Encyclopedia of style - silk scarf

Encyclopedia of style – silk scarf is a closet item that should not be overlooked. A good quality scarf can serve us for many years and act as many accessories. Today it can be worn in many ways. It is no longer just the classic knot on the neck. Try it out for yourself!


history of the Hermès scarf

A family-owned company, Hermès was founded in 1837. Initially, the range was limited to luxury riding accessories. Responding to the new consumer demands of the proliferation of automobiles on the 20th century streets of Paris, the first scarf model was produced in 1973 . It acted as a luxury accessory to an outfit designed for driving.  

Encyclopedia of style - silk scarf
Classically, you can wear the scarf tied around your neck instead of jewelry.
Source: Witchen


price of luxury

The price of the scarf ranges from £250 to £500. What is its uniqueness? It is an extremely light (63. grams to be exact) square with a side length of 90 cm. A thread from 250 silkworm cocoons is used to produce it. Each color on the scarf is printed one at a time and the final step is to hem it by hand. French designers, working for the fashion house Hermès, have created more than two thousand unique designs. Each year 20 new models are created, still maintaining the brand’s core values, such as: “quality, craftsmanship and creativity.” A book entitled: “The Hermès scarf: History & Mystique” was written in 2010. It shows, through photos of the most interesting models, the formation of the style over the years.

Encyclopedia of style - silk scarf
Today, you can also wear a silk scarf tied over your head as protection from the sun.
Source: Witchen

small works of art

Silk scarf is a timeless classic that will uniquely transform any styling. The patterns found on the scarves are small works of art. In stores you will find a large selection of models in different sizes. It is worth investing in a sling made of high quality material, as this has a significant impact on its positioning. Fans of complex designs, I recommend a special buckle for tying them. A scarf formed into a bow, It will become a feminine decoration of the shirt, and tied around the neck, it will protect it from the cold wind. Gavroshka (neckerchief of smaller size), can be used as a decoration of the handbag or hair.

Encyclopedia of style - silk scarf
With a neckerchief you can tie your hair or decorate your favorite handbag.
Source: Pinterest

everyday chic

The neckerchief is a symbol of an elegant city dweller who is fully aware of trends. The multitude of designs and colors allow you to express yourself, even in business attire. For good reason, it has become a hallmark of Parisian women. A silk scarf tied around the neck adds refinement. Ladies – I think Along with the rays of spring sunshine, you should allow yourself a touch of extravagance and decorate your favorite handbag with a silk bow!


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