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What is the zodiacal Libra like?

Libra is born between September 23 and October 24. It is an autumn zodiac sign, somewhat withdrawn, but full of balance. Prudent and romantic, she is an excellent wife and mother. Some Scales choose to be single, to be single, to live solo. A woman under the sign of Libra likes to party when she is young. In his mature years, he chooses to read books. Her life is going perfectly, superbly, exceptionally, because Mrs. Libra values order, plans and carries out her plans step by step. Libra is closed in on himself, but has a few close people from whom he opens his heart, whom he wants to trust. This makes him feel better and more confident.

What is the dream job for a Libra?

Libra often chooses professions, opting for professions in law, medicine, sometimes a manager of companies. Her salary is high, so she can afford to buy expensive, expensive clothes, perfumes and jewelry.

Weight in bed and sex.

Libra likes, appreciates, chooses gentle, subtle sex with a man close to her. He does not like romance, and values lasting relationships. They are of great value to her and she makes these connections quickly, in her youth, during her college or even school days. The most important thing for the Scales is to have a nice time with a loved one.

What zodiac sign suits Libra?

Scales are close to Aries, Twins, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Libra is a sign full of balance and likes to establish relationships with others for years – their friendships are truly long-lasting and give them much joy and pleasure. Every Libra values a life of balance, harmony.


Perfume for the zodiac sign Libra.

Libra likes, appreciates perfumes, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, but only the subtle, delicate ones, that is, waters with the scent of lily of the valley, roses or carnations. The slightly bitter notes in the perfume do not bother her. I can’t stand, can’t tolerate very strong, long-lasting and somewhat suffocating perfumes. Scales has few fragrances, but there are a couple of bottles of perfumes with delicate scents in her bathroom. He buys small bottles because he likes to change fragrances, perfumes, or eau de parfum. He is most likely to choose perfumes from well-known designers, even at several hundred zlotys per bottle. Such perfumes, eau de parfum, eau de toilette please her and give her a lot of joy and pleasure. Every Libra wants the best for himself, wants to ensure an exceptional life. She buys excellent perfumes for her friends. She earns a lot and can always afford it.

What is Libra’s lucky color?

Libra loves, loves, appreciates purples and pinks. This combination suits her best, even perfectly. In mature years, he chooses black and white. This combination is good for business meetings, at work. In private moments after work, however, he wears colors that are more cheerful and mood-enhancing, adding optimism. Libra appreciates, appreciates beautiful colors that enhance her beauty.

Libra woman – clothing.

The choice of colors is important, and Libra is a master in this matter, in this subject. The Weight Closet is perfectly prepared. The closet contains unique clothes. To buy clothes Libra does not begrudge money, spends a lot of funds. He doesn’t buy clothes often, but reaches for those of good designers.

Dreamer – what does Libra dream about?


Libra’s motto.

Libra’s motto: To live in balance and harmony is their motto for life.



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