The question of what women like about sex is complex, as sexual preferences are individual and vary from person to person. Nevertheless, there are some general aspects that many women can bring pleasure and satisfaction in bed. Of course, sexual positions play their part, but they are only one of the elements that make up a satisfying sex life. It is worth remembering that each person is different, so what pleases one woman may not necessarily be satisfying to another. But what, in general, do women value most in bed? Let’s investigate. Will it be subtle foreplay, deep intimacy, or perhaps experimenting with different sexual positions? In our article, we look at the diversity of women’s desires and explore what really matters in their sexual world. Not just sex positions – what do women like about sex?

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Many women value open and honest communication in the sexual sphere. It is important to talk about preferences, boundaries and fantasies to build understanding and trust.

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Emotional intimacy

For many women, emotional intimacy in a relationship is important. A sense of closeness, understanding and emotional involvement, can positively affect sexual experience.

what women like about sex
Not just sex positions - what do women like about sex? 5

Mutual understanding of the body

Understanding your partner’s body, reactions and preferences is key. Learning what pleases your partner can contribute to better sexual satisfaction.


Experimenting and introducing diversity into sex life, can be very attractive. Exploring new positions, fantasies or erotic toys, can increase satisfaction for both partners.

Not just sex positions - what do women like about sex? 6

Extended foreplay

For many women, a long and sensual introduction is crucial to achieving full sexual satisfaction. Touch, kisses and massage can be important elements.

Safety and respect

It is important that the partner shows respect and always respects the partner’s boundaries. Emotional and physical safety are key to a successful sexual relationship.

Creativity and openness

Being open to new ideas and creative approaches to sex can inspire some women and improve the quality of their sex lives.

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Being seen, not just used

What women really value in a relationship is being seen, not just used. Despite the common stereotype that women use sex to get or keep a man, there is a deep need for their intimacy to be more than just a physical exchange. We want relationships that transcend the boundaries of physiological fluids and put a premium on authentic encounters between two people.

Equality and respect play a key role in meeting these expectations. Women want to be seen in all their completeness, and at the same time expect equality that includes respect for their femininity. It is not just a matter of formal treatment, but rather of understanding, emotions and needs of the partner. In a relationship based on equality and respect, women feel accepted and their femininity and sexuality can develop freely.

Maintaining interest and admiration also ranks high on the list of what women value in a relationship. It’s not just about the hookup or dating stage, but about the continuation of these feelings even after such a relationship is established. Remembering anniversaries, birthdays, or small gestures of kindness are important, and maintaining interest in your partner after a long time builds a lasting emotional bond.

In terms of physical intimacy, men’s self-expression is another element that women value in bed. It’s not just about verbally expressing feelings, but also about showing what’s going on internally. Girls want men to also be open to expressing their emotions, both verbally and in the form of noises or reactions during intercourse. This openness and honesty makes intimacy more authentic and brings partners closer together.

Ultimately, self-confidence and the ability to express one’s desires are qualities that women highly value in men. Knowing what one wants and being willing to take responsibility for it makes one’s partner seen as determined and emotionally mature. The lack of indecision and fretfulness in the approach to the relationship builds a foundation on which to build a lasting, satisfying relationship.

Despite gender differences, women and men want the same fundamental values in a relationship – acceptance, respect, equality and authenticity. What really counts is creating a relationship based on mutual understanding and building a life together, regardless of which set of chromosomes we come from.

When women enjoy sex the most
Not just sex positions - what do women like about sex? 7

When do women enjoy sex the most?

The question of when women enjoy sex most seems to be a somewhat more complex issue than we would initially suspect. Scientists have come to a fascinating conclusion, claiming that our body is ready for amorous games at certain times of the year and day of the week.

According to their research, the peak of sexual form among people takes place around the spring and autumn rains. Then, they say, our biology makes us more susceptible to intimate sensations. This seasonal variation is related to the hormonal cycle and the impact of weather conditions on our bodies.

Interestingly, researchers point out that certain days of the week are more conducive to a successful sex life. Digging deeper into the intricacies of human biology, it is possible to conclude that Thursday’s games can provide more pleasure than those on Tuesday. This is the effect of cortical steroids, which activate sex hormones and peak in the middle of the seven-day cycle, reminding us that some days of the week are more abundant in positive sensations than others.

In addition, it seems that 6 a.m. has a special meaning for lovers of morning fulfillment. Immediately after waking up, testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women are five times higher, making this the moment when our body is most ready for a close-up. For more information on the Decalogue:

However, it is worth remembering that each person has his or her own individual predispositions and preferences, which do not necessarily correlate perfectly with scientific results. After all, the complexity of human sexuality cannot be reduced to a simple mathematical formula.

women's bed fantasies
Not just sex positions - what do women like about sex? 8

What are the most common female bed fantasies?

Sexual fantasies are highly individual and vary from person to person. Nevertheless, there are certain themes or motifs that emerge in research on women’s bed fantasies. Here are some general themes that often appear in the scientific literature:

  1. Dominance and submission: Some women fantasize about being dominant in bed, while others prefer a more submissive role. Often these roles reflect their desires to control or give up control in the sexual sphere.
  2. Sex with a stranger: Many women fantasize about sensual experiences with strangers or a sexual adventure that is different from everyday life.
  3. Triangles: The theme of sexual triangles is also often present in women’s fantasies. These fantasies can involve either two men or a man and a woman.
  4. Sex with another woman: Some studies indicate that fantasies about sex with another woman are relatively common among women. This does not always imply a desire for homosexual practices, but can be an expression of curiosity or exploration.
  5. Romance with a teacher, boss, etc..: Fantasies of having an affair with an authority figure, such as a teacher or boss, also appear as common themes in the study.
  6. Bondage: Some women fantasize about scenarios in which they play roles involving bondage, BDSM or other elements of fetishism.

It is worth noting, however, that research on sexual fantasies is complicated, and participation in such studies may be associated with certain constraints, such as social pressure and response expectations. In addition, sexual fantasies do not always reflect a person’s actual desires or inclinations. Each person is unique, so these topics are just general trends identified in research on sexuality.

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