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Sexuality in art and photography, evolution of depiction of sexuality in artistic works

Baroque painting, an era full of drama, expression and contrasts, provides an excellent field for [...]

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Mastering closet organization: Tips and gadgets for space efficiency

Organizing a closet is a task that requires thoughtful logistics. There are quite a few [...]

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Are you planning a mortgage? Trouble with Allegro Pay could get in the way: delays and bureaucratic problems hamper implementation

Allegro Pay is a payment system offered by the popular Allegro shopping platform, allowing customers [...]

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Premieres and news from the world of fashion and fashion inspiration for every GentleWoman. What you should know about, what you should check when you create fashion styles. Fashionable outfit and personal style, which is worth following to be up to date here and now. Women’s fashion and trends for the 2023/24 season.

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5 things every GentleWoman should have in her closet – advises stylist, Marta Sinilo

A capsule closet allows you to create several different looks from just a few items [...]


Rock Style – Bella Hadid and Anja Rubik

Rock style is definitely the area of fashion where we can literally go wild with [...]

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Zendaya i Taylor Swift – styl vintage i retro

Fashion vintage and retro style – lately a very catchy and frequent topic in relation [...]


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Rape, Trauma and Anxiety Disorders: How to deal with severe experiences?

Many female rape survivors experience trauma that can drastically affect their ability to engage in intimate relationships. In the face of this challenge, restoring a sense of security, trust and [...]

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Xanax – medicine for the soul

Stress, depression, failure to cope with life situations. Psychotropic drugs allow us to overcome all this. Just at what price? Women, unlike men, are more likely to use pharmacology to [...]

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A message from nature

The effects of climate change are affecting all parts of the world. In some regions, [...]

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Life is the sum of the people you meet – interview with Maria Potocka

I am a man in a woman's body who tries to combine what is most [...]


Listening to the heart – how not to hit the g*ve in the silverware?

Did you know that the body, or more precisely the heart, knows in advance what [...]

Psychology Personal development

5 good habits for busy GentleWomen

We decided to share some healthy habits that you can put into practice from day [...]

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Monica Bellucci, Gentle Woman of modern cinema

Monica Bellucci - a sex symbol. Beautiful, intelligent. Model and actress. A mother who decided [...]

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Body care and dry brushing – we asked an expert about it!

Everything you should know about dry body brushing!

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