Running is great! It improves our well-being, appearance, but also can be the start of interesting relationships – if we decide to run in groups or at least in pairs. Through this activity, we strengthen the heart and positively influence thought processes. Running also helps us maintain a healthy weight. In fact, it is difficult to find a part of the body that would not be well affected. We invite you to the 5th Run for Independence – a running festival in the Royal Baths, organized by the Independent Woman’s Foundation.

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Stress – to collect thoughts or, on the contrary, to switch off, to cut off from daily problems for a while. Running is a great form of stress relief.

Intestines – better blood supply to the organs through physical activity also means a positive effect on digestive processes, and thus normalization of weight and harmonious metabolism.

Pancreas – this important organ is the body’s guardian in the fight against diabetes. By lowering blood sugar levels through physical activity, we relieve stress on the pancreas and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50%.

Joints and bones – as we strengthen our muscles, we also strengthen their scaffolding.

Did you know that…?
Running has been proven to be an activity that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with osteoarthritis and lowers the risk of osteoporosis.

Better overall condition. Thanks to running, we lower systolic blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, making recreational runners much less likely to suffer heart attacks or hypercholesterolemia. High cholesterol, in turn, also means “clogged” blood vessels – so regular activity is also a supercharger for the circulatory system.

Running for independence
Photo provided by the Independent Woman’s Foundation

Do you want to start a running adventure and meet interesting people?
Soon you can take part in a unique event. The short distance and beautiful natural circumstances are a good incentive to try your hand at a new activity. However, experienced runners and joggers are also invited to join the Run for Independence – anyone with a philosophy of promoting physical activity and building healthy relationships and a sense of self-determination.

The 5th Run for Independence – a running festival in the Royal Baths

Can you coast on passion, good relationships, health and self-esteem?
Of course it is! – especially if one runs with courage and the right intention. That’s why the GentleWoman portal is taking over the media patronage of a great event – the 5th Run for Independence, which will be held already on August 27 in the Royal Baths in Warsaw. We encourage you to take off!

Is it worth it to start running? We have no doubt that they will! First, it is an extremely democratic activity. In most cases, you don’t need specialized equipment. You can run at any time and on any terrain. You don’t have to be an exceptionally physically fit person either – running is for almost everyone, whether you are active on a daily basis or not. Graduate the difficulty – start with small distances and a slower pace and if you feel more confident – gradually increase it. Running allows you to shed stress and often regain control over important things – after all, you decide the rhythm and the path you choose. Just like in life. You can run alone or in a group – there is always something for you. Running is undoubtedly inspiring – it can become not only an important physical activity, but also a passion, an activity that will entail significant changes. And we want to inspire health, challenge and independence. And that’s why GentleWoman is taking patronage of a very special event – the Run for Independence.

Running for independence
Photo provided by the Independent Woman’s Foundation

The event is organized by the Independent Woman’s Foundation. In turn, the route of the run, 5 km in length, will run along the picturesque paths of the Royal Baths in Warsaw. This is the last moment to sign up for the list of participants and pay for the start package. It’s worth hurrying, because despite the increase in the pool of seats to 300 (from 100 in previous years) – these are quickly disappearing. Enrollment continues until August 20.

Enrollment link:

Can’t attend on the launch day, which is August 27? Nothing lost – the possibility of virtual launches is provided for. Wait a minute… virtual? That’s exactly right!

  1. When saving, select the “virtual run” option.
  2. Determine a 5-kilometer route on your own – you have 60 minutes to complete it on August 26-27. You can run or walk. It is important to have a run/walk recording app installed on your phone.
  3. Include a file with your saved run/walk in the portal where you registered. For those who paid the entry fee by June 30, The prize is a commemorative medal and a T-shirt (shipped only within Poland).

The rules of the virtual run are available at the link:

Instructions on how to sign up for the virtual run are available at the link:

Kamila Rowińska, business and personal development coach, author of books creator of the “Independent Woman” concept, president of the Independent Woman Foundation, will take part in the run.
The event was held under the patronage of the President of the City of Warsaw. Warsaw.

Running for independence
Photo provided by the Independent Woman’s Foundation


Organizer: Independent Woman Foundation
Contact to the organizer:
tel: 691064866
FKN website Facebook FKN
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Media contact:
Aleksandra Dik (FKN volunteer, VBPN organizing team),
tel: 604 231 738, e-mail:


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