During the summer, our skin is exposed to many external factors that prevent most cosmetic procedures. So in autumn we have the time and conditions to finally take proper care of it. This will not only improve its condition after summer, but also prepare it already for the coming months. That’s why we decided to check out the best face and body treatments you can do in autumn.

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How to take care of your face and body skin after summer?

In summer, the skin becomes severely dry as a result of overuse of the sun. UV radiation, wind and often inadequate diet leave their mark on it. Unfortunately, in the summer most cosmetic procedures are not performed. Cosmetologists recommend only deep moisturization of the skin. It is an essential skin care treatment for all skin types. A common mistake made by people with oily skin is not using moisturizers for fear of excess sebum secretion. The reality, however, is quite different. The drier the skin, the more the body begins to secrete sebum, which clogs pores and makes pus pimples appear.

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Most common problems

However, lack of adequate skin hydration is not the only problem that arises after summer. We don’t always use creams with a high enough sunscreen or don’t use them at all. This can lead to the appearance of unsightly spots on the skin. Unfortunately, even the best and most expensive creams available in drugstores cannot reduce them. In such a situation, it is necessary to visit a beautician to effectively get rid of them. Treatments to get rid of stains are performed only in autumn and winter, when we are not exposed to too much sunlight. Carrying them out in the summer may even worsen the condition of the skin.

Cosmetic treatments
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Excessive sunlight also makes fine wrinkles appear or those we have become more visible. This is why it is important to use a UV filter. The higher, the better. It is for this reason that Japanese women do not tan in order to preserve their eternal youth for as long as possible.

The best face and body treatments in autumn

To choose the right treatment for the face and body, it is advisable to schedule a cosmetic consultation first. A specialist will assess what will work best for us. Many facial treatments must also be tailored to the type of skin and its overall condition. He will also help you choose the right care for your home, so you can get the desired results in a short time.

Today, beauty salons offer a wide range of services and treatments available: moisturizing, cleansing, revitalizing or anti-aging. Many of them can be combined with each other, which additionally makes the skin much nicer and better nourished after summer. Regular facial and decolletage treatments increase the regenerative capacity of the stratum corneum.

Facial cleansing with acids

When it comes to the best face and body treatments that can be performed in autumn, it is undoubtedly the use of chemical peels. There are many different types of acids: mandelic acid, lactic acid, pyruvic acid, glycolic acid or lactobionic acid. They differ primarily in their effect and concentration. That’s why it’s important to tailor it to your skin type and problem: acne-prone skin, fine lines and blemishes.

Acids make you exfoliate dead skin. This can effectively get rid of minor wrinkles or skin problems such as inflammation or blackheads. After treatment, the skin becomes visibly cleansed and tightened, but it is best to perform facial cleansing with acids in a series of up to 5 treatments. The optimal series is treatments performed every 14-21 days. Regular chemical peels can effectively remove post-sun discoloration, scars and acne problems.


Another facial treatment that is performed in the fall is microdermabrasion. This is a mechanical peeling that also exfoliates dead skin, making it possible to improve the condition of the skin. Microdermabrasion is otherwise known as micropeeling. It is carried out with a special device containing microcrystals that gently peel away the keratinized epidermis to get rid of fine wrinkles, blemishes, scars and skin imperfections. This treatment, too, is selected according to skin type and condition, so you can get amazing results in just a short time.

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There are many different types of microdermabrasion. They differ not only in the type of head used for the treatment, but mainly in the effect on the skin. The most popular is diamond microdermabrasion. As the name suggests, it is carried out with a diamond head of different grit. It is a treatment for people with all skin types.

Another type of microdermabrasion is oxybrasion, or water-oxygen peeling. During the procedure, the skin is cleansed with saline, which is applied using highly compressed oxygen. The treatment leaves the skin visibly cleansed and refreshed. Fine wrinkles and discoloration disappear.


Among the best facial and body treatments that can be performed in autumn, mesotherapy should not be missed. This is a cosmetic procedure that has revolutionized the beauty zone over the past few years. There are two types of mesotherapy: needle and needle-free. The procedure itself involves injecting a special cocktail of nutrients under the skin. This treatment is always tailored to the individual depending on what results are desired. Among the most commonly used ingredients are hyaluronic acid and various vitamins.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that improves deep hydration and firming of the skin and makes fine lines disappear. What’s more, it can be used not only on the face and décolleté, but all over the body. It is an effective fight against cellulite, stretch marks and even baldness. In addition, each micro-puncture performed on the skin causes it to begin the natural process of rebuilding collagen fibers, making it look much younger. This treatment is ideal for autumn to regenerate and refresh the skin after summer and to prepare it for winter.

