But a trip aboard the Rovos Rail is not only about beautiful interiors, but also about the views outside the window: from scenic Mapimalanga to the lush reed fields of KwaZulu-Natal and the unearthly Garden Route along the Cape’s southern coast. This is by far the world’s most luxurious train. If we are not fond of visiting tourist attractions located in the major cities of Europe, which are besieged with crowds of people, and we want to admire the wildlife and immeasurable lands of southern Africa and delve into the history of the continent, the Rovos Rail tour will meet all our requirements.

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Welcome to the Orient Express

To understand the phenomenon of the Rovos Railroad, it is necessary to move back to October 4, 1883 for a moment. That’s when the Express d’Orient – or the world’s most luxurious train – set off from the Gare de l’Est station in Paris toward Stabmuel. Passengers on the train passed through Strasbourg, Munich, Vienna, Budapest or Bucharest. Express d’Orient was the first name of the glamorous train, which was renamed Orient Express in 1891.
Created by Georges Nagelmackers, it was equipped with sleeping cars and also had a restaurant car. The menu was full of the most elaborate dishes such as oysters and chaud froid. It was not only the flavors and smells that impressed, but also the decor. The wagons were overflowing with wood, leather upholstery, silks and wool. Such notable figures as Bulgarian ruler Ferdinand I Coburg and Belgian King Leopold II are said to have traveled by rail.
Unfortunately, the First World War interrupted the running of the Orient Express, but on 11.11.1918, in car number 2419, officers from Germany signed the act of surrender. World War II also halted the train’s operations, while the post-war order changed its route quite a bit, and luxury cars began to be mixed with ordinary ones. Slowly, the train’s range was reduced so that in the 1960s. Rename it the Arlberg Express. On December 12, 2009, the last train with a historic connection to the original Orient Express started its journey.

History likes to repeat itself

However, the stylish fleet of railcars was not allowed to become a thing of the past. Back in the 1970s. In the 1970s, part of the Orient Express at an auction in Monte Carlo was bought by American millionaire James Sherwood. Thanks to his efforts, the train started running again. Today, a trip from London to Venice costs approx. 2,000 pounds per person, and passengers can expect to be served by a personal steward, luxury meals or the sounds of a piano.
There are no showers in the carriages, in addition, there is a dress code, you can not enter the vehicle in jeans, for example.

However, the spaces of the Orient Express are so impressive that they have also been used in elegant commercials and films. An example is the Chanel no 5 perfume ad, which perfectly shows the glamour and aesthetics of the interiors.

Rovos Rail: an alternative or a new quality?

However, let’s return to the “Pearl of Africa.” Today, the world’s most luxurious train making travel in the Black Continent possible introduces a whole new quality. This trip is for travelers who want to familiarize themselves with the abundant history of the cities visited, and for those who appreciate good staff, well-kept cabins and carriage interiors that faithfully reflect their original Edwardian style. The long journey can be a challenge for many people, but the comfort and attractions that Rovos Rail travel provides will definitely make up for it. Wildlife can be dangerous, but at the same time fascinating and original. Rovos Rail surprises. It is detached from reality. It’s like a time machine moving along the tracks of southern Africa. You will be amazed by the perfect organization and care of guests and the heritage of the train. Interestingly, the railroad has not changed ownership since its inception and is still owned by the Vos family. .

The price of luxury

The elitism of the railroad is also determined by the price you have to pay to stay on the train. Costs range between £1,030 for a three-day trip, to as much as £34,450 for 28 days of unforgettable adventure. Rovos has the largest collection of old railcars in the world. Their elaborate restoration, reflecting the old charm, has left people in awe. The interior architecture of a train is an art in itself. Each cabin accommodates 2 people, with a choice of twin beds or two single beds. The rooms also have bathrooms, where original architecture mixes with modern technology. Each carriage is air-conditioned.

Titanic of the 21st century

Considering the decor, the etiquette in force and the solemn atmosphere, it can be said that the world’s most luxurious train is the Titanic on the tracks. It’s hard to get bored on it: Rovos Rail offers additional excursions and African sightseeing, such as a visit to Victoria Falls, a visit to a premier safari and a trip to iconic Cape Town. The train can also be rented for special events by arranging impressive weddings or banquets.
Everything at Rovos Rail is presented with great precision. Staffing is no different. It consists of a dedicated team of people who are under the constant supervision of personal trainers. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, people in charge of air conditioning and the chief maintenance man keep the train running. Waiters polish the cutlery and make sure that every fork, knife or plate is always on the table. This train also employs ladies to wash and iron things.

Rovos Rail train
Rovos Rail

Kitchen on Rovos Rail

Dbałość o menu to kolejna cecha pokładu pociągu. It’s hard not to taste the cuisine at Rovos Rail, as each dish is prepared with incredible perfection and precision. You will find many traditional dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients. During this journey, beware of gaining extra weight. When the gong strikes 7:30 pm, a five-course meal is served to the table. The menu also includes a wide range of wines from southern Africa, which are served with each course.

Extremely luxurious

The class of Rovos Rail travel is evidenced not only by the price one pays for a trip, but also by the dress code on board. During the day you can walk around dressed causuallly, but in the evenings formal attire is mandatory.
You can boldly add the Rovos Rail trip to the list of things to do in your life. While Africa can be explored in thousands of different ways, nothing will guarantee a trip to the past and as luxurious as Rovos Rail.

From Poland to South Africa thanks to luxury travel

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