Current times have everyone running forward faster and faster. We do not find time for rest and recuperation. And once we catch a free moment, our thoughts are once again surrounded by a cloud of professional matters and everyday problems. In an interview with GentleWoman Poland, Dorota Gardias talks about time slipping away, the problem of “stopping” and finding a way to take a moment for herself.

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Era of haste

Today’s times force us to chase constantly. Career, work, additional courses, private life, education and… thousands of other things. Even when we want to stop for a moment thoughts come to us that if it weren’t for that moment we could be further along. We feel remorse, because, after all, others do not stop. We take our physical and mental health to the brink, because after all, that’s how people live now.

Yes, ambition in life is important. She is the one who shows us where we can get to and helps us realize our dreams. On the other hand, it is important to remember that energy is not an endless resource from which we can only draw. It is important to be able to “recharge the battery.” Stop for a moment and enjoy the everyday moment. Do not strive to have more, but appreciate what you have already achieved. Without such activities, the whole rush is just an endless marathon.

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How have the Covidian times changed us?

It’s been two years since the global Covid19 pandemic. Locked in our homes, we obediently donned masks, disinfected our hands and switched to the Home Office. We have changed our entire lives. At this point, reflections on the lockdown era are very divided. Some interpersonal ties have strengthened, others have weakened. The families stayed with each other 24 hours a day, which allowed them to deepen their bonds and take care of the time they spent together. Of course, we are talking about those cases in which the pandemic has proven to be helpful or even useful. However, we must not forget the ill effects of the pandemic on relationships – not one marriage has ended in divorce proceedings.

Forced spending time with each other, or simply being in each other’s company, helps us get to know the people in question more intimately than ever. So it’s not surprising that Covid-19, in addition to health problems, brought us communication dilemmas. For still others, the pandemic was a moment of self-development. Finding the moment to start new activities. Doing yoga, starting your own social media activity, knitting or cooking are all activities that have gained immense popularity. And while the pandemic has brought the world its biggest economic crisis in years, each of us can look to it for our individual benefit.

Dorota Gardias
Dorota Gardias – how does she spend time with her family?

Dorota Gardias – how did she survive the lockdown?

Dorota Gardias is a Polish photomodel, journalist and weather presenter. In an interview with the editors of GentleWoman Poland, she talked about how she spent her lockdown days.

“These days people want to stop, they want peace and quiet. I think the pandemic contributed a lot to that. We began to wonder – who am I, where am I even running, why do I even want to run or can I just walk? There are some people who say that the pandemic ruined us, that it was the worst time, but there are plenty of people who say that it was just a wonderful time! I will honestly say that despite the fact that I had tremendous stress from work, from the whole situation and from my daughter not going to kindergarten, this pandemic gave me a lot. I took a needle and thread and sewed a baby bear out of an old bathrobe! It was an adventure! How we sewed the ears, stuffed the tail with cotton wool… If it weren’t for the pandemic I wouldn’t have had time to do it. Later, when we got a little used to lockdown, I learned to edit films, became a lighting engineer, bought myself tripods, lighting. I started assembling everything! I learned a lot of fantastic things. It also makes me self-sufficient in some areas. Now I really appreciate this time with my family, when I can breathe again sometimes.”

Stop in – it’s worth it

Although society is constantly running forward, rushing to make time for career, family, home and social life, we are increasingly able to see that we also need to stop sometimes. It is these moments that make our lives complete. This promotes not only our well-being and physical health, but especially our mental health. We cut ourselves off for a while from the adult world, which is often filled with problems and dangers. Instead, we spend time on trivial pleasures that allow us to see the beauty of everyday life. Fortunately, the pandemic and lockdown is history, while we should remember that sometimes it’s just worth stopping.


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