Menopause is a moment that many women (and not only!) fear, because contrary to popular belief, it can also affect men. However, it is in the ladies that a number of changes occur that affect their entire lives. The signs of aging can effectively worsen their mood and lower their self-confidence. So it is worth knowing how it manifests itself and how to deal with the symptoms of menopause. It really doesn’t have to be the end of the world, but the beginning of a whole new adventure. Appropriate menopause medications and lifestyle changes can be effective in alleviating symptoms.

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What is menopause?

Puberty has many different names. It is also known as menopause or menopause. This is the stage in a woman’s life when menstruation stops, which is the result of the setting of gonadal function. When hormonal ovarian function ceases, estrogen also disappears. Because of which, osteoporosis and even heart disease are more common. It most often occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55. However, the problem can also affect much younger women of reproductive age. According to the study, even One in a thousand women before the age of 30. Year old may suffer from menopause. However, regardless of age, this is a difficult diagnosis for many women to accept. Why? That’s because it’s the stage between procreative age and the onset of aging, which for many simply means the end of the world.

Women fear menopause

This is because with menopause comes a series of undesirable symptoms and the end of dreams of having children. Women are also afraid of it because it clings to the patch that they are just old. If you’ve been following the lives of the four friends in the TV series “Sex in the City,” you surely remember the moment when Samantha was saddened to discover that this problem also affects her. Crying, denial and disbelief… these were the feelings that accompanied her at that moment. On top of that, there were also symptoms that could effectively make her life difficult. The menopause period, therefore, primarily arouses anxiety about what comes next and what changes it will bring to life.

menopause menopause mature woman
Many women are concerned about menopause.

The end of menstruation

The first sign that menopause is approaching is the disappearance of menstruation. However, this is not very obvious especially in young women who have been menstruating very irregularly until now. If they additionally trained intensively, the period could disappear for up to a dozen weeks. Menopause, on the other hand, means the last menstrual period followed by no more bleeding for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. If other symptoms are added, there are no longer any illusions that it is something other than menopause. These symptoms can also worsen over time, so it’s a good idea to see a specialist as soon as possible.

Painful relations

Due to a number of hormonal changes, collagen production also decreases, which has a huge impact on the appearance of the skin. It becomes flabby and loses its elasticity. Then not only the wrinkles on the face become more visible. Noticeable in the first place is vaginal dryness. This causes pain and discomfort during intimate intercourse… and decrease in libido . Even those ladies who previously loved sex not infrequently give it up completely overnight.

Symptoms of menopause

Other specific symptoms of menopause include, first of all, suddenly appearing hot flashes and night sweats. They usually occur in the head, neck and décolletage area. On top of that, hyperhidrosis can also be very troublesome, especially for women who are still active. But these are not the only symptoms. As changes in ovarian hormonal function occur, changes in moods also occur. They are similar to those of PMS, but much more noticeable. Deterioration accompanying menopause does not go away on its own over time, so it is worth seeing a specialist to help combat it.

Poor well-being

Mood swings are more common in menopausal women. In an instant, the mood can change 180 degrees. Many women cannot cope with these changes and even need to meet with a psychologist to help them cope with the changes. But it is not only the psychologist who may be necessary. To deal with the symptoms of menopause, it is also a good idea to go to a gynecologist , who will prescribe a hormone treatment containing estrogens. This allows you to effectively take control of your life and enjoy it like never before. And contrary to appearances, there is what!

Pros of menopause

The menopause period also has many pluses. First of all, women who are in or after can have sex without fear of unwanted pregnancy. As a number of hormonal changes take place, it is no longer possible to get pregnant. For many women, this is of great importance because they can dispense with birth control pills, which may also have given them a number of unwanted symptoms such as mood or weight fluctuations. This makes sex much more enjoyable, and post-menopausal women openly say even better than ever before. “After menopause, my erotic life flourished. For the first time, the thoughts that I would not get pregnant disappeared.” – 53-year-old Barbara writes on the forum. She is not alone in this, as her comment had hundreds of likes, openly echoed by other women. Sex also has a relaxing effect, which can further alleviate symptoms of menopause.

woman over 50 menopause
Puberty can start a whole new phase in a woman’s life.

Premature menopause

But the inability to have menopause-related offspring is not always a cause for joy. Especially in young women who suffer from premature menopause. Fortunately, unlike physiological menopause, it is a reversible process. To do this, it is necessary to go to a gynecologist, who will prescribe the appropriate hormone treatment containing estrogen, and thus restore the woman’s chance of getting pregnant. To date, no clear cause of premature menopause has been identified, but it is most often related to the presence of autoimmune diseases, Hashimoto’s or type 1 diabetes. Chronic stress, poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle are also not insignificant.

How to diagnose menopause?

Although menopausal women have a number of specific symptoms, it can still be confused with other conditions. So to be 100% sure, you can take a special test, which is available for purchase at I had any pharmacy, or use laboratory tests. For this purpose, a thyroid panel is performed and the levels of sex hormones, among others, are tested. Folliculotropic (FSH), luteotropic (LH), estradiol and progesterone.

How to deal with menopause?

Coping with the symptoms of menopause can be done in different ways. Everything depends primarily on their severity. Hormone replacement therapy (HTZ) can be implemented in women who endure it particularly hard. It can quickly and effectively alleviate a decline in libido or mood swings. Vitamin supplementation is also a good option. Extremely valuable here are phytoestrogens and vitamin D, which inhibit the loss of bone mass, protecting against osteoporosis. To choose the best treatment for you, you should consult your doctor. However, if the symptoms are bearable, it is enough to implement a healthy lifestyle, including a proper balanced diet and physical activity. For women who have hitherto rather shunned sports, yoga may be the ideal solution. Getting enough sleep and reducing stress is also important. Herbal infusions based on immaculate, Chinese angelica, Siberian ginseng and sage can also help improve mood. They also have a positive effect on women suffering from insomnia and night sweats.

Home remedies for menopause symptoms

Menopause can be a good way to completely change your lifestyle, as homemade and natural ways of dealing with it can yield amazing results. Seemingly, these are simple changes, but their implementation in the case of menopause symptoms can effectively alleviate them without any pharmacology. After work, it is worth indulging in moments of relaxation just for yourself, for this you can go for a longer walk, try meditation or indulge in reading overdue books. Go to bed earlier to allocate 7-8 hours a night for sleep, and introduce a seasonal diet that is not only healthy, but also cheaper. This will make the menopause period not so scary at all.

Aesthetic gynecology

As for the symptoms associated with vaginal dryness, you can prevent them by using moisturizers for intimate areas or take advantage of the benefits of aesthetic gynecology. There are a number of treatments that can not only improve the appearance of the intimate area, but also make sex enjoyable and satisfying again. One of the most popular treatments is laser treatment for vaginal dryness. Even after the first visit to the clinic, there is a significant improvement in the firmness and elasticity of the skin, which directly translates into an improved quality of intimate life.

A woman’s life begins after menopause

Although menopause seems like an extremely scary time in a woman’s life, nothing could be further from the truth. It can be the beginning of a whole new life and the impetus to implement changes for which there was no time or desire before. A healthy lifestyle will not only reduce the symptoms of menopause, but will also make a woman look and feel better. So treat menopause not as the autumn of life, but a whole new beginning. Use all possible ways to deal with it, and you will see that this period is not at all as terrible as they paint it. This is confirmed by many menopausal women. As soon as the first symptoms of menopause appear see a specialist, and then enjoy life to the fullest!


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