In the summer, our skin is particularly exposed to external factors. Sunlight, high temperatures or salt water can really take their toll on it. It becomes excessively dry and visible spots and discoloration appear on it. How to take care of your skin after summer? Regeneration and care of the skin is essential. But what else can we do for her? He prompts us dr Izabela Załęska, specialist in aesthetic medicine, an educator and trainer with many years of experience.

Table of Contents:

Dry skin in summer – how does the sun affect the skin?

The rays emitted by the sun, in addition to a beautiful golden-brown tan, have a number of factors that are harmful to our skin. Hours spent in the sun make it not only change its shade, but also its condition. The effect of the sun on the skin can be lamentable. UVA radiation has a huge impact on the process of photoaging of the skin. This is because the rays penetrate deep into the skin and damage collagen fibers, which are responsible for skin tone and elasticity. Then it becomes flabby, dry and wrinkles appear on it.

The second type of radiation, UVB although extremely necessary for proper functioning, also becomes dangerous at high levels. It is UVB rays that are responsible for the formation of tans, and thus pose a risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Contraception vs. tanning

Few women realize that the use of contraception can also have a huge impact on the occurrence of erythema and post-sun discoloration. This is known as photosensitization of the skin, which can take the form of melasma, or irregularly shaped hyperpigmentation. This is because birth control pills contain hormone-progestogens in their composition. They are similarly responsible, like the sun, for the accelerated release of melatonin. As a result, the skin becomes doubly exposed to radiation, and thus the appearance of unwanted spots. To restore its former appearance, the skin needs full regeneration. Therefore, a dermatologist may be the first doctor you should visit.

Hyperpigmentation – what is it?

You’ve probably heard of the term “hyperpigmentation” more than once. These are the spots that appear on the skin when exposed to sunlight. However, they can occur not only as a result of taking birth control pills. About the problem of hyperpigmentation, says Dr. Izabela Załęska, heroine of the 5th. Edition of the book “Success is a Woman.”

“It is important to mention a very important problem that is noticeable after the summer, namely skin hyperpigmentation. Some of them are new changes resulting from our mistakes (we forget that some of the medications you take – such as nlpz like the popular nurofen or ingredients in herbal teas are photosensitizing, we apply perfume to exposed parts of the body while spending long hours outdoors even sitting in café gardens for hours in the sun, or we don’t wipe our bodies while taking water baths on vacation forgetting that a drop of water acts as a lens (…)”

How to take care of your skin after summer? Regeneration and care, advises Dr. Izabela Załęska, specialist in aesthetic medicine
Regenerating and moisturizing the skin is the basis of after-summer care.

While the appearance of spots on the skin is not at all difficult, getting rid of them can already be problematic. Then it takes not only time, but also money, as skin tone lightening treatments can only be performed by an experienced cosmetologist. Microdermabrasion, mesotherapy or acids are just some of the possible treatments we can perform then.

Sunshine vs Botox

Sunlight also has a negative effect on skin that has undergone botulinum toxin treatments. We asked our expert, who is a specialist in aesthetic, medical and therapeutic cosmetology, how exactly this process works. “Botulinum toxin is a substance that is broken down in the muscles and has a specific duration of action (4-6 months). Under the influence of temperature, our muscles begin to metabolize the toxin faster. Particularly important is the time after the treatment (about 10 days), when the development of the toxin’s effect takes place. By tanning at this time, we run the risk that instead of letting the toxin work, our body will break it down, and we won’t get the expected effect.” So it’s a good idea to protect your face with a high UV sunscreen whenever you plan to expose it to the sun’s rays.

Skin problems – skin condition after summer

In summer, however, our skin is exposed to much more harmful external factors: salt or chlorinated water, wind and high temperatures. Bathing in salt water make affect the condition of the skin even if it was previously in good condition. When we are on vacation, we rarely have time to apply regenerative masks, and because of the sunbathing, we have to give up scrubbing. On top of that, in summer we often indulge in dietary frenzies and colorful drinks, which are no small matter for our skin. Consequently, during these 2-3 months, her condition deteriorates significantly. “There is irritation, dryness and even a kind of roughness of the skin,” she says. – as our expert mentions.

