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Onet Editors recommend TOP Relationship and sex

Exploring platonic Relationships: how to foster Intimacy and Satisfaction Without Sex

With changing social norms and an increasing acceptance of the diversity of human relationships, the [...]

Onet Fashion The editors recommend

Balletcore, or ballet inspiration in fashion – the trend of 2024!

Art, in its myriad diversity, plays a key role in shaping trends, but it is [...]

Onet Health Relationship and sex The editors recommend

Sexuality and culinary: Culinary aphrodisiacs and their effect on libido and sexual pleasure

Sexuality and cuisine are two areas of human life that have shared a fascinating interaction [...]

Fashion - Styling - Trends

Premieres and news from the world of fashion and fashion inspiration for every GentleWoman. What you should know about, what you should check when you create fashion styles. Fashionable outfit and personal style, which is worth following to be up to date here and now. Women’s fashion and trends for the 2023/24 season.

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Lifestyle 360° Fashion

5 things every GentleWoman should have in her closet – advises stylist, Marta Sinilo

A capsule closet allows you to create several different looks from just a few items [...]


Rock Style – Bella Hadid and Anja Rubik

Rock style is definitely the area of fashion where we can literally go wild with [...]

Fashion Onet

Zendaya i Taylor Swift – styl vintage i retro

Fashion vintage and retro style – lately a very catchy and frequent topic in relation [...]


Onet Fashion GENTLEWOMAN Portraits The editors recommend Topic of the Month

What Princess Sophie – Sofia Kristina Hellqvist wears – style characteristics

The story of Princess Sophia seems like it was pulled out of a fairy tale. As the wife of a Swedish prince, once a reality show star and model, she [...]

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Lifestyle 360° Health Onet

Xanax – medicine for the soul

Stress, depression, failure to cope with life situations. Psychotropic drugs allow us to overcome all this. Just at what price? Women, unlike men, are more likely to use pharmacology to [...]

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GENTLEWOMAN Talks TV GentleWoman

What qualities a GentleWoman has – a woman of class

Who is GentleWoman really? We ask Ilona Felicjańska, Edyta Olszówka and Agnieszka Wesołowska who they [...]

GENTLEWOMAN Without filter

Beata Wisnicka – Rafal Zawierucha’s wife – the definition of GentleWoman?

Beata Wisnicka the real GentleWoman? Although the definition of GentleWoman is imposed on us, everyone [...]

GENTLEWOMAN Onet Portraits The editors recommend

Isabelle Huppert: an outstanding GentleWoman with many film and fashion incarnations

Fashion Courier takes a look at the silhouette of Isabelle Huppert, a 70-year-old, one of [...]

GENTLEWOMAN Beauty Health Without filter

It’s never too late for braces

Today, the fashion for braces is booming at its best. The choice of braces and [...]

Lifestyle 360° Fashion

5 things every GentleWoman should have in her closet – advises stylist, Marta Sinilo

A capsule closet allows you to create several different looks from just a few items [...]

Lifestyle 360°

Easter inspirations – Easter decorations

Easter needs a creative setting, so we have gathered original inspiration and ideas for you.

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