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Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma skin injections are also an ideal treatment for autumn. It is a completely safe procedure even for allergy sufferers, as it uses plasma taken from the patient’s own blood. During the procedure, the skin is injected with a product (PRP) that contains concentrated platelets, so there is no possibility of side effects. The procedure itself is called a vampire facelift, and was made famous by Kim Kardashian several years ago.

Platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy has a very broad spectrum of action. It naturally stimulates the skin to regenerate, making it much tighter and firmer. Stimulating the rebuilding of collagen fibers makes it look much younger without the use of Botox. In addition, platelet-rich plasma aids in the reconstruction of the stratum corneum. Through gentle exfoliation, scars and discolorations disappear, including those from excessive tanning.

Laser treatments

Autumn also comes the time for laser treatments. The laser is mainly used to combat acne scars and unsightly spots on the skin. Particularly satisfied with its results are those ladies who use hormonal contraception on a daily basis, as a result of which discoloration has appeared on their faces. But the use of lasers in cosmetology also means improving the overall condition of the skin, and even lifting. Modern lasers are completely safe and do not cause irritation and redness. It’s an ideal treatment that can even be done during your lunch break, and you can return to the office afterwards.

Currently, the best facial and body treatments that can be performed in the fall are those with lasers. They should be avoided in the summer, as sun exposure to laser-treated skin can cause irritation and even burns. This will create stains and scars that will be difficult to remove in the future.

Laser depilation

For this reason, laser hair removal is most often performed in the fall. It takes up to several treatments to get rid of unwanted hair on the legs, arms or bikini, so it’s a good idea to start a series of laser hair removal in early autumn. It is a treatment for ladies who are tired of constantly shaving their hair or stumble with the problem of ingrown hairs after waxing or depilatories. Treatments usually take place every month, and with each successive one, less and less unwanted hair grows back. After that, you can enjoy smooth skin for up to several years.

Laser depilation
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Laser hair removal also allows you to permanently remove a mustache, which can be very bothersome and cause numerous complexes. Frequent mechanical depilation causes irritation to the delicate skin above the lip, and shaving the hair makes it grow much stronger. Powder is also deposited on the mustache during make-up, making it even more visible. Laser hair removal performed in the fall makes it possible to get rid of it effectively after just a few treatments.

Which cosmetics to choose?

In addition to performing regular facial and body treatments in autumn, it is also worthwhile to apply proper care at home. In pharmacies and drugstores there is a very wide selection of cosmetics and dermocosmetics that will help regenerate the skin after summer. In autumn, it is safe to use creams and preparations with retinol, which are effective in reducing hyperpigmentation and fine wrinkles. In the summer, their use can aggravate the problem of already existing hyperpigmentation, and exposure of the skin to the sun makes additional irritation appear.

After summer, the skin also needs moisturizing cosmetics. Their regular use combined with cosmetic treatments makes it moisturized not only from the outside, but also from the inside. This is ideal to prepare it for winter, when again weather conditions can negatively affect its appearance and condition.

Beautiful body, beautiful soul

Research doesn’t lie! Women who take care of their physical appearance definitely have a better mood and get rid of complexes. This is especially important in autumn, when it gets gray and gloomy outside, which contributes to the deterioration of mood. Going to a beautician is not only a way to improve your outward appearance, but also a way to relax. Women who work a lot or take care of the home and children have a chance to effectively relax during the treatments. During this time, they can relax from their daily worries and focus on pleasures, at least for a while.

A bit of relaxation

If you already know what are the best face and body treatments that can be done in autumn, don’t wait any longer and make an appointment at a beauty salon near you. Get ready for the upcoming winter season and the next summer, which we all always look forward to with anticipation. This time don’t leave it to the last minute, and start taking measures to improve the appearance of your skin earlier. Enjoy a beautiful and healthy appearance all year round, after all, you are a GentleWoman.

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