explained the Russian president in 2015 in an interview in which he first recalled the existence of his daughters.

In 2017, he revealed a bit of a secret about his family sphere and after the confided for the first time that he was a grandfather w Conversations with Monsieur Poutin (The Putin Interviews), a documentary film in four episodes directed by American director Oliver Stone and aired on the American channel Showtime, The first part of which was broadcast on June 26, 2017. That same year, the Russian president announced that he was the grandfather of two grandchildren, revealing their existence on Russian television.

On this occasion, Putin explained his conception of life regarding his descendants. “As for my grandchildren, one is already in kindergarten. Understand this: I don’t want them to grow up like princes, I want them to grow up like normal people.” – Putin said, adding that “one was born recently.” The Russian president also explained.“For this purpose It is fundamental that they are in the company of other normal children. If I gave their age, their name, they would be immediately identified and never left alone myself,” he added.


Lyudmila, although divorced from Vladimir Putin since 2013, continues to be systematically associated with the Russian president. She rebuilt her life, and in 2015 remarried 43-year-old businessman Arthur Ocheretny. According to the Washington Post, it was in France that the Russian president’s ex-wife rebuilt her life. She settled into a huge €6 million house near Biarritz with her new companion, a young man twenty years younger than her. She is in love. According to rumors, the couple married in 2016 and moved into this villa bought by the young man six months after Putin’s divorce.

Lyudmila Putin: "She is a vampire," the story of Lyudmila Shkrebnevova's marriage to Vladimir Putin. He needed it for his career. 4

Putin’s new love

In 2008, the Moskovsky Korrespondent newspaper reported that he planned to divorce his wife Lyudmila and marry Ms. Kabayeva. Both rejected the story. Shortly thereafter, the authorities closed the newspaper. Putin and Lyudmila announced their separation five years later. It’s an open secret, but a secret nonetheless. For more than a decade, Vladimir Putin had a covert relationship with a Russian woman nearly thirty years younger than him: former gymnastics champion Alina Kabayeva. At the time of the Russian president’s denial of ties to Kabayeva, she was transitioning from a successful sports career to a political one. Born in 1983, she began rhythmic gymnastics at the age of four. Her trainer, Irina Viner, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it. The girl has a rare combination of two key qualities in rhythmic gymnastics – flexibility and agility.” A Swiss newspaper reported that Ms. Kabayeva gave birth to a boy in 2015 at an exclusive clinic near Lake Lugano, and a second boy at the same location in 2019. But the Sunday Times and Wall Street Journal said she had twins in 2019 in Moscow, although they disagree on the number of children she had. The Kremlin denies such reports. In 2015, Putin’s spokesman said that “Information about the birth of a child conceived by Vladimir Putin does not correspond to reality.”


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