How to translate a dream about a boat? What does a dream about a boat mean?

The boat allows you to travel, to change your location. Moving by boat is a great joy, gives a lot of pleasure. A new life, existential path is also occupied by the boat dream. If dreams about boats are frequent then financial losses are possible, problems with funds are real. A shiny new boat means an appetite for erotic adventure, sexual exploits, meeting a loved one who wants happiness.

Boat is a good sleep

The boat in the dream, daydreams signify very large, serious, important changes. Floating the boat is the need to control emotions, deal with emotions and emotions. Swimming, moving by boat, when the weather is beautiful, unique, impressive, means happiness, joy, closeness, success and a great future and satisfaction with life. Sailing a boat on rough, stormy water gives big, unique, huge problems, troubles that make life difficult, complicate existence. Crossing the river by boat is a joy, satisfaction, satisfaction of acquiring skills and gaining knowledge, gaining the unique satisfaction of intellectual development. Resting on a boat means comfort, convenience and safety in life, in existence. Getting off the boat signifies an important project or task that should be successful. The boat signifies life’s journey, symbolizing traveling through life’s complications alone or with another loved one, which brings much joy.


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