You barely open your eyes in the morning, and your child already wants something from you. You run to make breakfast, then put the washing machine on, try to get dressed, and you already hear the refrigerator open again. After all, you haven’t even had time to clean up after the previous feeding yet. In the meantime, a phone call, some business … and hanging laundry to put in another already. Do you know it? Probably all too well. And no matter if you have one or three children, it’s never easy. Although you love them the strongest in the world, sometimes you just have enough. How to be a mom and not go crazy?

Endless list of tasks

Being a mom is a difficult art. However, no one ever said it would be easy. Sometimes you recall with fondness the time when you were alone. When you had time for wine with friends, spontaneous trips with your beloved, and a long evening in the bath with a book. Now you constantly hear voices in your head that alternate between “Mom, I want to eat” or “I still have to vacuum.” The list of tasks and without children has always been long, but now it seems endless. The truth is that before noon comes, she, instead of getting smaller, will only get longer. With children it’s hard to plan anything, after all, anything can happen. Literally. From a bruised knee to a three-day fever that came from nowhere.

How to be a mom and not go crazy?

This is a question every mom probably tries to answer, and at least several times a day. How do you reconcile everything together, and in the midst of all this find time for yourself and your partner? To keep your wits about you and enjoy motherhood, the editors of GentleWoman have prepared a guide in 5 steps.

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With so many responsibilities, you have a right to feel tired.

Find time just for yourself

An outing to the beautician, a walk in the park, a favorite book on a hammock in the garden, or maybe going out for a drink with a friend? Do something yourself at least once a week. No children. So that the head can rest from the onslaught of duties and constant shouting. So that you can miss your children. Getting out of the house alone even for an hour or two can really work wonders. Don’t look at the phone then. Agree with your household members that they call only in a really crisis situation. Try then to relax and clear your head. Think about everything but what you’re going to make for dinner tomorrow.

You don’t have to do everything

The truth is that “it to the letter” never ends . On top of that, there are day-to-day issues, like cleaning up toys. But do you have to clean them from inside every 15 minutes? After all, in a moment they will be in exactly the same place. You can calmly do it once, at the end of the day.

There are also many other activities that can quietly wait until you have more time or someone to help. A bit of dust on the shelves hasn’t killed anyone yet. You should stop making up extra tasks for yourself and focus on the most important ones. Better to devote this time to your children, enjoy motherhood and go a little crazy.

Delegate responsibilities

If you already think something necessarily needs to be done and you no longer have the time or strength to do it, don’t be afraid to delegate responsibilities to others. Older children can certainly help you unpack the dishwasher or take out the trash. The same goes for the partner. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t bite, and neither does he. It is also his home and his children, so he should participate regularly in all household chores. You can prepare a schedule or simply divide the duties. This will make it easier for you to find time in all this just for yourself.

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Your child has not only a mother, but also a father, so divide your responsibilities so that you can find time just for yourself.

It is also repeatedly mentioned on her blog trainer and mother, Marta Stoberska : “A mother needs time without her child. She needs time for herself to recharge her batteries and get back to mental balance and thus -. be a happy grandmother and mother and…partner . Trust me – grandmothers have their parenting flare-ups, but those 2h of fairy tales or pancake with sugar are not worth your depression. The child’s father will also super embrace – and even if he does it most awkwardly – the child will not get hurt. I’m assuming the old man won’t go out with the newborn on a bike or tandem skydive with the 6-year-old while you go out for nails and lunch (…)”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Now that you know that you don’t have to do everything, and what’s more, you can calmly delegate responsibilities, you should also know about asking for help. Don’t be afraid to do it. You are not alone. Many moms have a problem with this. Why? Because they think they are irreplaceable. Because they think they will do everything best.

You can also order a company or hire a person to clean the entire apartment once a month or more often. This will allow you to relax and spend time with your family. The undoubted advantage of such a service is still the fact that finally in the house will be cleaned decently all those places that you usually do not look into, because you forget about it or most simply do not have time for it.

Marta Stoberska writes on her blog also about the importance of asking for help: “Alone at the beginning of the maternity journey, I thought I would figure everything out on my own, that after all it was JUST A MATTER OF ORGANIZATION! Working out, ditching lactation, healthy eating, workouts, angelic patience with the toddler, a cleaned cottage, a clean loo and…worst of all – not allowing help. Even when you snarl your face against the panels. And you are less and less patient. And you are falling faster and faster into anger. And you start to get so tired that one by one you collapse everything you had set up for yourself, but you won’t rest – because who WILL TAKE A CHILD? Who will take care as well – as you – one would like to add (…)”

Do what you love

Including all of them, find something you love and do it. Maybe it’s home workouts, maybe painting, or maybe meditation. Try to infect your children with your passion as well. This way you will spend time together and have a great time at the same time. Doing together what makes you happy will also make you yourself take a break from the hardships of motherhood, and devote time to your passions. Remember that you don’t really have to give up anything. All it takes is a little creative invention.

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Sports activities together will make you have a great time and at the same time spend time as a family.

Happy mom, happy baby

It is said that a happy mother is a happy child. That’s why it’s so important that you feel fulfilled in motherhood, but also have time just for yourself. Everyone needs it, after all. Then both your head and body will have time to recover and gain distance from everything.

If you are rested and, above all, relaxed, you will become more productive and not go crazy. And yet the journey through life with children is just beginning. So buckle up and move ahead! You are GentleWoman, you can do it. Don’t forget that.


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