Blanca Bozena Spolovich is a cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience. She is the first certified skin coach in Poland. She wrote the book “Skin coach. Your path to beautiful and healthy skin,” in which she describes her proprietary method.

He believes that our skin can look beautiful as long as we take care of the whole body. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside. He tells us about cosmetic myths that have been repeated for years and his holy grails of cosmetology. Welcome to Skin Coach – an interview with Bozena Spolovich.

You are the first skin coach. You have a background in cosmetology, chemistry, cosmetic technology, as well as dietetics and supplementation, which helps you discover all the ins and outs of skin care. According to you, what has the greatest impact on the complexion?

Our skin depends largely on our genes and the environment in which we live. As for what we can do for our skin, I don’t have one golden piece of advice here. Operating at the intersection of dietetics, skin care and professional treatments involves juggling subtle nuances and relationships. To grasp them requires a lot of knowledge and even more experience, which is why it’s so hard to give a simple prescription. It is not enough to eat, for example, chlorella, drink puree exclusively or do certain treatments to get the desired effect. Restoring the skin’s health is a process that relies on knowledge from all the above-mentioned fields. Focusing only on dietetics or analyzing compositions will not ensure our success, unfortunately.

Skin Coach interview with Bożena Społowicz
Bożena Społowicz – skin coach

What is the biggest skin care myth worth breaking with? What advice do you give to each patient?

There are many such myths. In part, they are created by the cosmetics industry, which tries to sell us the maximum amount of products, even if our skin does not need them. But natural care is also full of pitfalls. My favorite example from recent years is the use of coconut oil on the face. Not only will it not clear our complexion, but it will dry out our skin and clog our pores. It’s worth knowing your skin, learning to understand its needs, rather than listening to fashionable advice. As for the advice I give to each person, first of all, cosmetic moderation and attentiveness I also pay a lot of attention to proper skin cleansing. How our skin functions depends on this habit. Good quality natural soap for problematic skins (e.g. Aleppo, potassium black) or for dry skins milk and water is the pillar of any skin care. I also pay attention to the skin-washing technique itself, and recommend swapping makeup remover swabs for gentle non-sterile cotton compresses.

Do you have cosmetic holy grails or power beauty items – products you can’t do without?

As a skincoach, I will list not only products, but also activities: proper hydration, sleep and complete nutrition. As for my personal preferences, I can’t do without makeup remover and red lipstick.

Skin Coach interview with Bozena Spolovich - what does a skin coach do?
Skin Coach- Bożena Społowicz

What kind of women get your attention?

Naturally beautiful. Smiling, unobvious, mysterious. I believe that our beauty comes from within. From our approach to ourselves, self-satisfaction, perception of ourselves but also the world. Self-conscious, contented people spread a special aura around themselves that makes them look beautiful even without makeup. I think it is unmistakable and draws everyone’s attention. A positive attitude also plays a huge role in progress when it comes to skin health. Attitude can conjure up that magical glow.

“I make it possible for women to go out without makeup,” you write on your website. We women are afraid that in the saute version we will have to explain to our girlfriends why we look so pale, as well as fail to attract male gazes… Are we ready for a grooming revolution?

It’s not about abandoning makeup. The goal of my work is to bring the client’s skin and self-perception to a state where she also feels comfortable without makeup and does not have to be ashamed of her own skin. Makeup is optional but not necessary, it is supposed to be a pleasure, not a sad chore. Healthy, beautiful skin is the base, and makeup can only accentuate our assets. However, in my experience, patients after coaching do not feel the need to return to a strong paint job. Much changes not only in the quality of the skin, but also in one’s own mind.

Skin Coach interview with Bożena Społowicz
Bozena Spolovich – book

What do we learn in your book “Skin coach. Your path to beautiful and healthy skin”?

As I mentioned skin coaching is a balancing act between the nuances of skin care, diet and lifestyle. It’s hard to give universal advice in this regard. However, I have tried to share my knowledge and experience so that people who care about gaining awareness about skin health can learn the basics and organize their knowledge. This will not replace skin coaching, of course, and may not be effective for those with major ailments, but it will bring order to nursing decisions. In it, I also share tools to help you get to know your own skin and see where we have gaps in care or lifestyle and what we can improve. In addition, I include recipes for safe cosmetics that you can make yourself – something for those girls who like to be cosmetic alchemists. The whole thing also includes space for our personal notes and observations. Such a dose of knowledge is a great start to improve the condition of your skin. It can be used by anyone, regardless of their age, gender and material status.


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