The trend known as Old Money, manifesting luxury through subtlety and modesty, is gaining popularity. It is characterized by its apparent simplicity, but in fact it is the details that make it unique. Carefully selected cuts and materials enrich classic combinations, while emphasizing the aesthetics traditionally associated with high society. “Old money,” as this is the literal English term for this style, is a choice for those who are looking not only for minimalism in fashion, but above all for an unchanging mark of quality.

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What is Old Money style?

There are quite a few trends, some emerging and others disappearing. Old Money style, or modesty in luxury, is becoming an increasingly popular choice. It seems a fairly simple solution, although nuances are of great importance in this case. The right details allow us to effectively replicate the aesthetics associated with the upper class, where estates are inherited from generation to generation. Aspiring to these circles requires a lot of fashion sense.

Old Money
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Old Money is a specific style, for elegance and high quality go hand in hand, but it is modesty that dominates. There is a clear reference to the closet of the upper classes, and therefore to wealthy people with titles of nobility. This fashion trend has its roots among the elite, including British school students and the aristocracy or royalty. In no way is this about flaunting wealth, on the contrary, minimalism and so-called “quiet” luxury and true classics rule. Old Money’s aesthetics are firmly rooted in tradition, culture and values, and such a solid foundation does not allow one to manifest one’s wealth in a kitschy way.

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You don’t have to have aristocratic roots to wear Old Money style. There are unwritten rules to keep in mind when you want to create styles in this climate. Simplicity in luxury reigns here, in view of this looki (styling) is based exclusively on capsule closet items. Subdued colors, simple cuts and unobtrusiveness, so avoiding logos are the hallmarks of this trend. It is important to refine each juxtaposition, because nuances play a big role. The whole must be consistent and properly balanced. The key to success in this case is the slogan “less is more.” The glamour is absolutely out, so the jewelry should be delicate. Hair and makeup must only be a subtle addition, in no way dominating. Also remember to make sure your outfit is neat.

Subdued colors dominate the Old Money style. White with black and bright shades prevail, right next to them we can see blue denim or delicate prints in the form of stripes and checks. Perfectly hemmed seams, tasteful buttons – small nuances make subdued fabrics look even more luxurious. Old Money is an option for fans of minimalism and those who appreciate quality. The styling is minimalist, but the clothing and accessories are distinguished by their high price. It is not at all about buying products from the most famous brands, but about basing yourself on premium items that delight above all with good composition. After our juxtapositions, it will not be at all apparent how much we spent, because the whole thing will be subtle, modest and very simple. Trademarks are not welcome because elites do not care about bragging about branded items. They want to look classy, so there is absolutely no question of kitsch, flashy logos and spectacular glamour.

Old money
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Popular fashions

Classic juxtapositions are the first thought that comes to mind after seeing styling in the Old Money climate. A base closet allows us to successfully copy the style of the elite – sophisticated, elegant and timeless. Among the most popular cuts are the straight ones. We mainly stick to the well-known basics. In the closet, therefore, wool coats, linen shirts, tweed outfits, leather shoes, a “little black”, trench coats, v-neck sweaters and high-quality denim will come in handy. Women’s Old Money styling is abundant. Ladies usually choose light-colored pants with a wider leg and combine them with a cardigan, an elegant blouse and comfortable moccasins. A leather handbag, belt and gold jewelry elevate a simple combination to a higher level. Elegant dresses are perfect for everyday styling and for larger outings, as are ensembles. Men definitely opt for shirts with collars, both very tasteful ones and more comfortable polo models. Straight-leg pants, blazers, oxfords or classic sneakers – these are the things that make up a guy’s closet in the Old Money climate.

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The elites have vast fortunes, but when building a closet they focus on making it functional and timeless. This is a well-thought-out action, because classic cuts allow us to create different combinations regardless of the season. Casual items fit perfectly, plus they are always available from premium brands. The best example is the trench coat, which goes well with dresses, as well as with jeans and a white shirt. Unforced elegance defends itself not only in office lookups, but also in everyday ones and on many other occasions. Old Money’s discreet style is a nod to immortal classics, but in this case, quality definitely prevails!

Old money
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Material structure

At first glance, Old Money style is not at all associated with exceptional luxury. Upon closer inspection, one quickly notices that only very expensive, high-quality items are worn. This is a hidden code and a characteristic of this fashion trend. Elites choose outfits made primarily of natural materials. Accessories must be leather, and sweaters must be wool or cashmere. Silk is extremely desirable, as is linen or viscose. Small additions of synthetics are allowed, as they are able to improve the properties of many garments. Old Money style is all about the details, and good quality items despite simple cuts always provide a wow effect. Heirs to the aristocracy and landowners care about their image as well as their comfort, so they can’t imagine wearing cheap polyester and other artificial fabrics that scratch, bite and ball up unsightly.

Old Money
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A lot of fashion potential is also hidden in minimalist accessories. Leather accessories in the form of plain bags and belts, silk scarves and large, elegant glasses, ballerinas, moccasins – they turn up the simple combinations while giving them even more class. Luxury clothes, as well as accessories, will last for years when we take proper care of them. This is an investment not to be spared, especially when it comes to Old Money. It is possible to look classy without spending a lot of money, because all you have to do is look for bargain prices or purchase quality second-hand items.

Old Money Style Icons

In a fairly short time, the Old Money style, which is characterized by unforced elegance, has become extremely desirable. Many people are looking for inspiration because they want classic, yet unique loos. Sofia Richie is considered the most famous representative of this fashion trend. The Instagram star and daughter of Leon Richie mixes white and black with extraordinary flair, as well as elegant items with simple basics. He focuses on quality, chic and class, although he allows himself to subtly tweak combinations with unobvious accessories. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosie Huntington Whiteley are other famous women who have fallen in love with the style of heirs to great fortunes. Stylish wool coats are worn with heeled shoes and wide-legged pants, and they don’t forget luxury accessories and expensive sweaters. It is also worth taking inspiration from the old styles of real icons from the upper classes, from Jackie Keneddy to Princess Diana.

Old Money
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The series contributed greatly to Old Money’s success. “Succession” is number one when it comes to classic styling straight from aristocratic circles. To a lesser extent, “quiet luxury” is shown in “Gossip Girl,” as more of a pretty style prevails here, i.e. the fashion of American elites attending universities such as Harvard and Yale. Men’s and women’s sets from these productions are easily transferred to your closet. “Downton Abbey” is another series that proves to be a real mine of inspiration when it comes to this style. Ready-made patterns are a mass, but remember that luxury must be subtle and quality visible!

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