Therefore, the absolute minimum is to regenerate and nourish the skin. You can use oils or masks containing shea butter. It should also be gently cleansed, if only by using a gentle enzyme scrub. Acids should wait until autumn.

Where do skin problems come from after summer?

Most of the skin problems during the vacations come from inadequate protection of the skin from external factors. Research on this subject doesn’t lie either. Even every second Polish woman does not use a UV sunscreen or chooses the one with the lowest. Our expert, Dr. In an interview with us, Izabela Załęska mentioned that this is primarily due to too little education on the subject among the public. Women know neither why to use sunscreen, nor which one to choose, nor how often to apply it.

The statistics also leave no illusions. About 3,500 people in Poland are diagnosed with melanoma, a skin cancer, every year. Therefore, UV sunscreen should be used all year round regardless of skin type. If there are any worrying signs, more visible than usual blood vessels or moles the first doctor to visit is a dermatologist.

Problem skin in autumn

Many people who struggle with a problem such as acne notice a significant improvement in the summer. As Dr. Załęska says: “It is worth mentioning problematic skins with acne, which, when exposed to sunbathing during the summer due to UV radiation and the full mechanism of action of the anaerobic bacterium priopionibacterium acne, look better and the lesions are less severe, but in autumn the problem often returns with redoubled force.” Therefore, even if we initially see an improvement, it is worth taking care of it especially in the summer. After all, we don’t want to hole up at home in autumn because of how our complexion looks. Under no circumstances should the acne treatment prescribed by the doctor be interrupted either. The disappearance of imperfections during the summer may only be a brief illusion. Regeneration and restoration can be much more difficult than we think. A dermatologist or aesthetic doctor may then recommend not only treatments such as microdermabrasion or acids, but may also need to use an antibiotic.

Protection of the skin from harmful agents

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself from negative external factors. “Skin care in the summer is all about properly securing skin hydration and protecting against radiation through SPF care. These are our two main tasks, but we must not forget that our care during this period should still be adapted to the type and age of our skin.” – advises Dr. Izabela Załęska.

How to take care of your skin after summer? Regeneration and care, advises Dr. Izabela Załęska, specialist in aesthetic medicine
Regardless of the season, use moisturizer and UV sunscreen.

So it’s a good idea to use age- and skin-appropriate deep moisturizing creams, oils and filters to protect against the sun’s dangerous rays. This is especially important in people who have visible blood vessels. This will ensure that the skin will be in much better shape in the autumn after the summer. Then you will deal with the dryness of the skin much faster, and its regeneration after summer will take place in a shorter time.

How to take care of your skin after summer at home?

“I very much dislike the strong demarcation of care strictly into periods of the seasons, because proper skin care selected by a specialist taking into account the needs of the skin should be taken into account throughout the year,” says our expert, who is also the author of numerous publications and scientific articles related to this topic. This means that we should not make a distinction in taking care of the skin for summer and autumn. It should be cared for the same way 365 days a year. This will make it well prepared for the vacation season, but also less irritated and dry afterwards.

What is the difference between summer and autumn skin care?

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreens should not be discontinued once summer is over. Our expert repeatedly during our conversation stresses the importance of using them at any time of the year. Just because the sun is hidden behind clouds doesn’t mean its radiation doesn’t reach us. In the case of vascular skin, when, through inadequate care, the capillaries become even more visible, the dermatologist may recommend the use of still other creams, such as those containing hyaluronic acid. It will help restore proper hydration to the skin, and thus improve its outward appearance as well.

Autumn is also the time to rebuild the skin barrier that was disrupted after summer. Getting rid of keratinized epidermis and moisturizing the deep layers of the skin is the basis of care during this time. “It is worth reaching for chemical peels, ceramides, emollients, but speaking of ingredients, always remember that they should be meticulously selected by a specialist according to the condition, condition and biological age of the skin,” advises Dr. Izabela Załęska.

