Mother’s Day – this is one of the most beautiful holidays we celebrate. In Poland, it falls on May 26. When peonies are blooming at their best outside, you can buy your mother the biggest of bouquets. What else can you add to them? Gifts do not have to be expensive, but they should remain in the memory for a long time. The most important thing for your mother will surely be the fact that you will spend Mother’s Day together. We have prepared a guide for you that includes 6 gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

the art of gift-giving

First of all, think about what makes your mother happy (besides the fact that she has a wonderful daughter!). Does he enjoy working in the garden? Or does he prefer to spend his afternoons in quiet corners? We’ve found 6 unique items that will make it easy for you to choose a Mother’s Day gift. Some of them are ideal for successful women, others for romantic women, and a few are really aromatic… Which gift from our list will you give your mother? 

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Best wine

We women are like wine, so a bottle of Merlot or Riesling might be the perfect gift. Above all, it is a practical gift that will make the evening more pleasant, emphasize the taste of food and open us up to conversation and take us on a trip through our most beautiful memories. Wines are also good for our health – a glass of this beverage will reduce stress levels, and the anthocyanins found in wine are great for the heart. Some bottles are also collectors’ items – wines that have the potential to age and mature. Maybe this is the purchase that will put a smile on your mom’s face? 

Elegant shirt

A classic shirt or a quality coat – if you want to complete your mom’s closet take a look at the MLE online store. The best quality cotton, silk and Merino wool, all made in Poland. Kasia Tusk – owner of the store – argues that natural beauty is best highlighted by refined, functional and simple cuts. We agree with the brand’s manifesto and add more items to the basket.

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Stylish planner

Mom spends so much time thinking about everyone and everything around her. This year, give her something to focus on. A planner is a notebook in which she can write down her daily activities, which, as a result, helps her set goals and practice development. Currently produced planners , in addition to their functionality, also impress with their aesthetics and unique design. 

Irreplaceable minerals

The ideal cosmetics for mature skin are those that do not create a mask effect and are rich in nutrients and UV filters. The answer is mineral cosmetics – in the Editorial Office we were delighted with the offer Pixie Cosmetics. The mineral primer in its composition contains colloidal gold, natural gold clay from the Amazonian forests, macro and micro elements. The skin looks healthy and radiant, and this is a guarantee of well-being. Another product that should be in your mom’s makeup bag is a concealer, designed to camouflage wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration. Vitamin A, E and plant-derived glycerin to hydrate the skin contained in Pixie Cosmetics’ Natural Eye Concealer – what more could you want?

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Timeless porcelain

It is called “white gold,” and was imported to the Old Continent as early as the Middle Ages. Today, porcelain is experiencing its second youth and taking on a new luster. Gift your mother ENDE cups with gold-plated ears, which are made of the best quality Bone China porcelain. The cups will work well during an afternoon meeting with friends, but also during unhurried mornings with aromatic coffee. 

Aromatic candles

Yankee Candle can soothe the senses and fill the home with a unique, intense fragrance. As many as 150 fragrances, different shapes and colors have won the hearts of customers around the world. Yankee Candle also has seasonal scents, such as those associated with Christmas. What distinguishes the candles is that are made from the highest quality natural and non-toxic substances, and materials. Do you already know which one you will choose for your mom? 

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