How to translate a dream about children? What does the dream about children mean?

Children, toddlers are noise and trouble, problems, complications. Some people have enough of them on a daily basis. Sometimes, occasionally, children dream at night, and such dreams need to be able to interpret. A child is a good, beneficial, favorable, optimistic sleep. If a clean, bathed, smelling and calm baby appears in a dream it means good events, a successful future, the present. However, if the child loses weight, loses weight suddenly and falls off the swing then trouble is certain, guaranteed. A dirty child means financial troubles, it means monetary complications. A child, a toddler, a toddler means innocence as well as hope, so dreams in which there are children perfectly, brilliantly, magnificently work. They bring hope and promise a very bright, optimistic, good future. A young child means joy and complete satisfaction with life, enjoyment of existence. It is nice to see, to see such a child in a dream, in a daydream.

Dream about children

A little girl in a dream, in dreams means contentment, joy, an indication that it is worthwhile to take care, to take care of friends and acquaintances. The boy in the dream means, symbolizes strength of purpose and consistency in all actions, activities.

A crying baby means problems, financial problems, of a financial nature. A child dying means big financial problems and even bankruptcy, a total loss of finances. If something bad happens to a child in a dream, it signifies the problems of a person who sees a crying toddler in a dream, dreams about such a child.


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