We present the most fashionable dresses for the carnival. It’s that time of year everyone looks forward to. When you’re mentally tired from work, home and responsibilities, you finally have a chance to go wild. Then no one will ask why you need another dress in your closet or a new pair of stilettos. During this time you can shine, because the dance floor belongs to you!

The most fashionable dresses for carnival

The most fashionable dresses for the carnival not only do not have to, but also should not be boring. Stores offer us a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. However, instead of littering your closet with one-season creations, go for timeless classics. We have some suggestions for you that will never get boring, and certainly will not go out of fashion. A true GentleWoman has timeless classics in her closet, which she varies with accessories. The choice of shoes, jewelry, and even makeup is up to you! In fact, you can wear one dress in several ways. Therefore, choose one made of good material to serve you for years. 

little black

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Immortal classics

A classic black dress is something that every GentleWoman has in her closet. Perfect for any occasion: business meeting, family dinner and carnival party.

On this last occasion you can go wild. Choose a variation on the theme of the little black: lace, velour or satin.

Also, its cut does not have to be conservative. You can opt for a deep neckline on the back or a slit above the thigh. 

With a little black, too, makeup can be fancy. Opt for red lipstick or smokey eyes.  

It all depends on you!


satin dress

Not just for the bedroom

Until now, fine satin has been associated more with sleeping. Fortunately, those days are gone, and the satin dress has made a great comeback in the salons.

The thin straps of the dress, classic stilettos and delicate makeup together form a harmonious team. For a cooler evening, you can also match it with a classic jacket or leather ramones.

In this set, the carnival will belong to you!

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sequin dress

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Sparkle, shine…

We once associated sequins with kitsch. Today they are immensely popular. Used by designers, beloved by Women.

Sequin dress can be in any color. The decision is yours. You no longer need fancy jewelry for it. She will defend herself. 

When you show up at an event in it, you must know that all eyes will be turned in your direction!

kimono dress

Japanese elegance

Hearing the word “kimono” makes us think of classic Japanese attire. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although the cut is very similar, it has little to do with tradition anymore.

For a carnival party, you can choose a kimono dress made of flowing material that will emphasize your assets, and instead of a simple belt, use a more ornate one. It is he who will add character to the creation. 

And you will be remembered for a long time.

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Instead of a dress

A jumpsuit is a more comfortable substitute for a dress. Are you sure?

One thing is certain, you can safely choose it as a carnival creation. We leave the cut and color to your decision. 

Match it with classic stilettos and…. red lips! Let this night belong to you!


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