Viral fashion trends 2024 have gained tremendous popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, becoming a key element of today’s fashion scene. These garments and accessories, which are rapidly gaining recognition online, are quickly finding their way to the general public, making them essential items for each season. Trends this year present themselves as real “hot hits” that not only look impressive in photos and videos, but also work well in everyday use. The important thing is that it is not required to exactly imitate the styling of influencers in order to stay up to date with fashion. Viral fashion trends 2024 allow a lot of freedom and flexibility in creating an individual style.

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Viral trends – what are they?

Instagram and TikTok bring together millions of users from all over the world, so the social media platforms are a dream place to promote fashion trends. Short videos and photos are sometimes repeatedly forwarded, and high reach is the key for a thing to be named a viral “hit.” This name is derived from the English adjective “viral,” which means “virus.” Marketing uses the Internet to reach a large audience and make a garment or accessory desirable, fashionable and sought-after. This action is aimed at implementing the “novelty” into the daily lives of people around the world. This takes advantage of the viral dissemination of content. Viral, fashion trends change quickly, yet a few have continued to rock the web for months.

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Viral fashion trends 2024

Fashion changes all the time, and it’s normal for trends to pass or, conversely, return. The Internet in the fashion industry has its fair share of influencers, especially the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. Influencers post their styles on social media channels, thus inspiring others. Sometimes the combination of clothes and accessories is a random act, other times it’s a well-thought-out marketing strategy to promote a brand’s novelty. One thing is for sure, we see the products in question repeatedly on the Internet, so they become a hit later. Viral spreads just like a virus, because it is transmitted with great ease and on a global scale. Sales posts are rapidly skyrocketing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire articles due to their immense popularity.

Viral fashion trends
Photo: Depositphotos

Viral fashion trends of 2024 are difficult to predict clearly, but certain trends are likely to take over the Internet, and literally. Burgundy is the best example of this, because it appears in the autumn-winter season, on top of that it will stay with us for the next one, so it will not disappear from our closets for a long time. Accessories and coats in this shade are a strong trend, as are sensual transparencies and minimalism in a luxurious way that directly relates to Old Money style.

As for the “Euphoria girl” trend, it has its roots in the “Euphoria” series. On TikToku, the styling of the heroines of this production is reproduced. They are dominated by maroon, glitter, glamour and a touch of grunge, i.e. 80s aesthetics. i 90. With a techno vibe at the forefront. Of course, viral trends are diverse, so there is plenty to choose from. Monochromatic juxtapositions with denim in the lead role, so, the so-called total looks (single-color styles or those based on identical fabric) are another fashion hit on Instagram and the TikTok platform. Don’t forget that the cozy cosy girl vibe (warm, squishy fabrics), as well as the top accessories loved by fashion fans equally dominate the Internet.

UGG brand footwear – the hottest models of the season

Instagram and TikTok are platforms that have had a huge impact on the popularity of UGG products. There is no denying that this company has reigned supreme on the Internet for some time, and their warm snow boots have returned to the fashion forefront for good. The Classic Mini Platform model has been a hit in the last several months, while the TAZZ Slipper – an open-heel version – is the hottest new thing. They may not be very practical for autumn and winter, but they take styling to a higher, fashionable level. Sheepskin boots with an interesting design are a hard-to-find commodity, just like every viral trend of 2024. Influencers have literally gone crazy for UGG footwear, so it’s no wonder that the comfortable as well as stylish snow boots can be seen not only online, but especially on the streets. All indications are that this viral will not disappear soon!

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Silver era – shiny clothes and accessories you will love!

Metallic colors return every year during the carnival season, although for some time now we have been wearing glitter around the clock. Silver is definitely coming to the forefront of the fashion rankings. The viral trend has changed a bit over time. Silver disco pants and glamorous, shimmering boots have been an absolute must-have for fashion fans since 2023. Nowadays, we rely mainly on silver handbags and sequins. Spring will also belong to them, just look at the Blumarine and Acne collections.

