GentleWoman Talks is a program in which Basia Flow Adamczyk, talks to the female artists who make up the international collective The Daffodils Art Project. We are starting in Poland, but this is only the beginning, because ahead of us is the whole world and fascinating conversations with amazing representatives of various fields of art, coming from different cultures and latitudes.



The name of the project, “The Daffodils,” symbolizes the arrival of spring, a new beginning. It is a symbol of rebirth, redirecting negative thoughts into new action. The project was inspired by the time of isolation caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.
Four artists, in different places in the world, representing different genres of art, decided, in spite of the unfavorable situation, to create together , to be inspired by art and to support each other. After a month, more joined and with each passing day, more of us are arriving.

We Are Women.

We share a love of art and a sisterly energy. We support each other, inspire each other, create joint projects and share them with the world.

Enjoy our new series GentleWoman Talks.

basia flow adamczyk

Where did I come from and what am I even doing here? Good question! It’s a long story, but I only have a thousand characters available, so I’ll tell it briefly. What can be told in so many words? Anecdote? Story ? Life? Let’s try. I am a singer, I write songs, melodies, stories, I direct, I dance.

One day, I woke up in my Powisle apartment. I looked around, took a deep breath, and with the breath came the thought: well, I guess I’m done….

After that thought, I terminated my job, terminated my apartment, bought a one-way ticket and flew. I’ve been away for a while. I searched for hidden meanings in Tokyo, swam in the sounds of Havana, dived into myself in Hanoi, dreamed dreams in Barcelona, browsed in London. And then the plague came and, years later, made us return to the old, now so familiar garbage. So here I am.

But not alone! I have with me wonderful, met along the way, capable, full of magic and love wizards. Women. The artists of The Daffodils Art Project, which we founded when the world went from analog relations, to a world of digital isolation. We are musicians, painters, photographers, dancers, sculptors, performers, designers, poets. We are from Brazil, Argentina, Norway, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Cuba Hungary, Romania, London, Ecuador. And we have beautiful stories to tell you. About life, art, womanhood, love. Come with us on this journey. There will be more than a thousand characters and it will be beautiful.

I promise!
Basia Flow Adamczyk

Flow “Tram Girl”
music: Skubas
words: Flow Basia Flow Adamczyk
photos: Tom Mielcarz
editing/post-production: Julia Malinowska
Guest: Maia Sobczak & Mira (The Horse )
production : The Daffodils Art Community
special thanks to Golden Horse Stables


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