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What is the zodiacal Fish like?

Pisces is a water zodiac sign that has a somewhat dual nature, ambivalent. Ladies under this sign can be decisive, strong, of firm character and commanding, but sometimes they have a problem, trouble making decisions. Fish women are delicate, subtle, quiet people, who, however, can be impulsive and strong. Family life, family existence is not the most important goal for them, a unique achievement. They want to start, to have a family, but not in their 20s, but in their 30s. First, in their youth, they first educate themselves, look for a job, seek employment, and only later start a family, get married and have children. The uniqueness of people under this zodiac sign is noticeable. The disadvantage, the downside, the weakness of the Fish ladies is vindictiveness. They remember the injustices they suffered indefinitely, for many years. They should get rid of such vindictiveness and live what is to come, rather than dwell on the past.

What is the dream job for a Fish?

Perfectly, superbly, exceptionally well, it will do well in office work, teaching others and professions such as archaeology, surveying and agriculture. Certain occupations, professions help her overcome her innate great shyness and come out to other people. She is much more confident in the second half of her life.

Fish in bed and sex.

Pisces love is full of sensuality. They are eager to find a partner in the person of Aquarius or Pisces, and there may also be Cancer. An aquatic environment serves them best. It’s sensual in their bedroom and it’s very common, almost every day.

What zodiac sign goes well with Pisces?

A lady from under the sign of Pisces very willingly and instantly, immediately establish a relationship, make friends, approach Cancer. With Cancer, Scorpio, Fish and Capricorn, she will form a very good, perfect, best love relationship or be friends for many years. Fish bind quickly, generally after 25. year of age. Fish are kind, friendly, unique. Insecurity makes it difficult for them to establish relationships, relations. However, their marriages are permanent and for many years, extremely rarely ending in divorce, separation. She is very constant in her feelings and this is her greatest asset, an asset.


Perfume for the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Fish likes, appreciates, chooses expressive, strong, best, expensive perfumes, eau de parfum, eau de toilette. He often chooses, acquires oriental perfumes. She likes strong, intense, long-lasting fragrances that last on her body for many years. She is an elegant woman, and the perfume emphasizes her style. In her youth she likes, chooses delicate, subtle, unique perfumes, later her taste changes and Fish buys, acquires, chooses fragrances with musk, sandalwood, vanilla, iris. Luxury is her choice.

What is the lucky color of Fish?

Fish like, love, adore lots of colors, hues, but their favorite, beloved, special one is blue and all shades of blue. As aquatic creatures, they beloved the color of water and sky, the color of the sea and blue spaces. They enjoy white clouds, clouds, so they combine blue with white. Cream shades also appreciate, love. They associate black, anthracite with mourning and sadness, pessimism, dissatisfaction with existence, so they avoid this color. The colors chosen are what they really like brilliantly. The colors improve their mood. More than one lady will appreciate the blue, blue, light navy blue. Fish ladies are great admirers of this color, lovers of such color, fans of blue. Blue, navy blue and white are a trio of colors, colors they love for life.

Female Fish – clothing.


Dreamer – what does Fish dream about?

Fish dream rarely. If they are already dreaming they are dreaming in their sleep of relaxation, leisure and rest. Their favorite, beloved, best dream is a walk along the beach by the sea. In such circumstances they feel best, special, fabulous. Fish ladies work a lot, but their dreams are calm, without emotions, which shows how much they want, need relaxation, rest, nice moments. Sometimes in the dream they dream of a family vacation, but more often they want relaxation without the additional company of other people, family and friends. As a result, they only gain and rest as well as possible. Dreams of relaxation are a longing for peace and a journey to one’s inner self, to one’s depths, to know oneself.

Fish’s motto.

Fish’s motto is: Time flows, and I flow with it.

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