Iwona Piwek – head of sales for Polish YouTube. Responsible for making advertisers aware of streaming trends. He makes sure that the Polish market has good product representation and is on par with Western markets. The first woman in Google’s Polish division talks about her experiences for GentleWoman’s editorial board as part of its “Target Woman” series. In the interview, he reveals the news that Google has prepared for us. Feminatives, changes taking place in screen topics and the popularity of video content are just some of the changes coming. How will Google’s algorithm work? What might surprise us?

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A female driver, a female CEO, an architect – feminativas in action!

Feminatives have been a buzzy topic on social media for some time. On the one hand, women are demanding the introduction of feminatives into everyday use, they want to take pride in the possibility of the feminine variety, especially since the Polish language fully allows it. On the other hand, however, a large part of the public finds it … strange, to say the least! Unnatural, unnecessary, and even inappropriate. How is it with these feminatives?

Feminatives are the names of nouns of the feminine genus by means of which women’s job titles; national affiliations; ancestry; religion; beliefs; physical and mental characteristics are defined. It is also worth noting that feminatives came into use right after the emancipation of women. So this is no newspeak.

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What does Google think about feminativas?

Iwona Piwek assures that Google’s algorithm is getting used to the phrases used most often. So the more feminatives are used on a daily basis by the public, typed into a search engine, used on websites, the faster Google will learn their presence. At the same time, it appeals to owners of their own websites to use feminatives even for the sake of SEO. Due to the fact that they do not function proficiently in everyday language at this point, there will simply be less competition for the words in question, while allowing the site to grow.

So GentleWoman – it’s all in your hands!

Iwona Piwek for the editors of Gentlewoman Poland

Screens to be replaced!

Technology is constantly running forward. Every day new models of smartphones, laptops, tablets or watches come out. As a result, the screen we see today – tomorrow it may already take a completely different form. Until recently, screens were getting smaller and smaller. Currently, we are aiming to expand the screen area. The diagonal of TV screens will increase. Until recently, 43-inch screens hung in homes, then we moved to larger forms of 55, 66 and even 75 inches. The 100-inch screens will soon be available for purchase!

For some, plasmas won’t come as a surprise, but you have to admit that the folding and soft screens are doing the weighing. The findings were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. OLED screens have attracted particular attention. They are characterized by the fact that they are transparent! A product that has garnered a lot of praise is the flexible screen in smartphones. Brands such as Samsung, Motorola, Huawei already have them in their offerings, and the list of manufacturers continues to grow.

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Video content

Technology has thus allowed us to use the Internet in a variety of places, positions and devices. One of the most popular ways to convey content is through video. Its development has firmly moved forward. Video content is already created by everyone. Traditional media, bloggers, influencers, celebrities find great value in video. There’s a reason why Senuto reports that one of the most searched phrases on Google is the query for youtuber jobs.

The video content is also appreciated by the viewer. The statistical Pole spends about 40 minutes a day watching video. The promotion of video content does not depend on its length, but on the reaction of the audience. The more interaction under the video, the more appreciated it will be by the YouTube algorithm. So it turns out that a successful YouTube channel does not have to have a huge number of views at all. The key is video reactions, comments and interaction with other users.


Google provides its users with a dose of knowledge, entertainment, news and development opportunities every day. It creates applications, programs and systems that make the whole world easier, not just for communication, but for all of life! So it’s worth keeping track of what else the popular search engine will surprise us with.


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