What treatments are worth getting from a beautician?

However, skin care in autumn differs in that you can then benefit from intensive treatments from a beautician. Chemical peels have a wide range of effects, so they are always tailored to individual needs. With their help you can deeply moisturize the skin, exfoliate dead skin or get rid of unsightly spots. However, they have many more benefits. After a chemical peel, the skin becomes firm and supple, and fine wrinkles are smoothed out. It is not only an improvement in skin condition, but also an anti-aging treatment.

Accelerated recovery

In order for skin regeneration to occur faster, it is also worthwhile to use a dead skin exfoliation treatment. It is microdermabrasion. Unlike acids, this is a mechanical peeling. It helps get rid of enlarged pores and sun spots. Not many people also know that it is an effective treatment in the fight… against stretch marks! It will not only improve the condition of your skin after summer, but also prepare it for the next one! Using your favorite natural oils for this you will get amazing results.

In addition to acid treatments, needle or needle-free mesotherapy is also ideal. The vitamin cocktails used for it may also contain hyaluronic acid, which will further make it moisturize from the inside. Thanks to them, the regeneration of the skin after summer will happen much faster.

Laser therapy after summer – skin regeneration

Laser therapy is also worthwhile after summer. Laser action also has many benefits and is a great alternative for people who are allergic to any component of a peel or have dilated capillaries. “Basically, in autumn I will be able to incorporate a large part of chemical peels, which are not allowed during the summer, it is a good time to go to specialized offices for laser therapy treatments, which I advise against during the intense sunshine,” Dr. Izabela hints.

Healthy skin according to Izabela Załęska

Izabela Załęska is a doctor by profession and an international expert in aesthetic, medical and therapeuticcosmetology. He is a great educator and trainer. He also teaches other doctors in postgraduate programs. She became the heroine of the 5th. Edition of the book “Success is a Woman.” He is also the co-creator of the cosmetics line of the British brand Body Empire. On a daily basis, she works at the Youth Clinic in Krakow and a network of medical clinics in the UK.

She doesn’t treat her patients in a standard way and doesn’t recommend the same therapy for everyone: “First of all, I always perform a multispectral skin analysis in patients, where in different light allows me to mature skin lesions invisible to the naked eye. It is the examination of the skin that allows me to determine the degree of any hyperpigmentation, but also to determine their location whether they are epidermal, dermal or dermal-epidermal because depending on the depth of their location I have to choose the type of effective therapy.”

How to take care of your skin after summer? Regeneration and care, advises Dr. Izabela Załęska, specialist in aesthetic medicine
Proper care at home is half the battle in caring for beautiful skin.

Proper supplementation

In addition to home care and the use of beauty treatments, it is also worth implementing proper supplementation and not forgetting to hydrate the body. Among the most important vitamins to take then are vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin B3, vitamin C, D and E. Silicon and sulfur, on the other hand, speed up the process of exfoliation of dead skin after a scrub, and collagen will make it regenerate faster and hydrate from the inside.

Beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside

If you’re wondering how to take care of your skin after the summer, first of all, you need to remember that none of these three elements: home care, beauty treatments and supplementation will have the desired results when used separately. In order to keep our skin hydrated, firm and radiant not only in the summer, all three steps should be kept in mind. “It is also very important that the office therapy implemented by the specialist is consistent with good and responsible home care, but also a holistic approach to the skin. Many of our skin’s post-summer problems like its irritation or the exacerbation of certain skin lesions also require attention to our entire body like our diet and lifestyle,” concludes our expert.

Ready for the autumn and winter season!

If you already know how to take care of your skin after summer, you can confidently prepare for the autumn and winter season. Keep in mind that how our skin looks on the outside is closely related to the health of the entire body. Therefore, drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep and find time to relax.

PS. Don’t forget the sunscreen, too!


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