You can replace silver with a 3D effect with knitted fabric interwoven with metallic thread, or go for cosmic, monochromatic combinations. The fashion forecast predicts that glitter in every issue is likely to become the next viral trend.

Viral fashion trends
Photo: Depositphotos

Red handbag – will be the new it-bags – spring 2024?

The iconic it-bags have been at the forefront for years. It will be difficult to threaten their position, although several models are trying to “take away” a bit of their fame. Silver handbags are a popular trend that has quickly made its way from the runways to TikTok and Instagram. The model in red has a similar history, as it dominated the collections of well-known fashion houses for the autumn-winter 2023/2024 season. Chanel and Marni are the brands that bet on this bold accessory, while fashionistas interpreted the trend in their own way online. Contrary to appearances, this viral hit will stay in our closet for a longer period of time, as it does a great job of spicing up even the simplest combinations. The fiery handbag will bring a touch of fierceness to any styling, while enlivening the overall look. The cut of the accessory does not matter much, because the most important thing is the shade, it should be intense, so that it strongly strikes the eye.

Viral fashion trends
Photo: Depositphotos

Maroon tights – bet on color this fall!

The Miu Miu show for the autumn-winter 2023/2024 season is considered a collection of viral trends. Panties worn instead of pants have literally won the hearts of fashion fans, as have colorful tights. There is no doubt that Instagram and TikTok are responsible for the popularity of this feature. Thin, thick, plain, patterned? It is important that they have a dark, intense tone – a mixture of red with a hint of brown. Maroon tights fell in love, including Kendall Jenner wearing them with a monochromatic look, and other influencers quickly followed in her footsteps. It turned out that it could be a remarkable replacement for the subdued model in black. This viral trend attracts eyeballs, plus it’s a simple way to totally transform minimalist combinations. The simplest solution is to add maroon tights to shoes of a similar color or a contrasting color.

Socks on display – show off that accessory in all its glory

Ankle-length socks come to the fore in most of the styles of girls posting on Instagram and TikTok platforms. Once this accessory was designed to protect feet from the cold, nowadays it primarily decorates. You can experiment to your heart’s content, although certain products have gained viral trend status. White models worn with heavy moccasins are already a fashion classic, appearing solo or accompanied by dark tights. Meanwhile, variants with a cute teddy bear complement styling with snow boots, and sexy, lacy types nonchalantly stick out of stilettos. Socks in plain sight are controversial, but this trend not only completes the look (styling), but most importantly warms up and allows us to emphasize our individual style. Sometimes it’s worth going outside the box and trying something not obvious.

Meet the Hottest Fashion Trends 2024: A Guide to Upcoming Styles.

In the rapidly changing world of fashion, fashion trends 2024 promises to be a real revolution in the industry. The coming year brings bold color experiments, innovative materials and unconventional combinations that will define a new era in fashion.

The first noticeable trend is a return to nature, both in colors and materials. Earthy shades such as warm browns, calm beiges and deep greens will dominate the runways. Sustainable fashion is gaining ground, with more and more designers relying on eco-friendly and renewable materials.

Futuristic minimalism is also gaining popularity. Simple but sophisticated cuts, combined with innovative fabrics, create looks that are both modern and timeless. Designers are experimenting with metallic finishes, transparent materials and asymmetrical shapes, adding futuristic elegance to everyday looks.

The impact of technology on 2024 fashion trends cannot be overstated. Digital prints, interactive garments that respond to their surroundings, and innovations in smart fabrics are opening up new possibilities for personal expression and functionality.

A trend that remains strong is the appeal to the past. Retro inspirations, especially from the 1970s. and 80s, are reinterpreted in a modern key. You can expect the return of classic cuts, updated with new fabrics and contemporary details.

From the GentleWoman Editorial Board: In summary, fashion trends 2024 is a fascinating mix of past and future, tradition and innovation. This is the year when fashion becomes a bold field for expressing individuality, while emphasizing its role in promoting sustainability and technological innovation. But let’s not forget that “fashion goes around in circles”, so it’s worth looking into your grandmother’s closet and see what the fashion trends will be soon ;).

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