Boho style, can definitely be called immortal regardless of current trends. JLo and Agnieszka Wozniak-Starak provide the perfect example for this style. We can systematically find boho style clothes in most collections of chain stores or fashion houses. Often we don’t even realize that current collections are so inspired by it, and we eagerly reach for it.

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What distinguishes the boho style?

Boho style clothes are mainly loose cuts, delicate, natural fabrics and colors that we can associate with the colors of the earth – browns, beiges, whites, blues, shades of green, dim reds, oranges and yellows. We associate it with romance, lightness and nonchalance. Boho style is great for people who don’t like to fit into a rigid framework, who like colorful, eclectic combinations and distinctive forms. Boho styling is associated by many of us with festival style, the “under the cloud” events held in the summer. But surely we can’t take inspiration from this style in our more daytime or even elegant looks?

What does boho style look like?
Boho style

How did it start?

The history of boho style is firmly rooted in the 1960s and 1970s, where artistic bohemia, or a community of artists living in a spirit of fun, ease and freedom, reigned supreme. Although the first references to boho style date back to the French Revolution, or the late 18th century, it was the Hippies, or Flower Children, who brought the style into fashion for good. They drew on what nature brought them. Hence the materials that reigned in their styles – linen, cotton, muslin, raffia, wood, leather. We also can’t forget the influence of ethnic, Indian and oriental motifs, which are the foundation for the boho trend.

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Trends 2023

The characteristic elements of boho fashion are mainly long, midi dresses with colorful and floral patterns. Long airy skirts, finished with ruffles or embroidery motifs. Currently, maxi and midi lengths are the trend of this and the upcoming season, we could observe these cuts on the runways at Versace and YSL in their spring 2023 shows. The boho style is, of course, also denim in many forms, although the returning bell-bottoms and wide-leg pants are a strong reference to its basics. Denim catanas and camisoles, lace, guipure, transparencies, blouses and dresses with necklines that fall to the shoulders, the so-called “shoulder-length”. “Spaniards”, are also an indicator of boho style fashion.

Extras key to success

A very important part of this style are the accessories, they are the ones that can complement even your very simple, classic styling and add more fashion flair and casualness to it. So, can you be inspired by boho style, even if you are not a fan of heavily eclectic and extravagant combinations ? Of course it is!

All you need to do is to add to your daily outfit cowboy boots, a bag finished with tassels or hand crocheted. In summer, leather sandals, tied high on the calf or espadrilles with a raffia sole. Or reach for a long, patchwork cardigan and “throw on” a simple base for your styling. You will achieve the effect with these pieces, a cool non-standard casual styling with boho elements. For a more elegant or office version, opt for a shirt – trimmed with lace, buff sleeves or embroidery.

Take care of the details!

Such elements as jewelry, headwear, sunglasses and hairstyle deserve separate attention in boho fashion. With these details, you can show others that you know the style and won’t hesitate to use it!

Long pendants, necessarily made of natural materials – coated with beads, with natural stones, finished with feathers. Long hanging earrings, ethno style, large bracelets on the wrist or thongs. Add a hat to your look or tie a scarf over your hair. Sunglasses of the lenon or pilot type. Hair naturally loose, arranged in waves, or, of course, braids in various ways – will refer to the aesthetics of boho style.

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Agnieszka Wozniak-Starak – ambassador of boho style

Boho style - Agnieszka Wozniak- Starak

Agnieszka is definitely our best ambassador of boho style. She very often reaches for elements native to this style or strongly inspired by it in her styling, such as – cowboy boots, long dresses and skirts, denim, large baggy bags and long coats. And you have to give her credit, she does it brilliantly!

A denim jumpsuit with flared legs, a corduroy blazer, a blouse in a floral motif and those plaids near the face are the perfect picture of how this style should be “done”, in a modern way.

How to combine different textures of materials with each other so that the whole is still stylish and harmonious, as in Agnes’ case, and not overdo it with excess? The secret lies in a consistent color scheme. Despite such different structures, the colors are subdued – kept in blues and browns. Only the handbag delicately stands out and emphasizes the fashion statement of the entire styling.

Agnieszka Wozniak-Starak in boho style

Maybe I’ll be boring, but I can’t say more than that the above styling is again a fashion masterpiece performed by Agnieszka while maintaining a boho aesthetic.

The maxi dress, finished with a floral motif ruffle, in this case was broken by Aga, a very classic simple coat. Here we see how cool it is to combine the two styles together. The dress itself is very feminine/girly, while the accessories made it possible to use it in a more evening version. Imagine it with dainty sandals and a denim katana for a daytime-casual version, it would work just as well!

Noteworthy in this styling are also the accessories, thanks to which the whole, got a claw. The bag worn at the waist, like a kidney, at the same time emphasizes the waist, makes the dress, no longer so delicate, and is finished with tassels, another reference to boho fashion. Well, and the shoes, nicely “entering” us under the dress, complete the whole, and thanks to the lacing further relate to the aesthetics of the whole styling.

Boho style by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez- boho style

Jlo, in her recent styles, has become very fond of skirts and maxi dresses. This is probably related to the fact that, as I mentioned earlier, any maxi length is a super trend of the coming seasons, and Jennifer knows it and is already incorporating it into her closet.

Denim maxi skirt, flared from the middle, combined from several shades of denim is the quintessence of boho fashion. To this Jlo added the classic cowboy boots coming out from under her, which make the whole look very cohesive. I often hear the myth from my clients that with a short height we should not wear such lengths, but Jenifer, with a height of just over 1.60 cm shows that as much as possible you can!

If you are also not tall and do not want to shorten your figure further, then go for a top with a shorter top. As in the styling above. Jlo chose a sweater that, through its length, emphasizes the waist and thus avoids the effect of “heaviness” in the whole outfit.

Jennifer Lopez - boho style outfit

Another maxi length by Jlo, while maintaining a boho aesthetic. This time she opted for clashprint (a combination of patterns), starring a checkered pattern in a consistent green tone. Despite the rather calm color scheme, this styling cannot be said to be standard or boring. That’s what this is all about!

But one step at a time, again despite the maxi length, Jeniffer opted for an envelope cut of the dress, so it has a nicely defined waist, and the whole thing does not seem “heavy.” Boho style is layers, here we have an example of how to do it right. Finished with tassels, the coat has a midi length, so it “pulls out” the silhouette even more, rather than shortening it. In the event that the dress and coat were maxi length, it would give us a weighted and shortened effect. So if you want to go for a layered look like Jennifer, pay attention to varying the lengths in your styles. On top of that, we see that Jlo likes to complement her looks with pilot-type sunglasses, which is another touch that refers to the boho trend in styling.


To choose the right outfit in boho style, you need to look closely at your surroundings! Nature, people, animals. This is what keeps the inspiration flowing in. However, the most important thing is to feel the style in your soul, feel comfortable in it and wear it with pride!

Boho style - Jennifer Lopez


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